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Spike gets a new comic, but has been confused about it since it's announcement. The last comic in the series of 'Silver Lighting' killed off his second favorite comic hero. And he remembered hearing that they weren't going to revive him nor his nemesis, The Menace.

He's eager to learn what's going on... And may learn about family in the process. Or not, who know.

Part of a universe I'm making on superheroes and heroines created by Marevel studios.

This comic's about a villain turning almost good. So think Megamind, but more.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer, the most antisocial student at Canterlot High School. No one would guess that she's actually the mysterious vigilante, Blacksun. But what happens when someone enters her life and flips her world upside down by asking to be her friend.

Will Sunset, A.K.A. Blacksun, be able to save who she needs to save with this wants-to-be-friend wasting her precious time? Or will Sunset learn that she's the one who needs saving?

Throughout their journeys, Sunset will fight threats both in school and out of school. And along the way, maybe the two will find that they like each other more than friends? Or Sunset's become delusional.

Chapters (5)

A young girl is sent to Equestria and changed into Phoebe from Battleborn, and gets adopted by Celestia.

It's miserable for everyone...

Co-author: Frost The Wolf

Chapters (6)

Mal, Una and Alex were dressed as the Legendary Lake Spirits from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, when a pair of men gave them three Pokémon Eggs... I think you know what happened.

They created the elements of Emotion, Knowledge, and Willpower to a world without... That world being Equestria. Afterwards, they went into hiding.

A thousand years later, they are have their own children, and see a group of six mares. Here, they decide to follow the ponies for why most people would... Amusement. But that won't last, as an old enemy of the Mane Six seeks a new way to take Equestria... What kind of shenanigans can these three little cuties get into...?

A lot...

Oh, and every animal is a Pokémon now... And the ponies, dragons, griffons and others are humanized.

(Collaboration with Solphestus.)

Chapters (5)

"The Multiverse... Such a vast place... But war is inevitable..." -Time Spinner

Equestria is in peace, but it will not last. A being named Time Spinner ha taken two "heroes"(?) and pitted them against each other. And he's decided that their world would be a good battle ground.

Will ponykind survive? Who will win? And what are these 'Displaced' they keep talking about?

Chapters (10)

Surging Storm was a Unicorn who loved his sisters Celestia and Luna. One day, he lost everything, and turned into a human with power over time. That, combined with his knowledge of Lightning magic, he will find a way home.

Maretropolis isn't his cup of tea either.

A Displacer isn't just a man. It's a title. A burden. And I've carried that burden for so long, I can't feel myself. I'm in so much pain, and I'm so alone... What would it take to find something worth living for?

Set four/one year before the events of When Lightning Strikes...

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Darker Side of Life

Shea was a young Night Elf that was killed by Celestia because of the dark magic living inside her. She wakes up a thousand years later to find a shattered kingdom named Equestria ruled by a Sith Lord known as Folteren. What will she do? What any Undead Night Elf from another dimension that can't remember her past would do.

Walk around aimlessly until she finds a graveyard. Then sets up shop.

"Who the heck would name themselves Fotlen?"

And Folteren has to deal with a rebellion, commended by some... Flash Century? And his old friend, Jackie, or as she likes to call herself: Bastila Shan. Plus, the dead are rising.

Crap, he just got the throne!

Oh, and Whitney's back. Joy.

He'll also have to deal with something he never thought of before... His immortality.

"Waffles! Get down from there!"

Rating changed due to changes in the story.

Chapters (4)

My name is Skylar. I'm the kind of guy that... Nobody really saw... since I was an orphan... I was adopted, thank the system for that. About the only thing good beside that was my friends and girlfriend, who were from all walks of life.

Enough about that! I'm a ****ing Pony! An Alicorn I really don't know(Hope I'm not an OC)! I don't remember much other than I'm a Monster/Demon/Alicorn/Human/TF2 hybrid named Brutalight Sparcake, and that I used to like what I am! Also... I feel sad and bitter all the time... I'm more needy than I remember being, I'm really stressed, and more random than Pinkie... Sometimes... It's random...

All I know is I need my friends.

[Displaced] [Sexual Themes] [Excessive language]

Chapters (1)

One thousand years ago, a girl named Violet (renamed Chaos Jenny), was killed...

Wait, I'm not done!

She lost her friends, and decided to honor their memory by completing a promise to go to Comic-Con as Chaos Jenny. But as she was going, a mushroom cloud forced her to make a deal, and now lives in Equestia.

She was later killed by Celestia and Luna, but A.I.'s never truly die.

Present day, the CMC stumble in on a secret base of a long forgotten foe. What will happen to Equestria when this metal demon repairs herself? Will they be ok? And will the Elements be able to stop her?

All this demon has is a living toy named Robotboy.

Cole Light was a star student. His world was destroyed, and was taken to present day Equestria as the person he dressed as.

Evil Cole from inFAMOUS 2.

Will the Lightning Demon named Cole help Chaos? Or will he fight her.


Chapters (3)

Previously called 'Broken Knife'.

Marcus. A closet brony who just came out of his shell goes to Brony-con with an MLP hoodie he made based off Pinkamena. He arrived, and bought a knife with Pinkie's Cutie Mark on the hilt. Now, he has to help the mane six fight their most deadly threat. Sunny Town. And fight insanity caused by images of him doing... Cupcakes... You get me. And take care of Apple Bloom, while sorting out his feeling towards a certain cyan Pegasus.

He also has to deal with weird 'Displaced' as they call it... Swell...

"A broken mare in the right place, can make all the difference..."

Chapters (5)
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