• Published 2nd Feb 2016
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Trio On Water - Brony Parasite

Friendship is magic... Then what are Emotion, Knowledge and Willpower? POKEMON! That's what! Spicifically, Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf, the lake spirits. Sombra finds them interesting. Can the Mane Six protect these Pokemon from the Tyrant? (Displaced)

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2. Meet The Family

(Chapter 2)

“Are we there yet?” Azelf asked as she dragged herself across the ground.

“No Zelf, we aren’t… If we were, you’d see-.” Mesprit said but was cut off by a groan from Azelf. “You’d see water, there~!”

“You just had to finish… I know that! I’m not a baby!” Azelf complained.

“Could’ve fooled me…” Mesprit thought before her eyes widened. “Did I think that out loud?”

Bagon is lucky that he doesn't have to put up with hearing this…” Ralts thought to himself.

“Are you calling us annoying!?” Mesprit and Azelf thought in unison.

Yes.” Ralts deadpanned.

“What are you guys talking about?” Bagon asked slightly curious what the telepaths were doing.

It’s not important.” Ralts told Bagon causing the dragon to shrug before he continued walking.

They then find streaming water leading to a lake. The reason they didn’t see it before was that they were in a tree line that blocked the view of it.

“Finally!” Azelf mentally cheered as she cannonballed into the water, getting Mesprit soaked with freezing water and Bagon to be slightly dribbled on.

Fu-!” Ralts was able to cut the link long enough so he didn’t have to hear Mesprit swear. “-Hy’d you do that!?”

“Why not, that’s why you lazy cow!” Azelf mentally laughed as she swam through the water. Bagon could feel Mesprit growl.

“Is something wrong?” Bagon asked Mesprit.

“Bagon, use Dragon Pulse!” Mesprit cried out, pointing her nub at Azelf, who was back paddling in the water.

Bagon didn't know what his mother told him to do but he felt energy build in his mouth before he reflexively opened it as a purple pulse of fire burst from his mouth in Azelfs direction. “What was THAT!?” He asked as the purple fireball hit the water where Azelf was moments before.

The three on shore Pokemon stared at where Azelf was, Mesprit being a bit startled.

Azelf came back out of the water, a bruise/burn mark on her shoulder. She hovered towards the others, clearly injured, though the extent of that was unknown.

“Oh my gosh I am so sorry!” Mesprit apologised, rushing towards the blue elf based Pokemon. “I didn’t think I could actually communicate to him to do that to you!”

“Can someone please explain what just happened!?” Bagon and Ralts shouted.

Uh… Bagon just used an attack called Dragon Pulse.” Mesprit said. “I know the attack but it’s been too long since I last saw it in action…

Been awhile since I felt it… Good shot kid…” Azelf thought.

Ralts relayed the conversation to Bagon. “Wait… so I basicly just now reacted like one of those pokemon that the humans keep!?” Bagon shouted in confusion.

“Technically we’re all Pokemon that Humans could use… Me and Azelf used to fight all the time before the peace treaty between the Grifone and Pone kingdoms. I may have accidentally… Told you to do it…” Mesprit explained.

“Ralts, you and Dratini are also… Well… Capable of attacking like the Humans Pokemon. I just kept you away from them to protect you from Trainers.” Azelf said as she sat down.

Ralts just stared at Azelf for a minute, his eye twitching, before he shook his head and sighed. “I should have known…” he thought while facepalming himself.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean!?

Nothing… just that your clingy and overprotective…” Ralts deadpanned.

“I’m not clingy! You’re too young and I’d rather not lose you to some ten year old who thinks only of putting Pokemon in fights! I was almost caught a dozen times gathering berries!” Azelf vented. “If anyone’s clingy it’s Mesprit!”

“Hey!” Mesprit whined.

“Has anyone seen Uxie and Dratini?” Bagon asked, completely unaware of the telepathic argument going on next to him.

“She should be in the water. Should be here any minute because of that attack you did.” Azelf said. Just then Dratini poked her head out of the water at the edge of the lake.

“What in the world is going on!?” Dratini cried as she looked around to try and figure out what happened.

“Bagon’s fault!” Azelf mentally cried out.

Mesprit rolled her eyes and moved towards Dratini. She waved, smiling.

“Mesprit? Azelf? What are you doing here!?” Dratini asked in surprise. She then looked at Bagon and blushed. “H-hi b-bagon… It's n-nice to see you…” she stuttered.

“We’re doing a family reunion Drat! How ya been? Is Uxie home?” Azelf shot off rapidly.

“Y-yes she's home… but she’s asleep again, as usual…” Dratini said trying to get her blush under control.

“Kay, me and Spit’ll go get her. You kids hang ‘round here.” Azelf said.

“Don’t call me Spit! Is Mesprit that hard!?” Mesprit whined as the two flew away to surprise Uxie.

Urgh, why do they never stop!?” Ralts complained.

“Because their idiots?” Dratini quipped, causing the three young pokemon to burst into laughter.

Mesprit and Azelf arrived inside the cave, letting the connection sever. Mesprit had heard them and placed a nub over her chest. Azelf glared at her. They didn’t like the fact that their kids thought so little of them, but it’s not like they could really stop an opinion. They didn’t want to tell their kids what they’d been through.

They found Uxie sleeping on the hard ground. Her eyes were always closed, so it was nearly impossible to tell if she was actually sleeping or just resting. The two flew up to Uxie and tackled the Lake Guardian of Knowledge.

Uxie yelped as she was held down by the duo. When Uxie saw them, she gave them a look. A look that told them she wasn’t amused. Mesprit silently giggled nervously. Azelf just quickly backed away.

She may not have been the physically strongest, but she knew them so well she wouldn’t have to be.

Mesprit waved at Uxie as she helped the pixie based Pokemon up.

Even though Uxie’s eyes were shut… All the time… Mesprit could see the glare Uxie was giving her. The spirit based Pokemon poked her nubs together, looking down. What Mesprit considered Uxie’s right eyebrow rose.

Azelf was sat at the entrance of the cave, smirking. She stopped though when she saw Uxie’s face turn red.

Outside, the three children saw Uxie using Flail on Mesprit and Azelf, who were floating away as fast as possible.

“Let me guess… they decided to use ‘tackle’ on her?” Bagon joked, causing the two other child pokemon to giggle before they all sat down to watch the show.

After many Flail attempts which were stopped by Mesprit using Protect, Uxie calmed down enough.

You three finished messing around?” Ralts asked with a smirk.

I don’t mess around when someone messes with my sleep.” Uxie said grumpily.

“I’m sorry! It’s hard to tell with… You know… Eyes…” Mesprit mentally apologised.

“You two have known her for years and yet you're telling me that I am the only one that can tell?” Dratini asked, surprised.

Whenever we figured it out she opened her eyes…” Azelf thought. “If you look into her eyes you forget stuff.

It was you guys faults for forcing them open!” Uxie shot back. The other two shrugged, not arguing.

“Realy? We have seen her eyes before and weren't affected.” Bagon said, getting nods of agreement from the two pokemon sitting with him.

I wonder if were immune or something?” Ralts questioned.

“I wouldn't be surprised seeing as we were raised by them.” Dratini commented.

“No, you guys just don’t remember it.” Azelf thought smirking.

“I keep a calendar, if I forgot something I would know.” Dratini retorted.

I haven’t opened my eyes since your birth. You’re not immune.” Uxie said. “Now what are you morons doing here?

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.” Azelf thought, arms folded. “We came to surprise you. Mesprit thought a ‘family get together’ was a good idea. What’s got your panties in a twist?”

“I don’t wear underwear. And it’s this stupid Crystal Empire that showed up a couple months back. They’ve been getting bold. Already I had to use Amnesia on an expedition. I wouldn’t be surprised if they set up some kind of resort on our lake.” Uxie explained. “You weren’t listening, were you Azelf?”

The elf shook herself out of her daydreaming and looked at Uxie. “What?”

Mesprit face nubbed.

I would like to be the one to say that was unexpected but it wasn't…” Ralts deadpanned as he face nubbed himself.

“I’d be offended if I didn’t know you for this long…” Uxie sighed. “I can’t be mad though. Humans are getting close to my lake.”

“Really? Bummer. Same here.” Azelf said. “Some town named Ponette expanded and are cutting the Everfree Forest down a bit to expand.”

“Nothing here. But I am between two towns that are opening trade soon.” Mesprit thought.

“Basicly we need a plan in case our lakes are found?” Dratini asked.

“We haven’t moved from our lakes since… Ever really… Um… We are the Lake Guardians.” Uxie said.

“I got it! We’ll kill the Humans in the Empire and town, then kill any traders!” Azelf suggested before getting slapped in the back of her head by the other Lake Guardians.

“I’m about to kill you, elf.” Uxie thought bitterly. “I can see Ralts has an amazing mother who teaches him well.” Uxie sarcastically remarked.

“More Like I keep her out of trouble…” Ralts grumbled.

“Okay… any plans that DON'T involve alerting the humans to our existence?” Bagon deadpanned as Dratini looked like she was going to be sick.

“Why don’t we move the lakes?” Mesprit suggested.

“Mes, who do you think we are, Palkia? Ho-oh? Heck, even Mewtwo would be better suited at this than us.” Azelf mocked.

“Actually… That’s not a bad idea…” Uxie said, deep in thought.

“Um, why exactly are we guarding the lakes again?” Bagon asked, slightly curious.

“Yeah, why are we guarding the lakes?” Ralts said.

“We’ll tell you when you’re older, but right now, the only thing you should know is that it’s our homes.” Uxie thought.

“Fine…” Bagon, Dratini, and Ralts groaned in unison.

“So what are we going to do now?” Dratini asked.

“I guess it’s getting late. We should head off to bed.” Uxie suggested.

“Ok, but where will me and Ralts sleep?” Bagon asked, noticing that there weren't any above water caves nearby.

“Hmm… I think there’s a city that’s warm in this weather. You, Ralts, Azelf and I will go there and find something.” Mesprit suggested.

“Are you sure that's a good idea? A city means humans! What if your attacked!?” Dratini asked as she unconsciously wrapped the tip of her tail around bagons nub.

“Then we can dash back here. We’re more clever than humans are smart.” Azelf said.

“You sure about that?” Ralts asked as he looked between Azelf and Mesprit.

“We know when to be serious and when to be goofy. Day-to-day lives are goofy and Humans/other Pokemon are serious. If anything happens, it’s not like the entire Empire’s gonna chase us. There’d most likely be a few whimpy trainers that’ll try to capture us…” Mesprit thoght, rolling her eyes.

“They may be idiotic at times, but they are pretty clever when it comes down to it.” Said Uxie. “And then there’s Azelf.”


“And you did just invoke Murphy’s law.” Dratini said as she glared at Mesprit.

“What's murphy's law?” Bagon and Ralts asked.

“It’s a joke. Murphy’s law is where one says nothing bad could happen and then something ends up happening.” Azelf thought with a roll of her eyes. “But we should be fine… We can’t watch our mouths forever...”

“Uhuh… You keep thinking that.” Dratini deadpanned at Azelf. “Anyway, good luck.” She said before kissing Bagon on the cheek and jumping into the lake.

“What was that about?” Ralts asked. Bagon just stared into space, slowly raising a nub to touch where Dratini kissed him.

Mesprit was frozen, mouth agape and right eye twitching. Uxie smiled knowingly, silently cheering Dratini. And Azelf was bursting out into silent laughter.

“Dratini has a cru-” Before Azelf could finish, she was smacked upside the head by Uxie.

“Shut up, Elf.” Uxie thought before splashing into the water. Mesprit still didn’t move.

“Is Mesprit ok?” Ralts asked as he poked the stunned pokemon.

Bagon was now holding his nub against his cheek as a goofy grin spread across his face.

“She’s okay, just coming to grips with the fact that Bagon got kissed.” Azelf explained.

“And what's so significant about a kiss?” Ralts asked as he stepped over to Bagon and waved his nubs in the dragon’s face in an attempt to snap him out of his daydreaming.

“Uh… It shows how much you care about someone. Just don’t do it to the same gender, males aren’t into that kinda thing with other guys.” Azelf tried to explain. “Hmm…” Azelf thought for a moment before flying over to Ralts and kissing his cheek.

Ralts gave Azelf a questioning look before shrugging the subject off. He then bopped Bagon on the nose with one of his nubs and finally snapped the Dragon out of his daydream.

“Enjoy your daydream?” Ralts asked with a slight snikker, causing Bagon to blush.

“W-whatever!” Bagon stammered as he turned away.

“So, when do we leave?” Ralts asked.

Azelf smacked Mesprit who yelped.

“Right now! Let's go!” Mesprit said. “Azelf, go find the food, me and the kids’ll go find the Empire.”

Azelf sighed. “Why am I always the one who goes to find food~!?

“Because you have the most experience?” Bagon guessed.

“Nah, because she’s blue.” Mesprit smirked. “Blue’s harder to see in the snow. Also, I don’t like Snovers.”

“Good Arceus I hate you so much…” Azelf snarled as she turned and hovered away. “Later Ralts, later Ba!”

“-5 friendship points between me and Azelf. Only a million more until she actually hates me.” Mesprit giggled before turning to the boys. “So, who wants to see their first big city?”

“Me!” Bagon and Ralts said at once, raising their nubs in the air. Curious to know more about humans so that they could possibly learn a way to fight them should they have to.

“Okay! Let’s go!” Mesprit squealed as she lead the children to the Empire…

“It’s the other way you moron…” Uxie’s voice reverberated through their heads.

Mesprit placed her nub at the back of her head embarrassed. “S-sorry… I’ll fix that.” Mesprit switched her direction and lead them on the hopefully right path.

(And as our little heroes head out to find shelter, a menacing shadow watches from the darkness, lurking. What does the future have in store for the three Lake Guardians and their adoptive children? Find out next chapter.)

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