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Surging Storm was a Unicorn who loved his sisters Celestia and Luna. One day, he lost everything, and turned into a human with power over time. That, combined with his knowledge of Lightning magic, he will find a way home.

Maretropolis isn't his cup of tea either.

A Displacer isn't just a man. It's a title. A burden. And I've carried that burden for so long, I can't feel myself. I'm in so much pain, and I'm so alone... What would it take to find something worth living for?

Set four/one year before the events of When Lightning Strikes...

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Hmmm, interesting, let's see where it goes

If you don't have a profreader then I can do it. You are helping me so I should help you.:twilightsmile:

6234090 It's ok. I've got one. I'm working on another story soon, and I'll send you a link to the GDoc.

This sounds like Doctor Who, but it's not is it?

6304767 It isn't a crossover. He isn't a time lord.(He's more of a time king, or medic.)

Lord? King? What's the difference? :trollestia:

6305540 Lord is a lesser title than king. But lords had the knights.

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