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A Hoppa tries to entertain. I'm also from Germany and help translating for those who try to use the language in their fic's. So if you need help, ask right away!


Displaced Story

Maretropolis. A town unlike any other. A town which is phasing a new mutant problem. A town with a suddenly increasing crime rate. A town with a new furless deformed Minotaur habitant. A town-

Well, you probably get the gist. This town had seemingly a lot of challenges to face. Increasing crime rate, the unrest of their citizens towards mutants, and even a growing price for potatoes. And god knows potatoes are awesome.

One of the few well accepted mutants, the Power Ponies have a lot on their hooves, and they certainly don't need anything more to worry about.

Too bad it wasn't meant to be as they encounter a strange furless thing, that can only be described as furless black deformed Minotaur in one of their missions.

This is a direct response to the ridiculously low number of fics with the tags: Power Ponies, Human, Comedy, which is up to six. At least up until now! But this changes now with this one, fic number seven is now on the list! So help us fight against this low number of fics!

Crossover: X-Men

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I haven't read this yet, Is saying fuck the potatoes like killing a chicken in skyrim. Will comment after read.

7668695 Ok just finishing reading this. I will say the bit when they were talking about the eye patch had me saying. "you are going to die here sir, that will never fool anyone or anything who was seen or read about a movie."

Intriguing, but look for a proofreader.


Steam Gear likes wearing clothes, so I wouldn't call it love.

And Nightcrawler is asking for something differently. No one knows yet what he wants since "Where is she?!" can be interpreted quite differently. :pinkiesmile:

I hope that answered your question, but feel free to clarify it further if I missed it. :twilightsheepish:

I don't know what to say it was good it was a long time since the last update and this chapter didn't turn out like I thought it would but it was still good

Umm... Nightcrawler is NOT hairless. His entire body is covered in a light coat of indigo fur.

Beats the snot out of two innocent evil henchmen over the lose of his beloved mid-day snack, then uses the third as a grumpy snuggle pillow because that one has fluffy ears...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

How will he react to Fluttershy?

wooooooooooo! fluffy eared snuggle pony is best pony!


Glad you liked it! And I guess it is hard to guess how things go with a character that wasn't introduced properly until now.

Though I'm now curious what you thought it would go like. :pinkiesmile:


Corrected! Thanks! :yay:


Do you mean Beast/Hank with that? :rainbowhuh: Maybe you mixed these two up? In any case I didn't notice any fur on him in the movies, or that one cartoon.


Glad you guys liked it! :yay: Kurt is a sucker for all things cute and fluffy! About Fluttershy, he probably wouldn't mind snuggling her! But then again there is fluffy mane pony too! :pinkiesmile:

8097342 Have you ever watched the X-Men animated series I thought you were going to make him kind of like the Nightcrawler in that one bat a little more joking around and having fun but still kind of serious you know not go to Pinkie Pie on crack who has Discord powers Now that I think about it that's a scary thought Pinkie Pie on crack with discord's powers I can't say that without a shiver going up my spine


I watched a bit of said series. I'm also trying to get his character like that in a way. Funny and silly, but also series at times. Though since he is a Displaced, he also has other character traits, like being more aggressive sometimes.

In any way I hope the character will be enjoyable for everyone! :yay:

8097342 it's in the comix that he actually have fur but really short.

... is it bad that dalek music started playing on my playlist as Steam Gear was dragged away, and it fitted almost perfectly?


That's good to know. I mainly operated on the movies, and also a bit on the TV series I have watched a tad and there was no fur as far as I noticed.

I honestly think that I will keep it furless though. It's just a small detail, and I like him to rub a furless cheek against furry ones and all that. :twilightsheepish:

Mane-iac should have said "Fluffy" has the pretzel, That way when Twi-I mean Matter-Horn showed up all she saw was kurt chasing him screaming about a snack.


Luckily I only have two more chapters to go before I finally close the gap in my story. Gap since I have already a lot of chapters written and finished. Four would follow shortly after said two chapters were finished. So, there will be quite a bit more once I close the gap! :yay:

“If you can win. Or do you really think-” she started to say before her hair propelled her back again to dodge some punches, “You insolent little-” she started again, only that he teleported behind her and gave her a kick in the plot, making the Mane-iac turn around with a loud screech as well as a slight blush as she dived for him.

kids, this is called, an ass kicking, and for some reason i want the Kurt x Mane-iac, reformed of course

He has done the impossible! Getting displaced by someone other then the merchant!! :pinkiegasp:

XD hahahahahahaha i loved this chapter

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sisterly conversations and plannings :P don't ask about the 'yeeeee' thing

The next one is gonna be good:rainbowlaugh:

PS. I can't stop grinning

the last words of this chapter should have been "But he also hoped to see him again one day. With that last thought he drifted off to a peaceful slumber barely noticing the blue hands cuddling him from under the bed.


I stayed up until 2am to read more of this story, the only problem was... THERE IS NO MORE STORY TO READ!!!

Anyway, Americans have funny words. Meh. *Giggle* A funny word. Sounds like what the sheep do in Germany. Also makes me wonder what the American sheep do. In Germany we say ‘Mäh’ to what the sheep say. Does the Americans say it differently? Or does the ‘Meh’ actually have a secret second sheep sound meaning? A mystery that only Americans know and keep over generations of ‘Meh’? Or how exactly did it develop if it is in fact the same sound?

As an american I can vouch that knowledge is only known by the elite and the people who make the simpsons. (The simpsons popularized the term meh in America.)

You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, I’m not really normal, so hugging my nightmares is a normal thing for me to do. I once hugged a zombie. Said zombie was a dick as a side note, as he just bit in my shoulder! That jerk! But to get back, I just greeted my darker side like an old friend.

at first I was thinking of the darkness but this sealed it he's Jackie Estacado.

The self-entitled Princess couldn’t help but look baffled once more. Almost as if I had declared bananas to be an abhorrence and to be banned from existence. And everyone knows bananas are great, and not only because they are yellow.

At that the lunar princess grinned smugly, as well as goofily, “Tis the many secrets of the *hick* great dream realm! The dreamiest and greatest *hick* of all reamies-, uh, things.” she exclaimed, letting her back fall on her back, giggling like a little school filly.


Sunset nervously looked around before laying a comforting hoof on his shoulder, trying to fake a cheery tone.

Emphasis on tried.


In the meantime Solaris reached the trio. Nightcrawler, now completely satisfied, or as satisfied as you can be after revenge that didn’t replace your tasty egg goodness lunch, turned around and took a look at the mare. She seemed somehow familiar to him. It didn’t take long for him to connect the dots to the obvious conclusion. The fur and mane color were a dead giveaway after all. He shortly wondered why Sunset was wearing those red thighs though, or more like a full-body red thigh suit, or was it spandex? He personally couldn’t grasp why she would hide her beautiful yellow fur like that. It was almost a crime! A blasphemy to all things yellow!

Tights are a type of clothing not a fabric so I'm not sure what that sentence means.


Superheroes are said to wear underwear or tights. Spandex is a stretchy fabric. I kinda imagine superhero suits to are like that, like the Incredibles.


Corrected the last one a bit. You know, her getting on her hindlegs before falling with her back on the bed. :pinkiesmile:

8544503 I know but tights are a type of clothing while spandex is a fabric the way your refering to them sounds like tights are a type of fabric there are spandex tights.

Me encanta el personaje, pero esperaba mas RGRE.

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