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The last thing Mane-iac could remember before being knocked out by the electric currents coursing through her body, though mostly her mane and coat was the sight of her now most hated enemies trotting away in victory. Before, they were of little concern to her, but with her plans utterly foiled, Mane-iac's new intentions turn to the six meddlesome mares and Hum-Drum, that single, scrawny little dragon of theirs. However, even he would need to be watched closely, especially after seeing what that twerp can do. The rest of the event played out in her mind as darkness, save for a few moments of alertness when she saw the familiar gates she'd been locked away behind so many times before.

The two guards who'd been carrying her could've sworn they heard the mad mare say, "It's... good to be home again..."

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You want a super-power pony story?

I'll give you a super-power pony story...


Teen, gore, and dark.

Oh boy... This will be a fun one.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I can hear the skin being pulled off sinners already.

*Swoons as he remembers that one scene from the Silent Hill movie with Pyramid Head.*


Still some pretty snazzy moves.

I was gonna make a story about the return of Mane-iac too, but I gave up on it. Oh well. Hmm, maybe I'll read this though. It could be really interesting. :duck:

3752002 I hope you enjoy the progression.:twilightsmile:

I don't really like to read gore, I'm only here because I misread the title as Maniacs Rectum and I thought it was hilarious and thought you should know ok bye.

Teen and Gore? I was hoping for Mature and Sex. Sorry for intruding on your story.


I was misled when this appeared in "Readin' it for the plot!" which generally features adult works centered around the posterior. You may wish to send some form of comment their way.

3753703 Huh, user error on my part. Seems I added it there by mistake.:twilightoops: "Readin' it for the plot? Mane-iac's got a great plot!" Aaand, boom.:twilightsheepish:

I'll remove it, I suppose.:trixieshiftright:

the mane-iac was no where near as cool as she shout had been
I liked the dark atmosphere, in the beginning and it was fun when all those mean dockers died. but that oc just rubs me the wrong way.


I hope I do too. Good luck with the story. :raritywink:

poison joker? maeniac is already a joker parody.

3758355 Yeah, I know. Poison Joker, though, is a Ponysona-ish combo of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy if you wanna get technical. Her name just happens to have 'Joker' in it not because of the type of villain she is, but because of her powers.


You're welcome.

>inb4 Mane-iac's crazed expressions in Power Ponies :twilightoops:


3756609 3755487 3753703 3751727 3750715

With a scrunched up muzzle, the tentacle maned mad mare followed suite, down the halls. They weren’t out of the frying pan just yet, but they would try and go together, as accomplices in a breakout. However, if you thought Arkhoof Asylum would let two baddies like these walk out as if they didn’t do anything wrong at all, sorry friend, but you are wrong.

After reading that part this pops in my head:

Play as Mane-iac.


Wait, is that actually in the story?

Oh. The writing is... well, a bit rougher than I thought. Is that a... narrative voice talking to the audience? Third-person omniscient shouldn't be able to pierce the fourth wall.

3774180 It's an inside joke. Jack Rider is a DC icon that does reports or something on the Justice League and such. Near all his interviews, he gives an iconic, "Sorry friend, but you. Are. Wrong!"

Oh. The writing is… well, a bit rougher than I thought.

You shouldn't judge my writing off some small excerpt, you know.:duck:


It needs some editing. Just from that: it's "followed suit" (a reference to Bridge, though not used as a mere generic idiom.)

Also, is this someone writing or a general narration? If somehow someone is writing this it shouldn't talk about specific internal thoughts. If no one is writing it then the narrative voice should not ask questions or address the audience.


Third-person omniscient shouldn't be able to pierce the proscenium arch.

Oh, for crying out loud... what does "proscenium arch" convey that "fourth wall" doesn't, other than that you know what a proscenium is?


Other than being more strictly formal, it's a bit more evocative. But just for you, i'll go back and edic the comment so as not to inadvertantly cause offense.

Very interesting take on Mane-iac. Some of the violence felt a little forced, and it seems like the OC in this story is a little heavy-handed (heavy-hoofed?) in terms of character portrayal. But overall this was interesting and fun to read. Good job with this.

Will this be updated? If so I can't wait!

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