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Having finally found the Sapphire Stone and with Daring Do too busy dealing with Dr. Caballeron there is nothing that can stop Ahuizotl from his desire for power. With the Sapphire Stone in place, a portal opens allowing Ahuizotl to step through to achieve his goal... or does it. Perhaps what Ahuizotl finds on the other side isn't exactly what he was expecting.

Mable Mane also known in Maretropolis as the Mane-iac is out on parole. Now she must try to lay low and maybe try to earn an honest living, otherwise, she might be hauled off to prison again. However, things start looking up for Mable when she sees a portal open in the sky and a strange dog falls through.

In Regards to Story Completion Status

It was required by the contest creator that all stories be completed by the deadline. However, if you all really want me to expand upon this story/world I will be willing to do so after contest completion. Just give the story an upvote and leave a comment if there are enough upvotes (25+) by then, then I'll either just write a sequel or change the completion status on this story and write more chapters.

Pre-reader: sevenofeleven

Editor: LoneUnicornWriter (they have currently only edited the first and second chapter). :raritywink:

New Cover art made by: arcanelexicon.

You can find the original cover art: Here.

It's the story of two fictional villains (or are they) coming together to kick plot, chew bubble gum and perhaps find love. It is such a shame they are out of gum.

This story was written for the Unexpected Meeting Contest.

Originally I was going to pair Ahuizotl up with Sonata Dusk and have it take place in the Equestria Girls universe but after some thought I changed my mind.

The original "short" story was split into four chapters because the last time I released a story with such a long chapter, others said they were intimidated about how long it was. So now it is more manageable.

I hope you all enjoy it.:twilightsmile:

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Does this count as... A Crossover?

That... is actually a really good question. They're fictional characters from fictional works of fiction in a fiction about fictional characters, but also they're real. This story is so recursively meta it kind of makes me head hurt. :rainbowlaugh:

I came here to kick gum and chew ass... and I'm all out of ass. -Dick Kickem

8808504 That was the intent behind the title. :pinkiesmile::rainbowlaugh:

8808520 lol. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, here it is. The final chapter.

I hope you all have been enjoying the story. I certainly hope that if you enjoyed the story that you will give it a like. When I said I would create more content for it if this story reached 25+ likes, I wasn't joking. I do have a few ideas for more story content and if you all want more, I will be more then happy to write some more.

Thank you all for reading.

The premise is interesting but some grammatical errors kinda dampens the impact. A good read, but needs some fixes here and there. Will be willing to help you proofread if you release more chapters.

Also, been following your posts on the mane-iac henchmen forum. If you do plan to release additional chapters, or additional stories featuring her, i’m willing to make you some cover art.


8855560 Well, thank you, though when it comes to cover art, I usually try to make my own. It just feels more personal that way, you know what mean?

Sadly, as stated above the only way this story is going to get any more chapters is if it receives 25 or more upvotes and I don't think it is going to go any higher than what I have. :ajsleepy:

Well, I decided I am going to try to give this story another chance. I am having an editor look at it and then I will try to promote once more.

If I then receive 13 more upvotes then I will expand upon the story further.

It's always interesting to see when the villain actually reaches their goals. Wonder how this will turn out.

Enjoyable. I would be interested to see where the story leads next.

As per the previous comment, just run it through Grammarly and that will take care of a good 80% of the grammatical issues.

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