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The Mane-iac has a reason, a method to her madness, and one that will shock the Mane Si-er, the Power Ponies to their core.

Because it's not exactly evil, and aren't we all crazy when we're in love?

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Cute, very cute. I kinda like this idea.

How dumb would I be not to accept the continuation of this?


Two questions.

Does that mean you want to continue it?


Did you have your name before the episode? Just how psyched were you it became an actual characters name?

Wait...Power Ponies has it's own tag?

I enjoyed it,
Very promising, Good work!!!!!!!!!!!

continue with them explaining things

This is interesting.

3733246 :eeyup:

Did you write this for the Crack Ships contest?


No, are there any crack ship contests going on that this would qualify for? I only wrote this over a few hours this morning because I thought back to alternate motivations for the villain and the idea popped into my head.

Hum-Drum and Mane-iac?


Well, that was a twist. Poor Lara is confused as fuck. And how is Spike supposed to explain to Celestia that he was sent to a comic book world, got married, and accidently brought back the main villain?


Lol Two of the contestants are Spike and Maniac Click this


Actually, it's Iara First letter is an I. But yeah, everypony's got some splainin to do


:applejackunsure: Huh...Submitted

hahahaha that was good :pinkiehappy:

Does that mean you want to continue it?

HELL YES! :yay:

Nice, I love how Fluttershy is totally game for that.:yay:

Drum-iac OTP.
Also very good story. Simple, concise, and cute.

Interesting concept. But I do hope that despite the similarity of names you're not trying to compare Tim Drake to Hum-Drum. Because Tim Drake is awesome.

3734353 Actually, that hadn't occurred to me. I was actually going for Jimmy Olsen (The Drake was because Spike is a dragon), who I can only imagine as Lois Lane Lite, all the kidnappings with only half the actual accomplishments.

3734361 I know, and yet he still gets a comic series all about him. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen? Have we really exhausted every option so now we have to give him a series? What about Commissioner Gordon? Where's his series?

I was wondering when someone was going to ship this. :rainbowlaugh:Hilariously done.

Is it a great story?

Wait a moement... yes, it's a great story :yay:

What I wanna know is if we can get some scenes of their time before they leave the comic and the previous scene. Best wishes!

Love it and wish there was more... perhaps either a reformation like discord (using her powers to help the people) or perhaps some mature-type romance?

I really want a story where the maneiack goes out of the comic with thdm and does not keep her hair power. Why can't i find one. Also great story!

3733036 Before the episode, of course!:raritywink:

Oh, and I'd be willing to take if off your hands if you want.


Sure, just credit me and be aware that others may do the same :raritywink:

YES. Best spike ship ever.

Okay. That was rather unexpected. But, I still liked it.


Oh man, Mane-iac is gonna be super-pissed.
The dragon she married? Not the one she thought she was marrying. Her entire home universe? Inaccessible. All her wishes, hopes, and dreams? Crushed. And the Power Ponies? As far as she can telly, they're now depowered amnesiacs.
Cue rampage.


I would love to see this continue

3734422 He's getting a TV series called Gotham that's only about him.

Well, that was interesting. I wasn't sure I would like it, just based on the concept, but it actually turned out pretty well, so I'm glad I gave it a chance. Good job! :twilightsmile:

Thats pretty darn cute. Spike/Maneiac is adorable. And I usually have trouble shipping him with anyone other than Rarity.

Is Dash the archaeologist and Applejack the former athlete? Or is it the other way around? Cause both fit Rainbow well(Daring Do fan and aspiring Wonderbolt) but neither seem right for Applejack seeing as how the rest seem to be a fairly direct translation from their actual jobs. Although AJ does do the rodeo thing.

more chapters to this awsome love story

Holy shit. I like this...........
When I first started reading this, I had my doubts. BUT HOLY CRAP! This is an amazing story!
I need to find where you are now, all for one reason: LET ME HUG YOU BUDDY!

A simple, fun, oneshot. Not at all bogged down by tons of side issues and flows nicely from gag to gag. I thoroughly enjoyed the quirkiness of everything and the way you've veered away from the episode!

Faved & liked.

The next paragraph mentions that Mistress Marevelous is/was a retired hoofball star.

Oh great, another person who sees crazy as nothing!

Du-oh. Now I feel silly.


Or Hummane! ... Which is actually a little funny, because that boils down to Humane, which is what Maneiac is fighting for, anyway. Humane treatment. XD

You should turn this one-shot into a multi-chapter story. This has so much untapped potential!:pinkiehappy:

Good one ... Deserves a sequel :moustache:

My eyes water at the sheer genius that I have just read.

Needed better formatting though.


Afterwords, Mane-iac moved in with her husband into the Ponyville Library.

.... So the games begin

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