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Everyone has that one friend that they've known since childhood, that one friend that they'd do anything for, that one friend that means the world to them. For me, that friend was Luxurious Locks, the mare that runs the most prominent hair-care product company in Maretropolis. We were the best of friends since childhood, and whenever one of us was down, the other would be there to help out.

But I guess some things don't last forever.

Luxi has disappeared, and she's been missing for over a month. To make matters worse, a deranged mare named the Mane-iac has been attacking the city with no clear motive.

Little did I know that she was looking for someone, too...

This is an HiE Anthro one-shot taking place in the Power Ponies universe, so the Mane 6 are not the Power Ponies. It also goes without saying that this is not related to any of my previous stories.

Now with an Act 3.5 written by Naughty_Ranko! LINK
Pre-reader/Creatve Consultant: Zamairiac

Cover art by me.

The deleted comments were made by me and Zam during the story's development stage, so don't worry about it.

Featured on 5/28/14! SQUEE!

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I'm waiting for this to show up in the featured box anytime now. :rainbowdetermined2:

This story was great by the way, Sketchy. :moustache:

You and me both, pal. I haven't gotten a story featured since MOA.

This one was cute. You did a great job on this. :pinkiehappy:


This really is feature material.

It's original, well written and even has it's own personal cover art!

Oh and awesome cover art by the way, haha. :moustache:

Very unique and it came out great

It was definitely awesome having Zamairiac helping with the execution. I knew what I wanted to do with this and how I wanted to characterize Mane-iac, and he helped me flesh her out and make her seem like a mare that’s clearly not in her right mind, but you can’t help but root for her anyway.

I can certainly see Zam's influence all over this story, what with the possessive nature Luxi had.

It's a good thing though. I don't think there's anyone else on this site that knows how to write a psycho in love better than him. In fact I'm fairly sure he gave birth to it, at least on this site anyway :twilightsheepish:

All in all, good story, I liked it. Here's a thumb and fave!

You and Zam should work together more often :heart:

I like it. :pinkiehappy:

A very nice and well paced story. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Outstanding! This was really good, I'd love to see more like this in the future:twilightsmile:

This did not come up in my feeeeeed.


I have to agree ZamZam's pretty good at those kinds of personalities.

Wow. I know there won't be a follow-up but screw it, I'm favoriting this anyway. :pinkiehappy:

Btw, how'd you come up with the secret identity names of the Power Ponies? :rainbowhuh:

Well, since Applejack was Mare-velous in the Power Ponies episode, I just called her Jackie, and her last name is just a reference to her mane color.

As for Matterhorn, I imagined her alter-ego to be a professor, so that's where the name String Theory came from.

(Raises hand) Couldn't Luxi have just looked up Aaron's address in a phonebook? Woulda saved her a lot of time.

We need more Mane-iac goodness! :pinkiehappy:
loved this story :twilightsmile:

One of the best Mane-iac fics that I've read. I can really tell that Zamairiac helped a lot in fleshing her out and when she mentioned


I knew then and there that ZamZam was here. The word is like his mark, almost every story he has has them. Anyways, awesome story, awesome ship. 15/10 Would Definitely Read Again.

Goodbye and have a good one!

- The Watcher 509

Zam's influence really shows. Now if only the Mane-iac was a royal pony so he could do his own story with her.

And featured!

Re-read it, still damn good. I am happy :pinkiesmile:


She's the Queen of insanity, that's good enough for me.

Just give me time...:raritywink:

It isn't perfect, but I rather enjoyed it :twilightsmile: .

It was good. :eeyup:

That's it. I'm not... I can't write something funny every time a great story like this comes up.

My favorite act was the 3rd one, I loved this one-shot, it was really good :pinkiehappy:
Poor Mare-velous though, I think she had a crush on him :fluttercry:

I like this story i truly do but as a guilty pleasure. I felt ending to be to sappy not offten i say that i was exspect arron to jackie over the with lead pipe

Is still on new-story list

Has nearly 600 views


“String Theory? You mean Matterhorn?”

You said that on the phone?! What is the matter with you?! Dammit Ron! Now I'm gonna have to discipline you and you know how I feel about that! - Trevor Philips (GTA V)

I knew this story was good, but not THAT good...

this story was absolutely beautiful, amazing work.

This story was brilliant! I would love to see more from the world of the Mane-iac and Aaron!

4460989 I'm not sure if that works with apartment buildings, but while I agree with you there, come on, this is the Mane-iac we're talking about here, who apparently gets frustrated enough to go on a rampage. I can probably guess how her frustration can fit in with finding Aaron's address or phone number, but then again, her memories had been jumbled after the accident, so... Yeah. :twilightblush:

4461991 That's what I was thinking in the 3rd Act. I mean her refusal to believe Mane-iac's words and how she sounded broken in her tone when Aaron told her the truth definitely said a lot... Oh! And not to mention how she worries for Aaron's health and safety when Luxi disappeared. Wow, I just found some foreshadowing! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome story Sketchy, and kudos to Zamairac for providing support. I can definitely see Mane-iac/Luxi having a yandere type of character around her when it comes to someone she loves, and that was executed here brilliantly. Looking forward to more chapters on SON, and future stories! :twilightsmile:

good story. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Ahh... It is nice to see that the villain wasn't really a villain at all. I have to say, I really enjoyed this.

but after several DNA and fingerprint testing,

Grammar error.

4462479 Yeah, it actually makes you think...

4462614 They are Anthros in this and pony anthros have hands

Thanks for the heads up on the grammatical error.

Instant :pinkiehappy:/10
This was amazing

It seems weird to have the first or last name of a main character in a story. maybe thats why they put anon most the time. :applejackunsure:

anywho, good story bro

wow this was pretty good. im only kinda sad for Jackie :ajsleepy: but thats just because AJ is best pony! hope to see more stuff from you!

I like it I like it a lot, I feel a little bad that the resolve of the second pony in love got crush before it start, but it made sense.

And if I had to choose what I like most I will had to say the acts separations and the main character, gaining force to speak up.
That its new and I like it the most

“Will do. Talk to you later. Don’t’ forget, I’m almost five floors down from you.” Jackie said as she hung up the phone.


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