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Co-Author: alphasteel.

In the most crime ridden city of Mare-Tropolis, a young boy makes an astonishing discovery of six alien girls, who have all crash landed in the park. Each with unique superpowers, all dedicating their lives to fight against the forces of evil.

The boy's life was forever changed, after he became the sidekick to his new friends, the Power Princesses.

Co-exists with Wildcard25's The Girls Of My Life and in response to his challenge.

Chapters (5)
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Here comes the Green Go …err… Mane-iac

In terms of this story in general, I've seen tons of Power Pony styled fanfics and all of them pretty different too. Why, among the first stories of the Power Ponies I've ever paid more attention to was Disneyfanatic's version with a sort of DC kind of twist to it. But since Disneyfanatic has been extraordinarily busy under the assumption that the series in general has been discontinued, I didn't think there'd be a Power Ponies series that would spark my interest. But low and behold, I stumble upon this set of stories and thus far it looks pretty promising. A young boy stumbling upon six alien girls helping to save a crime ridden city and fulfilling his dream of being a superhero... Oh yes, I can definitely see some strong potential here.

Not a bad start overall, keeping things a little simple before working towards the heavy stuff for later.

Sweet references with this chapter, I detect a trace of 'Kung Fu Panda' with some elements of Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' in some parts. There are some characters right off the bat that seem familiar to many MLP fans, though portrayed rather differently, and there are some that's going to take some time to get to know. Of course, if the boy ever wanted to be a superhero so much, he may get his chance in more ways than none. With a fateful meeting that is soon to change everything in this crime-ridden city. Though if the opening prologues are any indication, this is but only the beginning.

As for this chapter in general, it's great to see most of the team in action as they take on The Diamond Dogs and foiling a robbery. Though I wonder if this be one of those stories where the heroes actions might be put into question doing tasks that should be made solely for the police or having them come across as vigilantes. For whatever reason it almost feels like a relation to today's current issues, especially if the team is 'treated' like illegal 'aliens' initially (In this case literally) so Ken's going to have his hands full helping the girls to fit in. As if that wasn't enough, now his own dog is talking due to an accident almost like what happened in 'VR Troopers' (An underappreciated show by the way). And with the arrival of the Mane-iac coming to terrorize the town with an accident similar to the comics... Boy, is this city in for a rough set of weeks.

Wonderful opening and all the references galore are totally awesome

Sweet job. I can't wait to see how Ken helps the girls prepare to become heroes to his city. And nice the dog has the ability to speak now. I get where you got that idea from.

If you don't mind me asking Wildcard, which reference did you catch? :raritywink:

Sounds like a Sailor Moon reference, judging by how Luna in the 'Senshi' series was portrayed with an English nanny accent in the American Dub. Hopefully that's not too much of a same case with Delilah.

This is getting weird.

I hope that Spike won't get relegated to the useless sidekick just because he has no powers

I personally detest the Humdrum moniker, I mean, what kind of superhero calls themselves Humdrum?

I don't blame you on the criticism to Spike's superhero persona. Even if the 'Humdrum' name only remains the same, Spike doesn't essentially need to have superpowers to be a valuable asset to this rendition (Even if it's an alternate dimension). What Spike may lack in speed, strength and endurance, he would have to learn to make up for it with his quick wits especially since he knows the crime-filled city rather well (It helps that his dad in this story works for the police). If Spike still were to gain any powers upon meeting these 'Power Princesses', it must not be because of fan demand but because it'll prove that his heart is in the right place on wanting to make a difference while also learning more about himself along the way.

Why do I get the feeling that Ken here is going to be the Batman of the group?

The team name is decided, and now they have work to do

First things first: Soundproof the secret base, next princesses in disguise.

It's definitely going to be tough to keep the presence of the 'Power Princesses' a secret, even if they managed to quickly disappear when Ken's parents came home and so long as no one goes looking around and stumble upon the camouflaged space ship. Definitely feels like the start of an anime when a guy stumbles upon a group of super-powered beings, all of them girls, and the struggles of keeping them in line while they use their powers for good. Although The Masked Matterhorn does make a good point about not wanting to undermine the hard work of the police, but considering how understaffed they are I don't think that'll be too much of a problem (Unless they prove so good that they inadvertently cause the last of the city's police force to go out of a job especially if the Mayor doesn't have to pay for the girls' services). Course, if they are going to be on Earth for quite some time, at least before all hell breaks loose they can't just go walking around like aliens from another world (Even though 'technically' they are). They'll need to blend in with all the citizens of this city, find a way to create fake (Yet convincing identities) and because they can't just hide in a kid's bedroom forever (Hence why this story is rated 'T').

As for Delilah's antics, especially giving a raspberry for certain comments, definitely makes me think of the dog from 'VR Troopers' or like those brief scenes on an anime page when they do that. Anyways, I am definitely looking forward to how the rest of this series turns out.

Rarity is Green Gardener? I would've thought that was Wallflower Blush...ya know...'cause she's green...and a gardener?

Or her name and powers were supposed to be a reference to the Green Lantern.

That is a rather solid point. Rarity's abilities does bear a shout out toward the Green Lantern's abilities. It's not as if her name could relate to the color of Radiance's aura when she performs magic. But then, that would make it obvious so being named after a different color may help to ward off any unwanted attention... Or so.

Anyways, I'm anxious to see how their Earth identities are developed as far as adjusting to their new home. If anything, they appear old enough to be school girls but they'd need a reasonable excuse to keep anyone from searching for flaws in their transfer to the campus. Or if they don't need to be school girls, they'll need to find some line of work since superhero stuff will hardly pay the bills.

Welp, I'm hooked to this story and I can't wait for more!

Neither can I. Course, I've seen 'tons' of adaptations on the 'Power Ponies' for quite some time (Mainly the one DisneyFanatic put together before... She stopped for reasons unknown). But this one looks very promising: Kind of a blend of 'Sailor Moon' with a dash of 'Power Rangers', maybe a slight touch of 'Batman'. I have a good feeling about this series and it's only just getting started.

I figured there was something I wouldn't like about one of the students. If her stuck-up attitude wasn't bad enough, turns out she's helping the villains with a major project that could otherwise threaten the city. But other than that, I definitely have a rough idea that the major antagonist so far must relate to The Storm King, if the mention of Tempest didn't give it away. Course there were other clues, mostly the dude's twisted sense of humor.

But other than that, the girls have a chance to try blending into the school and getting to know how it works in their new friend's world. For the most part, they seem to be adjusting quite fine. Though now I'm thinking, with Pinkie learning how to make a Pizza Ball, I'm now just waiting for this moment in a future battle where I can imagine her shouting:


So funny!

That was an awesome and hilarious first day of school for the girls. And Ken dealing with each of them, and some students out to get him.

I’m not gonna lie, I completely forgot the story existed giving how long we have to wait for this chapter. Don’t give me wrong, it was still great to read the girl’s first day at school, but I had to re-read the first 3 chapters again to remember what the story was about.

Awesome chapter, Phantom and nice touch on using wildcard's story girls of my life that's a very cool and unique touch:twilightsmile:

Great chapter!

Loved the namedrop and I'm sure Wildcard will appreciate it too!:ajsmug:

“ The Girls of My Life by Wildcard25,” Ken read. “Sounds interesting.” With that, Ken took the book out from the shelf and he finds himself a chair to sit in to read.

If only he knew that that story is about an alternate version of himself and the girls.

This was a great chapter showing off the girls adjusting to her new life on Earth with all those visits tne locations that fit their personalities the best and also....

The Girls of My Life by Wildcard25,” Ken read. “Sounds interesting.” With that, Ken took the book out from the shelf and he finds himself a chair to sit in to read.

That was the first story I've ever binge read like crazy and I've been a fan of Wildcard ever since! You should reference the sequel he wrote, cuz that was a great read as well!

Awesome work, and loved the callback to my first of a long line of Spike harem stories. The girls seem to be enjoying earth life very well now that they're getting accustomed to it. And loved all the outfits Green was showing off for Ken

A wonderful installment to the story, not only providing some world building on the landscape but additionally we get to learn more about the girls that Ken will be working with. Granted of course, they maintain the same habits as the Mane Six but it's still always nice to see the lassies in a new light of some sort.

Do I detect a hint of foreshadowing mentioning a villain and a street gang? Taking down street criminals is a decent start for new superheroes before taking on the big baddies. At least for the fans, it be something to see those thugs in some form of action.

As for the mention of the statue, maybe it's not able to stop all the crime from happening in the city. But having said that: Maybe there's more for the statue to offer.

Do the other characters have a cast as well?

Seems to me the girls are not-so-shy about their feelings for Spike.

Still the matter of a secret base.

Why do I feel like Wildcard25 will be the Stan Lee of this universe?

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