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Sitting, sealed away for so very long, I have looked down upon the world.

As the centuries passed, I had time to think. Time to plan...

Time to Hope.


My entry in the Everfree Northwest Fanfiction Contest

EDIT: This story was apparently one of the runners up in the contest (Meaning it was one of the stories in the last round of judging). Yay!

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Yeah, this is a first I've seen Luna connecting the Mane6, not Celestia. Not bad :3

This is EXCELLENT! :twilightsmile:

Great story. A worthy contender for first prize!

Not a bad story, the idea of Luna having an influence over who the Element would become (and still being in line with the canon) is an interesting concept I haven't yet read too much about as of yet.

Only advice I can give really is perhaps a chapter title change, to something like The Power of Dreams or just Dreams. I think the dual meaning of "dreams" would fit well in describing the over-arching theme involved with this soliloquy.

It's actually a bit strange, Senior Chief Adviser Sir Blood Brandy IIV. Most of your other stories at least reached a notable level of popularity, while this one in particular was seemingly shot down on it's maiden voyage. Sure, it seems like it has a bar of quality, with it reaching finals in a local contest. Well, I think the reason this story flunked was due to the fact you seemingly made it your agenda to not shed any light on the story with the description. But, on the better side on having such an isolated community, you aren't catching common-cannon fodder users.

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