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Dazed and confused after a tense conflict with a family member, a human finds himself whisked away to the brony Nirvana of Equestria! (Er, sort of?)

And as a character from My Little Pony!

Ooo, a villain you say? This should be good! Which one did he get inserted into? Nightmare Moon? Trixie? Discord? Sombra? What about Tirek or any of the Dazzlings?

...he's WHO???

Not your typical "human becomes a villain and learns to cope" story!~
Anthro Level 3

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Compelling story so far. Can't wait to see more.

I'm so, so sorry, man.... :eeyup:


:rainbowlaugh: Sorry, I just couldn't... ha-ha-ha

Different and curiosity piquing. I shall be tracking this.

Well I relate to a max of one of those things, but in all seriousness, that introduction was way too long. it spent too much time on trying to relate than actually being relevant to the story. Other than that this is really good. I like the premise and how this is (I think) original.

I'll just imagine the anthros a level 3 like Mane-iac is on the cover.

I expected this to be a 'Human turned Mane-iac' story. Very good job for throwing me for a loop. :pinkiehappy::derpyderp2:

Comment before reading:
This seems like it will be interesting. Also, dem tits on dat cover art, yo.:pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed the chapter. Sound and Duet remind me of Vinyl and Octavia and I like their characterizations.

I felt Sound Rave and the other one talking at the end was a lot like Rarity and Rainbow Dash-esque parallels. That, or like 5543063 said, and it's Vinyl and Octavia. The latter makes sense, considering Rarity and Dash's super-opposites are already part of the Power Ponies.

This puts all sorts of ideas in my head for a Legion of Doom composed of misplaced humans!

Only, they would all only be barely competent.

So really, more like a Legion of Villainous Intent.

Only, they would all have shitty powers, too.

So... I guess like, a Legion of Inconvenience with a 30% Chance of Doom? Or, something, just pitching ideas here, we can figure out the name later after we have a successful heist. One where we don't end up incarcerated, or temporarily crippled, or in pieces. Especially that last one.

We should probably start with something easy, like the local kindergarten. And, we should really consider making our move at nap time.

5884186 Sometime this week, actually. My apologies, things got pretty hectic the last couple of months and I've just been overwhelmed :raritydespair:

...Why does this fic make me think of Saints Row 2 when I read it?


Now with 20% more comedy
-Monday night is 'take an orphan to work'-day, so that we can help get the next generation interested in the prospective future of becoming a mildly-successful villain.
-Wednesday night is poker night, so be sure to bring a few snacks just in case.
-Thursday night we watch the stars come out, it is quite magnificent in this world.
-Saturday nights are movie nights, each member takes a turn to bring in a movie for the group to watch and critique.

I was hoping for a truly human henchman of the Mane-iac... But, I guess I can certainly take a conditionally useful henchman of the Mane-iac...

5609874 To take a page from the Venture Bros, it would be the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and it would be a bureaucratic mess to sift through it laws and bylaws... But, it would be organized Antagonism, and you would have to sign up with a registered Arch-Nemesis from te League of... Something to do with protagonists (because heroes and villains is offensively black and white, if memory serves)... Don't judge, I haven't seen the show in a little less than half a decade!)

So, Is this just done then? it's been a very long while and no news... I really loved the concept and the way you were going with this, But one comment I'm confused on is that "Hairless chimp" quip made by one of the lackeys on the rooftop earlier on in the first chapter. Weren't they a pony? not a human in any capacity other than mentally? So why would they know anything about his/her human past?

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