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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P


This story is a sequel to Missed Stop, Monstrous Meeting

You are a unicorn stallion who has just arrived on the Haywaiian Isles by airship to gather some research for your next book. As you step off the ramp, a few pounds lighter after the wobbly ride, you meet your tour guide and begin your exploration across the islands.

While the diamond dog by the name of Holly might be your tour guide, there are other interesting characters that await you here in Haywaii. Some of which can be pretty intimidating. Enjoy your stay.

Note: It needs to be noted that I do consider the story: Somewhere, Beyond the Sea, by Lupine Infernis to be canon with this story/universe, so if you don't wish to spoil that story for yourself, please go ahead and read it and come back here. You will understand why. :raritywink:

Of course, if you don't want to, then you don't have to. It is merely a suggestion.

My good friend, Quillian Inkheart, was a big help when it came to working on the Haywaiian setting. In addition to his advice he also preread and edited the story for me.:pinkiehappy:

The story was proofread by: ShadowblazeCR.

The cover art was created by: Pigeonsmall, who did a really awesome job with the artwork.

Here is a link to an image of the main shark mare of the story: Jagged Nibble. Drawn by Grim_Grin and colored in GIMP by yours truly.

As you can see, FiMFiction needs more shark pony stories and I am more than happy to oblige.:raritywink:

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You are a unicorn stallion, who wakes up to find that you fell asleep while on the Friendship Express and have missed your stop in Ponyville. Now you have to wait until you reach the next stop in the Crystal Empire in order to return home.

Fortunately across from you is another traveler, who might be a little odd but is still willing to accompany you on your journey. She is a chimera pony hybrid by the name of Amble Barb.

Edited by: ShadowblazeCR

Proofread by: Strays

The cover art was created by: LaptopDJ, a great artist who was very patient with me. :pinkiesmile:

I would also like to thank, The Graceful Articuno, for helping me with the title.:pinkiesmile:

This story was written for Viper Pit's Hybrid Story Contest.

I kind of wanted to experiment around with the second person perspective, while also trying to write some more Monster Mare stories. Please feel free to look into the Monster Mares Group for more stories.

If you liked this story and would like to see me write more in a similar format, then please comment and let me know. :twilightsmile:

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This is NOT a clopfic. The sex tag is merely for suggestive content.

There are forces beyond the boundaries of our world, a fact that Roseate Grimsbane is fully aware of. A powerful unicorn witch, Roseate has to function as a teacher and citizen of the town of Muleport, while concealing the otherworldly powers given to her.

The fact that her husband is an Alien Intelligence from beyond the Fifth Veil, doesn't make this a simple task.

This is a Comment Driven Story, where you can speak to Roseate using an enchanted mirror, an eldritch artifact that allows for communication with those beyond the Fifth Veil (You), so feel free to ask her questions and perhaps even give her some advice when the time comes. But please keep it clean.

Questions: Open.

Choice Voting: Open.

This story was edited with the help of: Rhawkas.

Preread/proofread by: TheDizzyDan (Ch.1-3) and Quillian Inkheart (Ch.5, 6).

I hand drew the cover image before editing it in GIMP. If you want to see more artwork of Roseate Grimsbane, feel free to follow this link to a deviantart folder containing a few images: Here.

Special thanks to Grim_Grin for creating numerous art pieces for my OC, Roseate Grimsbane.

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Having finally found the Sapphire Stone and with Daring Do too busy dealing with Dr. Caballeron there is nothing that can stop Ahuizotl from his desire for power. With the Sapphire Stone in place, a portal opens allowing Ahuizotl to step through to achieve his goal... or does it. Perhaps what Ahuizotl finds on the other side isn't exactly what he was expecting.

Mable Mane also known in Maretropolis as the Mane-iac is out on parole. Now she must try to lay low and maybe try to earn an honest living, otherwise, she might be hauled off to prison again. However, things start looking up for Mable when she sees a portal open in the sky and a strange dog falls through.

In Regards to Story Completion Status

It was required by the contest creator that all stories be completed by the deadline. However, if you all really want me to expand upon this story/world I will be willing to do so after contest completion. Just give the story an upvote and leave a comment if there are enough upvotes (25+) by then, then I'll either just write a sequel or change the completion status on this story and write more chapters.

Pre-reader: sevenofeleven

Editor: LoneUnicornWriter (they have currently only edited the first and second chapter). :raritywink:

New Cover art made by: arcanelexicon.

You can find the original cover art: Here.

It's the story of two fictional villains (or are they) coming together to kick plot, chew bubble gum and perhaps find love. It is such a shame they are out of gum.

This story was written for the Unexpected Meeting Contest.

Originally I was going to pair Ahuizotl up with Sonata Dusk and have it take place in the Equestria Girls universe but after some thought I changed my mind.

The original "short" story was split into four chapters because the last time I released a story with such a long chapter, others said they were intimidated about how long it was. So now it is more manageable.

I hope you all enjoy it.:twilightsmile:

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"Hello Phumblr, my name is Graceful Thread, I am... well... a spidermare. My friend Lemon Hearts said I should try to socialize more, but since most ponies don't like it when I walk outside my home in broad daylight, I thought I might try social media. After all everypony else is doing it."

"Don't worry, there is no such thing as stupid questions. Wrong questions, yes. Questions that might result in me wrapping you in my webs and injecting you with my venom, yes. Stupid questions, nah!"

Think of this as kind of like one of those Ask Tumblr pages, except Graceful Threads will answer them in intervals (as it would be silly to have a chapter for each question). :rainbowlaugh:

There is nothing wrong with being goofy, but please do try to submit some serious questions too. It should be noted that I would like to keep this story as safe for work (SFW) as possible, and I am sure that Graceful Threads would agree. :twilightsmile:

Also do note that this story takes place during season 5.

Chapter 1, 2 and 3 were proofread by: Boop-Happy Lass.

Well, in case it must be said, I did create the lovely artwork that serves as the cover art for this story.

Also Graceful Thread is my OC, so no stealing. :rainbowlaugh:

More tags will be added as the story is released.

Also if you're going to down vote my story, at least have the decency to tell me why. :ajbemused:

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This story is a sequel to Snakes, Tricks and Treats

Note on Sex Tag: There is no actual sex scene or any sexual descriptions in this story, just an implied instance. The tag is just to be safe.


Sweetie Drops and Big Mac go out on a date to the Weeping Willow theme park. After getting lost on one of the rides, the couple find that they are locked in the park after closing hours.

Surely nothing could possibly go wrong.


This story was written in response to the NEW! Random Contest of January, hosted by Nailah, where I was given the random pairing of Big Mac and Bon Bon (who I refer to as Sweetie Drops in this story).

Of course, I decided to bring Gorgony Trixie back, just cause. :raritywink:

As a result it is also a part of my: Gorgony-Verse.

Story edited by: The Crystal King

I created the image using GIMP and what little drawing talent I have.

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Note on Sex Tag: This is merely for a few innuendos, no actual sex happens in the story.

Just a lovely Nightmare Night with Trixie and Filthy Rich sharing each other's company. Sure being a gorgony is difficult but the trick pony has grown used to it and so has her husband. However while the two of them try to enjoy the evening and relax, it would seem that a couple tricksters have other plans.


This story takes place in my little: Gorgony-Verse, so do keep that in mind while reading this.

It was also proofread and edited by: TheDizzyDan

While I used some prompts given to me in Nailah's Random Contest for December (the prompts being Trixie and Filthy Rich being paired together), I wanted to write something about gorgonies and thought it would be interesting if I turned Trixie into one. :pinkiehappy:

I created the image using GIMP.

If you like the story please give it a thumbs up.

I hope you all enjoy.:twilightsmile:

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We all know how the story goes. About how Twilight found and united the Elements of Harmony and defeated Nightmare Moon, preventing the world from going dark and giving Luna a chance for redemption.

However, what if one of the Mane Six hadn't been a normal pony but a monster that was shunned and feared by others? How would the story have gone?

Follow us now as we tell the same story, only this time Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness is not a normal pegasus, but instead is a gorgony. A creature with snakes for a mane and can turn any creature to stone with a glance.


Out of all the mythical creatures I have read about my top favorite are vampires and gorgons. So I was greatly dismayed when I saw how few stories there were that had actual gorgon ponies in them, here on FiMFiction. Thus I decided to write this little fic. I hope you all enjoy.

While I only intended to cover the first two episodes of the show (the pilot episodes), if enough people are interested I may try to create some more stories with Gorgon-shy based around other episodes in the series.


Proofread by: Nadus
Edited by: Nugget and Link4

I ended up writing this story for the Augest Longfic contest, hosted by: SPark

This story is a part of my: Gorgony-Verse.

The cover art is something I created using GIMP.

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This story is a sequel to The Sculptor

After Prince Blueblood disappears, Celestia sends Twilight to meet the Sculptor to help retrieve Blueblood as well as to learn more about the Sculptor herself.

However, her mission isn't simply just to find the stubborn prince and bring him back to the castle but also to interview the Sculptor. What secrets will Celestia's prodigy discover?


I drew the cover image myself, however it was too large despite my consistent editing so if you want to see the full image you will need to visit my Deviant Art page.

Editors: Mass, Guts and ItIsASillyLittleGame.

This story is a part of my: Gorgony-Verse.

Chapters (1)

After being embarrassed by Rarity at the Grand Galloping Gala, Prince Blueblood swears revenge against the mare and seeks out an new ally to help him with his plans.

However can he muster up enough manners to turn an old enemy into such an ally? Or will his pride stand in his way?


While I can't summit this story into my gorgony story contest (It wouldn't be fair considering the fact that I am a judge), I figured nobody would mind if I tried to write a story, by the same rules for my own personal enjoyment.

If you are interested in a group about Gorgon Ponies please feel free to follow this link: The Gorgony Group.


I created the image using GIMP.

Editors: Mass, Nugget, ItIsASillyLittleGame, and Guts.
Proofreader: Nadus

This story is a part of my: Gorgony-Verse.

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