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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P


It has been a year since Trixie accidentally teleported herself to Tartarus and now it is time for her to return to the City of Cages. It has also been a year since both Sombra and Trixie met and now it is time for them to reunite.

We follow both Trixie and Sombra as the two love birds reminisce on how they met and catch up after being away for so long, but something appears to be getting in the way. Will a friendship journal get in the way of their love life, or will they be able to figure it out together?

AU Note: It should be noted that this story is takes place in an alternate universe where King Sombra didn't get vaporized by nuclear beams of rainbowfied friendship and instead was forced to work as the warden of Tartarus. This story may or may not be loosely inspired by the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. :raritywink:

WARNING!!! This story contains: Suggestive content, a crack ship between two of my favorite(ish) characters, Trixie x Sombra, Starlight x Sunburst, suggestive themes, a reimagined Tartarus, worldbuilding, shadow magic and tentacles, a ponified version of an EQG character (guess who:derpytongue2:), siren, sadly no tacos, and pomegranates.

This story was for the: Early 2022 Crackship Contest.


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This story is a sequel to Dream Date

You are a unicorn stallion, working as a teacher at Canterlot's Magical Academy. With the arrival of summer, many of your students are off on vacation. Now that you've caught up with preparations for the next semester, you can also go on holiday... Or you would have if you had anything planned ahead of time. Unfortunately, you were so focused on your students that you hadn't thought that far ahead.

Fortunately, you remember a friend of yours who might be able to lighten up the situation. Pulling out an old book, you proceed with the ritual...

Warning! This story contains: an alternate take on succubi, suggestive content, nuns, ponies wearing swimsuits, shipping dream versions of your favorite ponies with other ponies (surely that won't tick anyone off... I hope:rainbowderp:), beach episode, sun screen, ice cream, tentacle plant(s) and cuddles?

For those of you who don't know, I was originally supposed to go to Hawaii in April (2020) for the first time. Unfortunately, the Corona virus (Covid) showed up and ruined everything so I had to stay on the mainland.

So I decided to write this story, reuniting you all with your succubus filly friend in this difficult time. Enjoy.:twilightsmile:


Cover Artist: SweetStrokesStudios.
Proofreader/Editor: Brony1337.

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You are an earth pony mare, who serves as a paranormal investigator... or so you claim. Despite what you tell others, the truth is that you are a con artist, but that's fine. Ghosts and specters, they aren't real... right?

Here in the city of Neo Trotkyo, Neighpon, spirits are a part of the accepted culture, meaning there are plenty of gullible ponies whose bits are ripe for the taking.

Well, after accepting a job from a new client, you opinion on the matter might change. What could possibly go wrong in an abandoned love hotel?

I had some ideas that I wanted to experiment with when it came to my monster mare story ideas, so this story is kind of a combination of those ideas.

Contains: slight suggestive themes, a Japanese themed setting, ghosts, spooky situations/atmosphere, youkai themed monster mares, tentacles, slimy situations involving said tentacles, symbiosis... with tentacles.

What more could you ask for.

For the characters using the Other tag, here is a list: Chocolate Sun, Blossom Burst.


Prereader(with some proofreading): Milk and Honey
Cover Art: by your's truly.

I hope you all enjoy the story. :scootangel:

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This story is a sequel to Don't Lose Your Head...

Returning home from a long trip, you're surprised to stumble upon your friends, Flash Gloom and Gash Bloom. Upon meeting the two dullahan twins, they invite you to play a fun little game in the Weeping Willows theme park.

The game is simple, figure out which twin is which. Are you smart enough to identify the two identical twins? Let's find out. :raritywink:


Cover Art: Funds were short and I didn't feel like it would be wise to commission someone to create a reference image of the twins, so I decided to try to create the cover art this time around. I know it doesn't look great, but oh well. :twilightsheepish:

The image was also altered a bit by: Brony1337

Proofreader/Editor: Brony1337

Prereader: Viper Pit

I hope you all enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

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You are a pegasus stallion who has been living in a Pony Accommodation Containment Shelter (PACS) for your whole life, serving as a member of the maintenance crew. When something goes wrong with the facility, you are forced to go to the surface in order to save everyone you've ever known.

Now you're stuck on the surface, in an ashen wasteland filled with raiders and monstrous ponies. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Please note that while this story does have the [Violence], [Death] and [Gore] tags, my intent isn't to make anything too descriptive. There is blood and some fighting going on but unless it was something I felt was necessary for the story, I didn't go overboard with it. :fluttershysad:


Proofread/edited by: Brony1337.

Preread by: Viper Pit.

The AMAZING Cover Art created by: JodTheCod.

Peacock Melody was created by: Hotel Chicken.

Thank you all for helping me with this story. :scootangel:

Also thank you all for reading this story. If everyone enjoys it than I might actually write more in this series (I would love to write more, please like the story :fluttershysad:).

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This story is a sequel to A Monstrous Meeting of the Fourth Kind

After picking up a really cute outfit for the maid you recently acquired you return home. Not only that, but you have been given an invitation by Mrs. Rich to their family's Nightmare Night Costume Party.

Upon arriving you discover that your maid, Irisa has a few more secrets, that she hasn't told you about. Will this secret ruin your relationship or bring you both closer?

Here is an attempt to create another multi-chapter story for the Monster Mares and You series.

Sure, Halloween was cancelled this year because of the pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can't have some holiday fun, now does it? :ajsmug:

The cover art was created by: marking.

Proofread/edited by: Quillian Inkheart.

Preread by: Brony1337.

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T is for Train, if by chance you see a train, don't feel bad to relieve the pain, but be careful not to offend, otherwise your journey might meet a bitter end.

White Whistle is the conductor for the Sol Treader, a train with tracks moving from the frozen Crystal Wastes to the north to the Equestrian wasteland to the south. With his brother, Cold Coal serving as the train's engineer, Whistle and the train leave the town of Gemstock for the town of Cryptmane. However, when a stowaway is uncovered onboard, everything starts to go wrong.

I created this story for the ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland challenge for the Fallout: Equestria group.

If you enjoy this story and the setting it provides please let me know. Perhaps if enough people like it, I will actually make it into a longfic. :twilightsmile:

WeaponPrime did some prereading and editing for me. :scootangel:

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This story is a sequel to Which Head is Which?

You are a unicorn stallion, making preparations for a Hearth's Warming celebration with the Apple Family, when you come across an old acquaintance. As it would turn out your friend, Amble Barb is in Ponyville, visiting family and decides to invite you to come along.

What sort of holiday fun will you and Amble get into? Let's find out.

Important Note!

There is actually another story in the series, that was meant to be released before this one, however due to certain circumstances I had to save it for another time. Now that shouldn't affect the enjoyment of this story, but still I thought I would mention it. When I release that story, I will include a link to it here and vice versa. Sorry for the inconvenience. :twilightsheepish:

Fortunately, if you have read my story, All Eyes on You, then you will know most of what is really necessary to know to enjoy this story... I think.


Cover Art by: marking.

Preread/proofread/edited by: Quillian Inkheart.

Feel free to join the Monster Mares group for more monster mare stories. Who knows what kind of monster mares you might find there. :raritywink:

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You are a unicorn stallion, who serves as a professor at Canterlot's Magic Academy, aiding the gifted youth in their magical training. However, due to your diligence, you have been unable to find your special somepony, something which has been weighing heavily on your mind as of late.

As Nightmare Night begins you decide to work late in the library when you hear a noise. Investigating you discover a few of your students performing a magical ritual. After sending them away, you attempt to clean up the mess. Unfortunately in doing so, you accidentally managed to complete the ritual, summoning an exotic and understandably surly creature into Equestria.

Warning! This story contains: an alternate take on succubi, suggestive content, annoyed individuals becoming friends (and perhaps more), maids and cuddles?

I've always wanted to create a story about a succubus that could also be safe enough to make it onto the Monster Mare Story List and here it is. I hope you all enjoy. :scootangel:

I came up with this story for Nightmare Night (🎃Halloween🎃), one of my most favorite holidays.

:derpyderp1: Holy Cow-pony! This story was on FiMFiction's Featured Page, 10/29/19 - 11/1/19. :derpyderp2:


Preread, proofread and edited by: Quillian Inkheart.

The cover art was made by: marking. They are a great artist. If you need some cover art, then you should totally commission some cover art from them. :pinkiehappy:

There is also a reference sheet for Silken Soul that was made by: ZettaiDullahan, which you can see here.

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This story is a sequel to All Eyes on You...

When you were told you'd be helping Applejack try to catch an apple thief, you didn't think that you'd experience something so unexpected and out of this world. As a unicorn, you know all about magic and the wonders it can bring to Equestria, but what about the other side of progress; technology and the ones who bring it?

What will happen when you, a unicorn stallion come in contact with a being from another world?

Preread, proofread and edited by: Quillian Inkheart.

Cover Art by: marking.

You can find images of Haewara the alien pony, here and here.

The sex tag isn't for clop or any sex scenes. It is however there for a reason: dialogue about the potential reproduction between two different species.

Notes about Haewara... There will be spoilers:

I originally created Haewara as a character for another comment driven story idea I was working on. However the project didn't really get off the ground.

Later I decided to write a story where the reader meets an alien monster mare. I took the original design for Haewara, added a few things (mainly the prehensile tongue) and here we are.

While I only intended to show Haewara this once, if any of you are interested in seeing more stories with her, please let me know. Thank you.

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