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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P


Neo Somnambula, a walled city with the Equestrian desert, a refuge against the burning sun above and the swirling sands around. However, this sanctuary isn't a symbol of harmony but a city divided into corporations, the upper-class nobles and those beneath them. Sometimes in order to survive in such a city you must resort to drastic measures.

Snapshot knows this all too well, working as a prostitute at the X-Streams brothel in the Glowpulse district. Yet as long as she has her camera, she can hope for a brighter future... Even if it seems unlikely.

Neo Somnambula is a Cyberpunk/Ancient Egyptian inspired Alternate MLP Universe. It takes place in an alternate timeline where Equestria was reduced to a desert wasteland. :rainbowderp:

This story contains: Suggestive content, references to drugs, cybernetics, gangs, a "live" chat commenting on sexual content, tentacles, a red-light district, and in this AU Cadence never became an alicorn so she's a pegasus.


This story was written for the Science Fiction Contest III.

Cover art by your's truly. :rainbowwild:

Proofread by: NiCkY.

Here are the ocs that were used in this story that belong to other creators:

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Seeking refuge from a sudden rainstorm in Maretime Bay one Nightmare Night, Hitch, Zipp and Sparky flee to Hitch's home to dry off. As Sparky slumbers, Hitch and Zipp decide to sit on the couch and watch some Nightmare Night movies, enjoying the spooky holiday even as the storm rages on outside.

Could a night of popcorn and scary movies evolve into something more?

I wanted to write a fun Nightmare Night short story that featured one of my favorite MLP Gen 5 ships, Hitch x Zipp, so here it is. The [Sex] tag is merely for some implied extracurricular activities. :trollestia:

This story contains: some suggestive content, some Hitch x Zipp shipping, a ponified version of Netflix, Nightmare Night, joking references to horror movies and mlp creepypastas, special effects that represent gore but are clearly just visual effects (so fake gore), an OC from an older fic, and... a vampony! :rainbowderp:

I know it's December (at the time that I post this story), but hey if Christmas can invade both October and November then turnabout is fair play. :rainbowwild:

Credits and Stuff

Note: This story was featured on 12/12 - 13/2023.:rainbowderp:

Edited by: Brony1337.

Proofread by: NiCkY and PseudoBob Delightus.

Cover Art created by me. :raritywink:

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As part of a teambuilding exercise, the former darklord, Sombra and Cozy Glow go to the carnival. While Sombra is initially unamused by the endeavor, this changes as he learns a little bit more about Cozy.

What sort of crazy things will these two get up to?

Done as part of an art/story trade with Princeling.

Proofread by: NiCkY.

Preread by: Furious Thestral.

The cover art is just something fun that I made in my spare time. :derpytongue2:

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This story is a sequel to Ask Roseate Grimsbane, the Witch

It has been a year since Mittenz sacrificed himself to save Roseate Grimsbane, now that some entity has stolen her children from below her house, Roseate and Arsthotua must leave, but not before saying goodbye.

Roseate lights a candle to remember her dead familiar.

Please know that this story will contain spoilers for Ask Roseate Grimsbane, you've been warned.

Done as a part of the Candlelit Story Vigil for Ninjadeadbeard.

The cover art was created by your's truly.

Preread/proofread by: Furious Thestral, Brony1337 and NiCkY.

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After learning of Fluttershy's bat like nature as well as he skills as a Scare-master, Scootaloo decided to become the bat pony's apprentice. Now she has decided to perform a live stream on Hitch and answer some of your questions.

What could possibly go wrong?

Warning! This story contains: Spookiness, spoopiness, Fluttershy as a bat pony, Hitch streaming (ponified Twitch streaming), dead apples (the fruit not the Apple family), hypnosis, tentacles, monsters, spider Angel, elements of grief and death (yes, somepony is dead... But who? :derpyderp1:).

I created this story for Nailah's Halloween Contest. 🎃:scootangel:🎃

Initially I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish a story in time for the contest and while Nailah did later extend the deadline to after Halloween, it just didn't feel right to me to not release the story on Halloween. So, hopefully this story will still be pretty good despite being somewhat rushed. :twilightblush:

The questions in this story were from a blog I had posted as well as a Discord group that I am a part of.

This story was also partially inspired by this video, or at least some ideas I had from watching it. Go ahead and take a look.

Proofread by: NiCkY.

Cover Art created by me. :pinkiesmile:

Nightmare_Omega wrote a review, which can be read: here.

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This story is a sequel to Waiving Wanderer, Wonderous World

You are a pegasus stallion, who is now living in the Ashen Wasteland with a monstrous mare, Runt. Seeking out other civilized ponies in the post-apocalyptic world, you've followed Oracle's directions and have located the town of Bite Apple. Aside from the corpses of various raider groups being littered about, the town seems to be fairly peaceful.

However, when a group of raiders known as the Disk Reapers assault the town and take the town's tribute, Runt's monstrous identity is exposed and now both of you must work with a local bounty hunter to retrieve the tribute or face the chopping block.

This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of my Monster Mares and You verse.


Proofread by: GhostRider1996 and NiCkY.

Preread by: Shadic Midnight Blitzer.

The Cover Art was created by: Mutter_Butter.

Midnight Blitzer belongs to Shadic Midnight Blitzer.

This story was featured on 10/12-13/2022. Thank you all so much for your kindness and your views. :pinkiehappy:

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It has been a year since Trixie accidentally teleported herself to Tartarus and now it is time for her to return to the City of Cages. It has also been a year since both Sombra and Trixie met and now it is time for them to reunite.

We follow both Trixie and Sombra as the two love birds reminisce on how they met and catch up after being away for so long, but something appears to be getting in the way. Will a friendship journal get in the way of their love life, or will they be able to figure it out together?

AU Note: It should be noted that this story is takes place in an alternate universe where King Sombra didn't get vaporized by nuclear beams of rainbowfied friendship and instead was forced to work as the warden of Tartarus. This story may or may not be loosely inspired by the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. :raritywink:

WARNING!!! This story contains: Suggestive content, a crack ship between two of my favorite(ish) characters, Trixie x Sombra, Starlight x Sunburst, suggestive themes, a reimagined Tartarus, worldbuilding, shadow magic and tentacles, a ponified version of an EQG character (guess who:derpytongue2:), siren, sadly no tacos, and pomegranates.

This story was for the: Early 2022 Crackship Contest.


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This story is a sequel to Dream Date

You are a unicorn stallion, working as a teacher at Canterlot's Magical Academy. With the arrival of summer, many of your students are off on vacation. Now that you've caught up with preparations for the next semester, you can also go on holiday... Or you would have if you had anything planned ahead of time. Unfortunately, you were so focused on your students that you hadn't thought that far ahead.

Fortunately, you remember a friend of yours who might be able to lighten up the situation. Pulling out an old book, you proceed with the ritual...

Warning! This story contains: an alternate take on succubi, suggestive content, nuns, ponies wearing swimsuits, shipping dream versions of your favorite ponies with other ponies (surely that won't tick anyone off... I hope:rainbowderp:), beach episode, sun screen, ice cream, tentacle plant(s) and cuddles?

For those of you who don't know, I was originally supposed to go to Hawaii in April (2020) for the first time. Unfortunately, the Corona virus (Covid) showed up and ruined everything so I had to stay on the mainland.

So I decided to write this story, reuniting you all with your succubus filly friend in this difficult time. Enjoy.:twilightsmile:


Cover Artist: SweetStrokesStudios.
Proofreader/Editor: Brony1337.

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You are an earth pony mare, who serves as a paranormal investigator... or so you claim. Despite what you tell others, the truth is that you are a con artist, but that's fine. Ghosts and specters, they aren't real... right?

Here in the city of Neo Trotkyo, Neighpon, spirits are a part of the accepted culture, meaning there are plenty of gullible ponies whose bits are ripe for the taking.

Well, after accepting a job from a new client, you opinion on the matter might change. What could possibly go wrong in an abandoned love hotel?

I had some ideas that I wanted to experiment with when it came to my monster mare story ideas, so this story is kind of a combination of those ideas.

Contains: slight suggestive themes, a Japanese themed setting, ghosts, spooky situations/atmosphere, youkai themed monster mares, tentacles, slimy situations involving said tentacles, symbiosis... with tentacles.

What more could you ask for.

For the characters using the Other tag, here is a list: Chocolate Sun, Blossom Burst.


Prereader(with some proofreading): Milk and Honey
Cover Art: by your's truly.

I hope you all enjoy the story. :scootangel:

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This story is a sequel to Don't Lose Your Head...

Returning home from a long trip, you're surprised to stumble upon your friends, Flash Gloom and Gash Bloom. Upon meeting the two dullahan twins, they invite you to play a fun little game in the Weeping Willows theme park.

The game is simple, figure out which twin is which. Are you smart enough to identify the two identical twins? Let's find out. :raritywink:


Cover Art: Funds were short and I didn't feel like it would be wise to commission someone to create a reference image of the twins, so I decided to try to create the cover art this time around. I know it doesn't look great, but oh well. :twilightsheepish:

The image was also altered a bit by: Brony1337

Proofreader/Editor: Brony1337

Prereader: Viper Pit

I hope you all enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

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