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Do you enjoy anime like Interview with Monster Girls, Monster Musume or any other anime with girls that are part human and part beast? Have you ever thought it would be cool to have mlp stories were you have a mare that is also part monster? Perhaps you think it would be cool to read a story where Pinkie Pie is part squid or where Carrot Top is part rabbit.

If so then this is the group for you. :pinkiehappy:


  • -Don't post anything pornographic in the group. You will be banned.:ajbemused:
  • -If you have a story that isn't safe for work, then you MUST put it in the NSFW story folder (please keep NSFW stories in this folder and only this folder).
  • -This group is exclusive to monster mares (female ponies that have monster characteristics) so don't add stories that don't apply to this. Sadly this includes Equestria Girls with Monster Girl qualities, since they aren't ponies, they don't count. You will need to put them in the Equestria Girl Library.:fluttershysad:
  • -Monster Mare stories with the Anthro Tag are to be placed in the correct folder in the Underground Anthro Archive.
  • -Stories involving female changelings aren't allowed (at least not if they are the "monster mare" of the story), merely because there are already plenty of group dedicated to changelings (along with their queen) and if we were to allow them, they would overpower all the other monster mares in this group. Sorry Ocellus lovers. :fluttercry:
  • -Put your story in the folder that best suits your story (the different categories are within the Library For Monstrous Mares). In other words please put your story in only 1 folder, otherwise it looks like we have more stories than we actually have.
  • -Story Updates are allowed in our forums, so long as the story pertains to monster mares. Please reuse your original thread when providing updates on your story. Only bump your story threads if it receives a significant update (like a new chapter).
  • -Feel free to post questions and ideas in regards to monster mares in the forums section. We will enjoy talking about them (just remember to keep it SFW). :scootangel:
  • -Be respectful of your fellow members.
  • -Have a good time.

With that out of the way, I hope you will all enjoy this group. :twilightsmile:

If you want to learn more about Monster Mares, then check out this thread: What is a Monster Mare?

If you are looking for stories for specific monster mares, then take a look at this thread: Monster Mare Story List.

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Bless this group and every single story in it.

Yeah, the banner pic is cute.

Anyone else find the banner picture cute?

Hello, all. I got a currently published fic starring an albino Umbrum, and I’ll have one featuring a ghost pony going live tomorrow. Having reviewed the “What Is a Monster Mare” thread, I believe they’d belong here. Do I have permission from the Group Admins to add my works?

EDIT: Added ‘em.

433976 You might want to check the: What is a Monster Mare? section. :twilightsheepish:

We do have stories of mares becoming draconequus but a female Discord wouldn't necessarily be a monster mare herself.

Heh, I ment it as a joke.

But what I was saying is, you know how discord is like....a lot of...animals combined?
Well, since this group is for people who like female monsters, if we turned discord into a female and write a story about him, then there ya go, one monster mare story complete!

433959 I'm not sure what you are asking, could you be more specific?

So technically female discord?

433188 That could be pretty cool. Feel free to discuss this in the forums. :pinkiesmile:

What if we had a monster mare that was covered in 5 inch razor sharp scales that she could throw at her attackers. She was told to dress sharply and bless her took it litteraly

432848 Yeah, it's pretty weird.

432841 Unless it is a response to a comment I have already made, FiMFiction, won't notify me of a comment on the group's front page. Not too sure why.

Okay, then. That answer came later than I expected, but I'll take it.

I almost used the second picture as cover art, but settled on the first.

I linked Prisim in the source button, it's great art and happy to feel inspired.

This group is starting to reignite my love for writing, for this fandom.

432798 I believe she is supposed to be a succubus.

432831 That would be awesome! :yay:

This image is actually from the game, Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder, of cultist Fluttershy.


Your avatar is so darn adorable!

It has inspired me to start writing a Dark Romance, with Fluttershy gaining Abilities of Cthulhu and various monstrous bodily eldritch transformations.


*boops the horned mare in the icon, whatever TF she's supposed to be*

432410 I have decided to dig under the library and create a space for Anthro Monster Mare Stories. I hope you enjoy.

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