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Do you enjoy anime like Interview with Monster Girls, Monster Musume or any other anime with girls that are part human and part beast? Have you ever thought it would be cool to have mlp stories were you have a mare that is also part monster? Perhaps you think it would be cool to read a story where Pinkie Pie is part squid or where Carrot Top is part rabbit.

If so then this is the group for you. :pinkiehappy:

-Don't post anything pornographic in the group.
-If you have a story that isn't safe for work, then you need to put it in the NSFW story folder (please keep NSFW stories in this folder and only this folder).
-This group is exclusive to monster mares (ponies that have monster characteristics) so don't add stories that don't apply to this.
-Put your story in the appropriate folder.
-Feel free to post questions and ideas in regards to monster mares in the forums section. We will enjoy talking about them (just remember to keep it SFW). :scootangel:
-Be respectful of your fellow members.
-Have a good time.

With that out of the way, I hope you will all enjoy this group. :twilightsmile:

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422519 I'm glad you think so. I hope you enjoy your stay. :twilightsmile:

I just joined because this group looked interesting :)

422439 Changelings are technically the own species so they don't technically count.

If it looks like a pony and some other creature were fused together but still maintains a somewhat pony form, then it counts.

I'm doing a story with a monster Vinyl, no not vampire, but that will be a bit. I will however, have hints to it in the epilogue of my first story. I will also have a monster version of Queen Chrysalis and Gilda, even though they will appear much later and late in different stories.

And do Changelings in disguise count? Because I plan on having one as a main character in this upcoming story.

421698 Yeah, there were some issues I had to figure out, but yeah it's starting to fill up. Now I just wish I could find more monster mare stories that are SFW (or that people would write more SFW stories with monster mares).

422034 I don't mind, so long as when you promote a story, you only make one thread. When you have an update, simply comment in the same thread.

I hope that helps. :twilightsmile:

Mind if I do a self-promotion for my story in the forum?

Glad to see this group is finally filling up!

Really shame this group is almost empty.

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