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Have you ever wanted to read a story where Rarity falls in love with a Eldritch Abomination from beyond the Cosmos? Really? Me too!:rainbowlaugh: But I can't seem to find any. :ajsleepy:

Have you ever wanted to read a story where an adult (yes, adult not child you sick freaks) Applebloom falls in love with a Vampire Fruit Bat/Pony hybrid, despite the complaints her brother and sister that something keeps bleeding their apples dry? Really? Me too!:rainbowlaugh: But I can't seem to find any. :ajsleepy:

Have you ever wanted to read a story where an old wolf deity emerges from the Everfree forest, meets a mare and the two fall in love, and form a meaningful relationship? Really? Me too!:rainbowlaugh: But I can't seem to find any. :ajsleepy:

Well that is why this group was created. Not only to collect these stories but to encourage their creation as well. :pinkiehappy:

But like always, we need rules to insure that everything works properly and the trolls don't prevail. So let's establish what this group is and isn't.

This Group Is:

  • A group for stories where a female pony also known as a mare (unicorn, earth pony, pegasus, batpony, alicorn, etc...) falls in love with a sentient creature, that the rest of pony kind considers alien or abhorrent.
  • A group where members can participate in good SFW discussions about their ideas and brainstorm.
  • A group where all OCs and Monsters are welcome.

Now let's establish what this group isn't:

  • This is not a rape turned romance group. We are looking for romantic stories of a mare falling in love with a monster. We are NOT looking for stories where a mare is raped by the monster and then has Stockholm Syndrome and "falls in love" with the monster.
  • This is not a bestiality group either. The monsters in this story need to show some form of intelligence on par with either a human or pony (or in the case of a Lovecraftian Horror possibly exceeding it). We are NOT looking for stories were a mare has feelings for an animal and decides, "Hey I want to f*** it!" If you are looking for something like that, I am sure there are OTHER groups out there that fit your... tastes. :trixieshiftright:
  • This isn't an NSFW group. We have a folder for NSFW stories but this group is intended to be safe for all users. Please remember that.
  • Just because I am sure I will have to make this clear, here it is. This group is NOT a pedophilia group. While it is okay for a character who is a child to fall in love with a monster and then later once she is older (Age 18+) develops romantic feelings for the monster is fine, a story where a foal has sex with a monster is NOT okay in this group. Stories with pedophilia will be removed.

Now here are the misc rules, that should go without saying.

  • Make sure to put your story in the most appropriate folder.
  • When you add a story to the group make sure to put it in 1 folder. Please don't do multiple.
  • If a story violates the rules, it will be removed.
  • Be kind and considerate to others. As long as they are following both FiMFiction rules and the rules in this group, they are welcome.
  • If you are having difficulties adding stories to folder, please check out this thread.
  • Now as long as the story is only suggestive and doesn't contain CLOP (Pornographic content) or extreme amounts of gore, you may place a story with the "sex" tag or "gore" tag in a folder other then NSFW.
  • Have fun. :twilightsmile:
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430925 It's because not a lot of people are either writing or submitting stories that fit the criteria of the group. This usually means I have to find all the stories and I'm already over worked as is.

If you know any stories that would fit in this group, feel free to submit them. If there isn't a folder that best fits that story, feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do.

Most of the character folders in the Canon Monsters folder aren't even really monsters, just MLP villains. And two of the stories in the Mythical Creatures folder are about frigging Spike, and the other 3 are of Iron Will. This is all pretty disappointing, to be honest.

Alright let's do this

Just reached 20 members.:pinkiesmile:

i could try and do that but I I'm not good at typing.

424340 Yep, and while I would doubt anyone would do it a part of me thinks it would be really cool if someone did a story where Twilight feel in love with Hemorous Mora or a creature similar to him.

Technically I a doing something along those lines for a future story, but both the mare and the monster are OCs.

424323that is a good hint to the elder scrolls

424317 Indeed it is. :twilightsmile:

oh no its old herma's mora :unsuresweetie:

424269 I am glad that you are interested. :twilightsmile:

Ok. I'm interested.

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