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Have you ever wanted to read a story where Rarity falls in love with a Eldritch Abomination from beyond the Cosmos? Really? Me too!:rainbowlaugh: But I can't seem to find any. :ajsleepy:

Have you ever wanted to read a story where an adult (yes, adult not child you sick freaks) Applebloom falls in love with a Vampire Fruit Bat/Pony hybrid, despite the complaints her brother and sister that something keeps bleeding their apples dry? Really? Me too!:rainbowlaugh: But I can't seem to find any. :ajsleepy:

Have you ever wanted to read a story where an old wolf deity emerges from the Everfree forest, meets a mare and the two fall in love, and form a meaningful relationship? Really? Me too!:rainbowlaugh: But I can't seem to find any. :ajsleepy:

Well that is why this group was created. Not only to collect these stories but to encourage their creation as well. :pinkiehappy:

But like always, we need rules to insure that everything works properly and the trolls don't prevail. So let's establish what this group is and isn't.

This Group Is:

  • A group for stories where a female pony also known as a mare (unicorn, earth pony, pegasus, batpony, alicorn, etc...) falls in love with a sentient creature, that the rest of pony kind considers alien or abhorrent.
  • A group where members can participate in good SFW discussions about their ideas and brainstorm.
  • A group where all OCs and Monsters are welcome.

Now let's establish what this group isn't:

  • This is not a rape turned romance group. We are looking for romantic stories of a mare falling in love with a monster. We are NOT looking for stories where a mare is raped by the monster and then has Stockholm Syndrome and "falls in love" with the monster.
  • This is not a bestiality group either. The monsters in this story need to show some form of intelligence on par with either a human or pony (or in the case of a Lovecraftian Horror possibly exceeding it). We are NOT looking for stories were a mare has feelings for an animal and decides, "Hey I want to f*** it!" If you are looking for something like that, I am sure there are OTHER groups out there that fit your... tastes. :trixieshiftright:
  • This isn't an NSFW group. We have a folder for NSFW stories but this group is intended to be safe for all users. Please remember that.
  • Just because I am sure I will have to make this clear, here it is. This group is NOT a pedophilia group. While it is okay for a character who is a child to fall in love with a monster and then later once she is older (Age 18+) develops romantic feelings for the monster is fine, a story where a foal has sex with a monster is NOT okay in this group. Stories with pedophilia will be removed.

Now here are the misc rules, that should go without saying.

  • Make sure to put your story in the most appropriate folder.
  • When you add a story to the group make sure to put it in 1 folder. Please don't do multiple.
  • If a story violates the rules, it will be removed.
  • Be kind and considerate to others. As long as they are following both FiMFiction rules and the rules in this group, they are welcome.
  • If you are having difficulties adding stories to folder, please check out this thread.
  • Now as long as the story is only suggestive and doesn't contain CLOP (Pornographic content) or extreme amounts of gore, you may place a story with the "sex" tag or "gore" tag in a folder other then NSFW.
  • Have fun. :twilightsmile:
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Alright let's do this

Just reached 20 members.:pinkiesmile:

i could try and do that but I I'm not good at typing.

424340 Yep, and while I would doubt anyone would do it a part of me thinks it would be really cool if someone did a story where Twilight feel in love with Hemorous Mora or a creature similar to him.

Technically I a doing something along those lines for a future story, but both the mare and the monster are OCs.

424323that is a good hint to the elder scrolls

424317 Indeed it is. :twilightsmile:

oh no its old herma's mora :unsuresweetie:

424269 I am glad that you are interested. :twilightsmile:

Ok. I'm interested.

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