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Thank you so much. That's one of my favorite chapters too.
True story, after I was done writing it out, I went back and read it and I was tearing up and going, "WHO WROTE THIS?! WHERE THE HECK DID THIS COME FROM?!"
My favorites are probably Penguin and Clayface for raw emotion. Alfred's nice, but I get less emotion from that interaction and more just, "Oooooh, she went there!":rainbowderp:
The different bits hit different people differently. Glad you liked those ones so much.
Hope you stick around for the audio version.

Thank you for making this wonderful series.
My favorite part is definitely the entire first chapter of TCIPIMOREP. Seeing how much all of the patients had grown and the bonds that they made with ponies was absolutly heartwarming, but the parts that especially touched me are Penguine's and Alfred's.

Thanks for adding the entire To Cure Insanity Please Insert Ponies series to your favorites.
What part did you like best?
And a follow too! You are too kind!
I'd say to watch out for some new stories, but currently I'm busy doing the audio readings. Hopefully, next year I can pull back a little on those and write some more.

3369624 How would I know that? I didn't eat anything.

It was a good Thai restaurant! You should thank me!

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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