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Life isn't always kind. But you can be.

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The only way out is through.

The fire in you feeds on your imagination. Become an inferno.

We made it through the darkest part of the night; and now we see the sunlight~

Sit up from your bed. Walk around. You just took action.

Just as the blind do not see race, I will not see my limits.

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Tha k younfor adding These Final Words to your Favorites.: Twilightsmile:

May I ask what you enjoy about it?

Well I'm intrigued and enjoyed what I read so far. Definently liked and followed.

Ayo, feel like joinin the homie squad?

Thanks so much for the add!


Never enough Sia horse.

Appreciate the bookshelf adds, hope the stories do something for ya.

Thanks for checking out A Dragon's Wake! :twilightblush:

Thank you for the interest!

Thanks a ton for checking out my Godzilla: King of the Monsters crossover! Hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

The only way out is through.

I like it.

Thats a beauty of a pony in your profile pic!

Thank you very much for the fave on My Little Balladeer.

Thanks for the follow!

I saw your post over at The Writer's Group, and it caught my interest. Have a follow, because I want to see what happens in this yet-to-be-published story.

Thank you for adding my story to your shelf! :heart:

Thank you for adding An Overlord Apart to your Library!!


It's not following.

It's stalking. >.>

Might wanna check your locks

  • Viewing 13 - 32 of 32
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