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Ever wanted to see printing projects, past and present? Ever wanted to get notifications of upcoming projects? Ever want to send notice to users interested in printed projects that aren't following you? Ever see a past printing project and wish you had known about it while there was still time to participate? Well, this group is for you!

Folder information:

  • Current Projects - projects currently looking into a print run. Users may still get involved
  • Past Projects - projects that have done a printing project in the past, but are not currently doing one (users cannot participate in the print run at this time).
  • Print on Demand - books that can be bought without taking part in a print run.

General Rules (rule making in progress):

  • The rules of fimfiction site apply here
  • Forum can be used to announce projects and give information about them, but not placing orders or order tracking/etc. (these should be done with a user's personal blog or PM - you can post a link to your blog post about this, though)
  • Please add your story to the appropriate folder to make finding projects easier.
  • In the unlikely event that the forum gets really large, then really old threads about past projects may be deleted (no threads about projects that are currently running would be deleted; I don't foresee having to do this, but am mentioning it just in case).
  • Mature rated stories are okay, but please no clopfics (for lack of a better explanation at the moment, stories that exist for the sole purpose of mature content... I don't mean anything bad by this, I just can't think of a good explanation at the moment).
  • If you hear about a printing project, please let us know so we can post information about it :twilightsmile:
  • Books by Bronies is the only thread for non-pony books by site users

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This error has been corrected.

Two of my paperback books have been omitted from my listing – "Quantum Gallop" and "Cosmic Lotus"

Um, yes, hello? Could someone help me understand how this group works? I've just finished the proof copy of my own MLP book, The King of Love Bugs, and so I'm about to enter the stage of printing off and selling copies (created the book via Lulu). While I'm perfectly content to just get copies sold to my readers and followers, I'd also be interested in casting a wider net wherever possible. I know a lot of bronies collect horsewords. :twilightsmile: What should my first step be in getting the word out about my completed book?

Thank you!

In the latest survey from ministry of image i suggested mendacity. They told me it was too short for a print despite having 2 or 3 other stories that were actually shorter than mendacity.

Sorry to pester y’all again - is there a print project for Mendacity anywhere or did I imagine it? Tyia!

For those interested, a Kickstarter for a print edition of Changeling Space Program is live- and fully funded within twelve hours, and has blown through half the stretch goals within 18 hours...

Does anyone know if there’s a print edition of “Hello, Sedna” available anywhere?

Nice. I also got my copy from them. It was great that Rerun Program had finally reached 100 a few months ago. :twilightsmile:

I got a copy from non-existant productions, so I’m happy, but thanks!

If you are still interested in Hard Reset / the Time Loop Trilogy. There is currently a Print on Demand version by Ministry of Image. :twilightsmile:

Hi, sorry for the late reply I just noticed your comment.
The printing of Scion of Chaos was not recently. But I still did some research. It was apparently printed in December 2013.
I found the Information in a blog from SilentBelle: Scion of Chaos Paperback Orders (23.12.2013)


Scion of Chaos was printed?? :pinkiegasp: I can't seem to find it anywhere but in some sort of database... Anyone got info? Would love love love to have it + the side story and A Heart of Change when that's finished, seriously good.

You have to order it from here, and you will have to wait until the orders are filled up to 100 for the reissue I think.

Hard Reset is listed here as "Print on Demand" yet I cannot seem to find a link to that anywhere. All I can find is the old indiegogo campaign that is long ended:

Is it actually available for on-demand printing?

Hope this is the right spot since I can't add the story directly that's not mine, but Life and Times of a Winning Pony is doing another print run and you can sign up for a copy here!

Did you know that Past Sins can be obtained in paperback here:

I got mine here, and it's just fine!

Derped briefly while working on updating the print-list, just ignore the posting regarding my work

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