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Thanks for the adds on Stable 17. Tell me, what did you enjoy about the story?

Lost made that story amazing. When I heard the WIP on the first chapter I was jumping up and down with excitement.
Did you do the audio on soft flooring? I got to do pony suffocation noises :)

It was a nice story to read. Especially since I was reading it in a Nightmare Night book. The dark Collection is really great. And it is so much nicer to have a physical copy.:twilightsmile:

By the way I am also a fan of My little A.I.. The Idea of a main six virus in our web is great. Also the Audio from TheLostNarrator was a great as well.

I’m glad you like soft flooring. The wife described it as, “brilliant, but horrible” and I figured that was a good a review as it gets :)

No Problem. Maybe I put the story for a few seconds in the wrong bookshelf. That will be probably the cause of your notification.:derpytongue2:

I will definitely let  you know when I have finished the story (probably next weekend).

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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