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My headcannon ships · 3:23pm Aug 11th, 2016

For no real reason, here are my favourite ships.
Twilight Sparkle x Trixie
Celestia x Luna
Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy
Littlepip x Homage
Lyra x Bonbon
Rarity x Applejack
Pinkie Pie x Dirpy
Cadence x Shining Armor
Sweetiebelle x Spike
Octavia x DJ PON3 (or RaRa)
Fleur de lis x Sassy Saddles
Sunset Shimmer x Fluttershy (EQG)

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Thanks for favoriting Diamond Tiara's watery passion!

Thank you for the favorite on Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree! If you enjoy it drop an upvote. I answer all comments so feel free to talk to me. If you wanna join the community around my insanity, here is a discord for you.

I really do wanna hear what people have to say about it, especially since we are going through the process of actually doing full publication on it. (First Printing is Out and Available now too!)

From the name does this mean you are waiting for Halo remastered Edition?

Thanks for the fave! Hope you enjoy all my works.

Thanks for the favorite! :trollestia:

Thanks for the fave on "Reaching the Next Level"

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