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A list of fanfictions of interest to Pony Print Project.
Links to completed prints can be found in that folder.

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Ever conside doing a print of by Dromicosuchus? I'd be all over that one.

We actually contacted the author of "The Mare Who Once Lives on the Moon" about a print. They weren't interested though. I'll check out the other stories though!

Hello! I have three stories I'd like to suggest for printing. Each is completed and beloved by many. They are as follows:

The Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots! Twilight finds a mechanical pony in Applejack's field, and teaches it friendship. A heartwarming epic tale full of laughs, tears, drama, action, romance, and every other tag one could hope for.

Binky Pie Pinkie gets a part-time job as Death's steed/assistant. Hi-jinks ensue. A crossover with the Discworld, and does a good job capturing the feel of Terry Pratchett.

The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon In a steampunky alternate timeline, Royal Advisor Twilight Sparkle invents the telescope, sees a pony on the moon, and promptly falls in love with her. It's a high stakes race to the stars, filled with action, political intrigue, and the strength of newly formed friendships.

I would throw money at the screen for a print of 'A Voice Among the Strangers'. It's my favourite fic. It does have an incomplete, stalled companion novel ('A Stranger Among the Voices') which I hope will eventually be revived, but they're different perspectives of the same general story, so you don't need to read it to appreciate 'A Voice Among the Strangers'.

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