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Welcome! :twilightsmile:

Have you been to a My Little Pony convention before? Are you thinking about going to one, but can’t decide which one to attend? This group is where you can review the MLP conventions you’ve attended and, likewise, read about other people’s experiences. There is also a wonderful feature where you’re able to see what conventions other members of the group plan to attend. Place a comment here the conventions you plan to attend this year and we will add you to the list as well! :twilightsmile:

Some other conventions are allowed too, see "About This Group" for more details.

Please read the rules before joining. Thank you.

Check out our sister group, Convention Planning.

I hope everypony has fun with this group! :twilightsmile:

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Well...I have had some experiences, but I'll totes put something out later :D

Thanks for inviting me but...I've never been to a con XD

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