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Do you love clopfiction? Of course you do, you're a fucking normal person. Blog and rave about how much you love clopfiction, troll the anti-clopfic group, and post your favorite clopfics here.

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I initially read the name as "The Pro-Clopification Group", and was slightly disappointed to realize my mistake.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


On shotober suddenly got a lot stickier.

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to write 50 clopfics.
I did write a slight dissertation in my blog on my attitudes toward pony sex.

I love it, and the ponies do too...

I'm glad I discovered this group. Trolling the Anti-Clopfic group is fun! :yay:

I think I'll fit in here just fine.

Now this, this is the real shit. If I like my own clopfics, can I add them? :trollestia:

Clop on, fellow ponies.:ajsmug:

Thanks for informing me of this group. I don't love them by any means, but sticking it to that anti-clopfic group is my intention. Thanks for making a group to support the author's that write one-shot clop, since one of my best friends on the site writes it, and wrote some for my story.

I understand Mister Fluttershy's intentions and what he's trying to do. However, he's going about it the wrong way. Making a group to gather people who share the same ideals as you? Fine.
But placing the stories in a folder so you and your friends can attack and insult it?

I regret everything.

waitIdon'twriteclop... 2bad4u

Fifty clopfics? Shit negro! I best get working on the sequel to Pollinating her Berries. I think it'll be about a giant spider this time...

I regret nothing.

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