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My name is Christian and I love to write. :)

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Article 13 got trough · 12:21pm Mar 26th, 2019


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Thank you for your follow, friend! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by The Crystal Maiden deleted Oct 10th, 2014

1395175 *Shrugs*Nothing special to do there anyways anymore(Besides our RPs)

Forums are acting up a bunch today. No fun. *Hugs*

Hooray! *Hugs again*

I'm going to comment whenever the forums are down. Not sure what to say though so...more hugs?

Forums are doing maintenance. So thought I'd stop by and give you a hug. *Hugs*

1282280 That was Unexpected. Hey!:yay:

D'awwww *Fondles nion*

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