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Lord Cheeseburger

My three favorite things are anime, porn, and sandwiches.


I'm writing again (WU #150 · 3:29pm Mar 13th, 2014

Despite what little you've seen of me latley, I still want to become a better writer, and I'm still motivated by my desire to become popular. Starting today, I'm going back to writing ICYR and WC by establishing a quota of 250 words daily. This isn't just to finish ICYR (which a few people have presumed dead), but to improve my skills as a writer. I can also see a novel in the future following my skills.

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If I were a girl...


would be my theme.

Everything you need to know about me

0.5. Whatever my username says, I'll always be Lord Sandwich
1. I'm an athiest
2. I'm 16 years old
3. I'm a highschooler
4. I'm a dishwasher at a café
5. I want to major in hacking when I graduate
6. I have a mild incest fetish
6.1 I also have one for loli
7. I love video games
7.1 And anime
8. I love to write
9. I can't handle negative criticism very well
9.1 But I still encourage it
10. I love to write and read stories about crack pairings
10.1 Don't forget the underrated pairings
11. I hate HiEs and will probably never write one
11.1 Except for that one...
11.2 But that was a long time ago...
12. Other than HiEs (and possibly clop), I'll write almost anything
13. MLD is overrated
13.1 and so is Derpy
13.2 The more hate I get for having those opinions, the better
14 Sweetie Belle is best pony
14.1 Even if her voice is obnoxious
15 People take me too seriously
16. Every week, I do a weekly update blog to keep followers up
17. I rarely follow people because I like their stories
17.1 It's usually for any other reason I can think of
18. This is the point where I run out of stuff to list here
19. So I'll just keep adding
20. Originality? What's that?
21. My blogs are too serious
22. I have little sense of organization
23. If you like anime, here's my MAL account.
24. If you like videos, here's my Youtube channel.
25. If you like Skype, then you're outta luck, because I don't remember my Skype info

Favorite everything

(current) Favorite pony: Sweetie Belle
Favorite MLP male character: Spike
Least Favorite pony: I don't really have one
Favorite MLP pairing: SpikeBelle
Favorite MLP Episode: Secret of my Excess
Favorite Pony song: Smile Song
Favorite Brony song: I am Octavia
Favorite Clop: I can't really say
Favorite MLP fic: I don't really have one
Favorite FiMfiction user: Meester (RIP Meester)
Least Favorite MLP Fic: My little Dashie
Favorite MLP Movie: There's only one that exists
Favorite movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Favorite Show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy 7
Favorite book: I Am Legend
Favorite anime: One Piece
Favorite Sandwich: bacon cheeseburger

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I'm ready for 'em. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh man, #5 and #6 on your list run down pretty much guarantees your on at least two federal watch lists man. Just fyi

y u follow meh:rainbowderp:

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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