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Are there any rated m stories?

Is there any chance that an "Other Pairings" folder can be added to this group? I ask this mainly because I wanted to post "Blooms of a Feather" here, but can't find an appropriate folder for it since it features a less common pairing (FeatherBloom); but I'm also speaking on the behalf of anypony on this group who might have written about an equally uncommon pairing, such as Sweetie Belle with a changeling, or Babs Seed with Button Mash.

Want a Spikeloo, or ScootaSpike folder! :applecry:

Where the heck are RumBloom and RumBelle folders?! :fluttercry:

I always though ScootalooXRumble was Scootable, not Rumbaloo, huh.

373031 the FAQ can help you learn how to understand how to work groups.

Comment posted by Darth Redbeard deleted Aug 29th, 2014


I'm trying, but i don't know how!!!!!:raritycry:

373029 you might want to have it to where we can all add stories, not just one person.

373024 I see my OTP finally

Still missing some folders.

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