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This is a group dedicated to the portrayal of Pinkamena where she isn't evil.
To show that she isn't a psychotic murderer, but an actual, decent pony!

Whether she's an alternate personality or a different pony entirely from Pinkie, the stories here show her in a more positive light.

(There's also hundreds of pictures of her in the Forum, as we're dedicated to finding as many pictures of 'Mena when she's not evil as possible.)

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403655 Generally speaking you want to avoid the following...
1. Cupcakes
2. iNSaNiTY

As long as you avoid those it's fine.

I just posted my Story here 'There is a horse on my bed', but I just thought I should ask...

Does it count if your pinkamena isn't evil, just extremely anti-social?

Pinkamena is not a fan character. Where the heck did you that idea? :rainbowhuh:
You have planted the seed of a new group and it took root. Congratulations!

I'm hereby informing you that I'm confiscating your group without your permission and placing it in the garden known as New Groups. Despite the relocation, you are still expected to take good care of your group. Any and all complaints should be addressed to the 'Talk To The Hand' department of the garden where they will be put into a drawer indefinitely.

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