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Just letting you know... · 1:09am Apr 13th, 2018

... That I'm not dead yet, I've just being indulging my muse, and writing something else for a while. Mare in the Stars will have an update, just as soon as I can stop writing this other one.

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okay got nothing more to say now

Yeah, well like I said, lifes been a bitch, I Still like this story, but out of all my stories I'm writing (most of them on Fanfiction.net) its one of the harder ones to write, so with my limited, time, motivation and attention span, this just happened to be the one that got shafted to the metaphorical backburner.

I am trying to get my shit together right now, so maybe some chapters early next year, or possibly before new years depending on how drained I am after chirstmas.

didn't expect you would respond thought you quit cause there was no major indication otherwise

If your plan is to make me update the story out of spite...
ngl its working.

But yeah, I haven't abandoned the story, life's just been a bitch since 2020 and I lost my house to the Australian bushfires.

I only got so much motivation these days and I gotta ration it.

well this place is dead RIP

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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