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26 years old, Bipolar Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, am legally blind, and am a born again follower of Jesus Christ! I like Pinkamena/Pinkie and Fluttershy best. Send me a message if you wanna chat!


Back to writing, with a vengeance · 3:14pm Jun 24th, 2019

No, not MLP content currently, sorry to disappoint :twilightsheepish: but I realized that I may as well share it here just for those interested. Whether I'll start writing here again remains to be seen (I'm not going to force myself to write something I'm not currently interested in), but I've finally started taking a hammer to that wall that keeps me from working on creative pursuits in my life. It's been 3 years since I've really done writing, but I've been doing it enough recently to justify

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I was thinking of this one A.U., but first to understand it, you have to know this piece of media. It's an A.U. based off Rosario Vampire.

Hi Shadow Kirby!

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