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When I was little, I came to understand the true meaning about a particular trait of mine. I don’t like to talk about it much because I’m just not much of a talkative pony. Or, well, I’m not anymore, but that’s beside the point. It’s just something I find difficult to talk about, much less explain, because unlike what I see, it’s not all black and white. It’s not like anyone could truly understand my condition anyway.

Well, except for maybe her.

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This was impressive.

Nice touch with the pink and the whited out colors.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Such a deep story.

Oh Celestia... a Razgriz Sadfic.

Strap in, mares n' gentlecolts. It's gonna be a long, emotional ride.

Lemme prep my tear ducts. :applecry:

Edit: Oh, Luna... Captivating. I don't know what else to say. Well done!

So good! I remember editing this, way back! Nice job, Raz.

You win at writing

This was a beautiful story

I like the experiment with colored text. It's always really effective, at least for me.

Definitely a neat headcanon, pretty unique. You pulled it off quite well. Kudos to you.

From about a quarter of the way through, I just had a feeling that the minutephysics video had something to do with this.

An interesting concept where Dashie is not just the cause of Pinkie's happiness but also of her realizing her limitations. The sonic rain boom/sunflower just hits the nail on the head for that. Choosing Pinkie and Rainbow Dash as the characters in this story work on so many levels. It even makes you think about where they have been and where they are going (or could go anyway). There is a lot of tension in this friendship (or if you really wanted to be the shipping type you could even get that from this and it still works) and how it will progress and you release it in an effective manner. This is a very satisfying one shot to be sure.

Congrats on getting into the feature box.

I was wondering where they were for a while, then you mentioned the carriage, so I wondered why it was taking so long.

That really was a lot of papers, and grats on being featured on the Non-Mature Featured list. You have held the position for a good while now.

Pinkie is the Giver

3420669 Oh that's clever. Too bad the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was Schindler's List.

This was really good! The word pink and the other colors being whited out was creative and interesting, and the whole thing is just really well weritten. It's very cool that essentially the whole story was Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie talking to each other, and it shows that you're really good with emotions and character interactions. I'll check out your other stories.


wow man that was unexpected

Grats on the feature box! :pinkiehappy:

This is how I want Pinkie Pie to be in the show. The fourth wall breaking, annoying, crazy, party pony is, as I said already, extremely annoying. I want Pinkie Pie to have depth, a personality that makes people think. I want Pinkie to wonder about what lies behind these lies we call life. This pony could be so much more if she thought, truly thought about how life could be and why. Pinkie Pie doesn't ask why, she just does. Doing isn't thinking, it's acting. Pinkie Pie's character is so complex and deep, if only she really accepted that instead of living a lie, just a shell of herself and the true pony within. Pinkie Pie is far wiser than we will ever be and we'll never truly be able to grasp her. She's hiding behind of facade of fun, thus abandoning her ambition, thoughts and emotions. Pinkie Pie could be an amazing character if she could stop being that annoying pony and just simply be Pinkamina Diane Pie.

Interesting and well-written!

I like to think that Pinkie is all crazy, breaks the forth wall, highly spontaneous and other things, but at the bottom, or behind it all, is something like this. One who asks questions that are not silly, think sharply about the world around her, and similar things. Not "genius" smart, but innocent with a touch of "grown up" smart.

As for the story? Highly intriguing. A good story.

3420669 *blinks once* I'm reading that book in school.:twilightoops: not kidding.

3421203 that was buetiful and deep at the same time...:raritystarry:
kudos to you

congrats on it getting into the feature box.

It was a really wonderful read. All those words hidden in the white really made it interesting.
almost moved me to tears a couple of times.
You should write a sequel. What happens when Pinkie sees the Sonic Rainboom again. :pinkiehappy:

Now you went and made me feel all warm and fuzzy... :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

feel kinda dumb now. after the first blank, i immediately switched to pinkie background.:facehoof:

missed a lot of theimportance there, but is still amazing.:pinkiehappy:

Wow. Still no downvotes.
We may have a legend in the making, folks.
Magnificent characterizations.

I suspect, unfortunately, that it just means the thumbs-down trolls simply haven't found this story yet.

3422026 I try to find the deeper meaning in things. Everything around us can be looked at in a different light, be it better or worse.

He who downvotes this has no heart.

..I am speechless..:pinkiesad2:


I have acromatopsia, and this is one of the few stories that manage to accurately sum up the life of someone with severe color-blindness. Perception is subjective, and having that thought forced down your throat every day of your life really makes you think. Good job.

well, by legendary, the fact that downvote trolls haven't found it for so long.

I love how the last usage of the word 'pink' was in standard black.. That one detail brought the weight of the story down on my head.
That's how we know she's alright.

Brilliant show sir. :pinkiehappy:

If you search Top Rated with the condition of Pinkie as a main character, this places 10th:pinkiesmile:

Now 14th overall.
you have the 14th highest rated story on FIMFiction. :pinkiehappy:


Thats... I... wow.

I think you just might have made Pinkie my favorite mane 6. You just got me thinking about her character more then I have in a while and she just became even more complex and wise to me. And I agree with you, mostly. It would be nice to see more of her depth that is only hinted at. This makes me want to write... Thank you.

So I read this, captivated, and I reach the end and I realise that...

I am not a clever pony. Probably half of what was said went straight over my head... So now I'm depressed, because I read all of that, and didn't come away with the entire meaning of the story, just because I couldn't think it through, or wasn't paying close enough attention...

Still, well done. BRILLIANTLY done. Congrats on the 0 dislikes so far.

my God...

This just...

I... I can't even. Thank you. :pinkiesad2:

Personally, I don't get it, but it was a good read.

3421203 That would be awesome!:rainbowkiss: But I can't see how the writers of the show would be able to make that kind of change now.:ajsleepy:

3423757 Knowing that I've brought you inspiration and that I've made you think, brings me so much joy.

3424337 I know! Wouldn't it be so much cooler? It's impossible, though. Sadly, I don't think Hasbro/Hub will ever give her any real character. Well, we always have fanfiction we can read where she's this way. :pinkiesad2:


You know, I've known a few people like Pinkie Pie. The problem is that their minds are moving so quickly that if they don't live in the moment, they risk damaging their psyche from the sheer weight of their own thought. They compensate by putting all their focus into one thing at a time, and this makes them appear short-sighted and inattentive. If she did stop and just think for too long, we'd be left with a broken pony; she'd be irreparably forlorn and world-weary long before her years.


This fanfic... is good.

It's sad, it's tender... it's very good :twilightsmile:

I suppose it's an interesting idea for a story.

Quite the eye opening cart ride huh.

interesting story to say the least, the worldview was a unique experience. I actually deal with the opposite condition in that I have severe photosensetivity . I discovered at about 15 that I can see colors that most people cannot, and it led to some interesting problems training in the graphic arts field. I would often design things for clients, give them multiple versions to choose from, and most couldn't tell the difference. out of five different color proofs, they were lucky to see two colors.:rainbowhuh:

down side is most lights are painful, especially sunlight.:trollestia:


Granted, it isn't exactly shipping, but HALLELUJAH! FRIEND-A-SHIPPING-A IS JUST AS GOOD!

Beautiful story. Excellent use of formatting. Heck, maybe even one of the best fanfics on this site.

You did superbly well with this. Good job.

(also that like-dislike ratio is insane)

Beautiful, not surprised at how you have 213 likes with 0 dislikes

ADHD. Nuff said.

That was some deep storyline.
Full of self-inflicting pain and suffering, and with Dash being a good friend and trying to help Pinkie Pie in any way she can.
Color blind can be really painful (not physically), and can also reduce the chances of getting selected jobs and such. It also gives you a hard time during teamwork.
I know cause my brother was once color blind but after the operation, he got better and now is a pilot.
Love the story, you deserve a like.

Very nice story... for some reason, it made me think of "The Giver"...

A beautiful and well done story. Good job!

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