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The first thing Time could remember was his brother, Disregard. Because Disregard couldn't remember anything before Time and Time had no recollection of what things were like before then, they came to the conclusion that Disregard must have been the oldest. They were both satisfied with this, and then they left to go and watch the world grow.

As things progressed, they became distanced, but they still try to keep in touch. Sometimes, they wonder what it'd be like if they weren't themselves.

Originally written for Obselescence's The Most Dangerous Game writing contest.

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Comments ( 10 )

I found this story oddly enjoyable. Thanks for writing it Raz.

Jesus, why do all of these contest stories sound so awesome?

Unrequited love. Hurts so good.

I liked this. I got a bit of a Gaiman vibe from it, especially with Disregard, who's the sort of playful personification of abstract concept I always enjoy reading about. They were both great characters and this was a very clever way to pull off the alicorn OC idea.

Author Interviewer

For three and a half hours, this is fuckin' brilliant. :D

Damn, that was awesome.

4656336 Good recommendation on this one, PP.

This was a surprisingly decent entry; I say surprisingly, because I wasn't really quite sure what to think of it reading it. PresentPerfect stuck it in his top 10 from the contest, and I have to agree, though I'm not sure that it is top 5 material.

I have to say that I enjoyed this story better than Home, though I don't think it is quite as good as Home, if that makes any sense. Home said something and meant something; this said and meant a lot less. Both stories have been told before, but this one was more heartwarming.

The theme is more or less that Time & Disregard are two... spirits? Hard to say what they are exactly. Time always remembers; Disregard always forgets. I have to admit, I don't particularly like Disregard's name, but that is neither here nor there.

In any case, Time is in love with Princess Celestia, but, being an immortal, intangible spirit, cannot touch her, cannot be seen by her, cannot be heard by her - or indeed, anyone else. He remembers everything, but it seems he is, to some extent, lonely, and takes solace in Celestia's not-quite company, while Disregard is apparently carefree... but apparently also a figure of sorrow because he can't remember anything (or almost anything - though there might be some hints in the story that he remembers a little bit more than it seems, and it may be that his behavior is to some extent by choice). At the end, Disregard encourages Time to pursue her, despite the impossibility - if it is indeed impossible.

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It always eases the tension a little to see people actually understand what happens in a story of mine. Thanks for the kind words.

As the A/N states, this story was pretty much rushed and it surprises me to see how well it's fared so far. (Thanks 4656336 for the 10th spot!) I doubt it'll make the competition's final five as it is, however. Though I do intend to rewrite this after the competition ends, as I've got a few loose ends I want to tie up or do away with.

Maybe if I didn't procrastinate so damn much and finished it completely it'd do even better. grumble grumble

I haven't read the top five contestants yet, but thus far, having only read down the list in Obs' list of entries, this would be my third most favorite story. The concept is certainly both original and intriguing, and it had a clever way of introducing the prompt of the contest.

wow, just wow. That was fantastic. 'Nuff said.

I honestly, have little idea as to what you are getting at, but, I think, it has something to do with, is it better to remember, even if the memories you have are painful, or is it better to never remember, live in the moment I guess, and never have any bad memories? I think... this is a shot in the dark. But, I enjoyed the story, very much, it reminded me of the duo from Of Mice and Men With Lenny and George. And, I seem to relate to Disregard. This was amazing, I enjoyed it, but, I think I still need an explanation, (XD) I am not very perceptive. :twilightblush:

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