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For Pinkie Pie, life is pretty good—she's the pinkest, perkiest, most partiest pony in all of Ponyville!

Okay, so things could be better. Her friends aren't having the happiest time right now, especially her beloved Dashie, who she hasn't seen in a while. Upon reuniting, an innocent conversation quickly turns into a sour argument, prompting Pinkie to ask herself all sorts of questions. Who's in the wrong? What should she do? Why are all the bad things happening right now?

And, most importantly, can she patch things up with Dashie before it's too late?

A side story to The Life of Times of a Winning Pony, chapters 18 to 21.

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This is easily my favorite take on Pinkie, hands-down. Please tell me you're going to do more work with her.

Gotta say, I quite like this take on Pinkie Pie. Feels like it gets her wacky randomness, without going too far over the top on the random and crazy.

This was absolutely hilarious. Fun stuff all around.

Very nicely done, and the feels at the end with Rainbow, I know exactly how she feels. Pinkie felt spot on, which from experience is hard as sin to do, especially from first person POV. :pinkiehappy:

Finally, a person who does a take on Pinkie that works nicely. I hope to see more!

Pinkie wasn't a 100% reliable narrator (there's no way that the Cakes keep a drawer full of Pinkie's light bulbs), but that's a good thing. She's Pinkie Pie. She can even say things that make even Celestia go speechless.

Obviously you weren't shipping Pinkie and Rarity during their scene, but there were bits of it that were better than a lot of what passes for RariPie. You really captured how two such dynamically different personalities can even manage to be friends.

Also, Pinkie and Dash seem to be their own worst enemies in their relationship... but it's still adorable in its own way.

First off mad props for being I believe the first to try to write from Pinkies 1st person viewpoint in this story universe (if I am forgetting anybody I am so so sorry).

Next THANK YOU for mentioning her flying machine. I said the same thing in that chapter that Pinkie should have mentioned it so I am glad it is being mentioned now even if there are reasons for her to not use it.

"That made sense. Derpy was their mom and nothing would change that. It would have been a bad move for her to leave her kids, especially at a time like this. You don’t seperate family. Never ever ever ever ever. Unless it was for a super important reason, and trust me, I know what qualifies as one of them."

Ominous and I hope that gets delved into in the future.

The look into Pinkie's thoughts bring us some interesting insights to her character. Most we already know but what is more interesting is that we are getting it straight from the horse's mouth as it were. We know Pinkie lives to make other Ponies smile but it is interesting to hear her personal (non song related) thoughts about it.

Pinkie is nuanced in this story she is showing her many layers and how she thinks of others (for instance I love that Pinkie eventually allows Rarity to pay for the meal but then comments that she is going to pay her back without her knowledge). I do feel that the full issue raised in this story (how Dash feels about Pinkie going to the funeral and all related matters) are not fully delved into in this story but then again perhaps they are not truly important. Still I would have liked to see that fully resolved.

I would love to see more interaction with more ponies from you. Pinkie is so interesting especially in 1st POV and I think there is a lot of ground that you can cover with that. I also enjoyed the reference such as to Cool Mom or even the knife (Cupcakes may be a OOC story but that is just the sort of reference that is funny without going to over board). Particularly interesting was the interaction with Celestia and Pinkie's insights into her (Pinkie makes a number of interesting observations that I wish the story would be able to delve into but understandably cannot). I thought it was funny that she told Cadence about her relationship but she does not even know her yet (and rightfully stated that fact).

It is also nice to see that Pinkie has a very different attitude than Cloud Kicker in relation to sex (to clear this sentence up I mean that in terms of creating interesting character contrasts not as an ethical statement). I say this because a number of characters in this universe have been varying degrees of playboys (or girls in this case). Nothing wrong with that but it is interesting to see another view point other than Cloud Kicker and Rainbow Dash. With Cloud Kicker you get the casual sex angle and the danger of falling into multiple relationships due to that casual nature (hence why she created rules to avoid the problem but like all good rules they are all eventually broken). When all is going well for her Cloud Kicker manages to have many friendly non-romantic relationships with many different ponies (including Pinkie though we don't currently have too much on that yet just fun hints). With Rainbow Dash we are seeing someone that currently wants nothing to do with sex (and we can certainly understand why). Pinkie on the other hand is giving us a different view point. It is clear that Pinkie does not believe in waiting until marriage as she has had sex with at least Cloud Kicker and perhaps others. The ways things are being discussed in the various stories I would say that the fling with CK was not a romantic one but one more like what CK enjoys. This would tell me that Pinkie is willing to enjoy sex without being strictly in romantic love. However the interesting comment was that like strawberry and raspberry jam Pinkie sees them as similar but decidedly different. "Banging" and "making love" are both ways of having sex (ie both are jam) but one is a fun fling where the other is the ultimate physical expression of a couple's love. To Pinkie is distinctive and separate of the other even if not all other ponies feel the same. Pinkie does not want common strawberry jam anymore she wants the more elusive raspberry and I hope eventually she finds it.

I hope you or others consider writing in Pinkies POV sometime soon as this was a treat and I hope we see some more Rainbow Dash/Pinkie Pie stories set in this universe as they are very enjoyable side stories that keep me interested in the main story with Cloud Kicker (ironic considering this was the relationship that got the whole series going but that is cool Cloud Kicker and Blossom are so worth it).

I love the intimacy issues that is often written into Rainbow Dash's character. Seeing that explored was my favorite part of the story, and I'd really like to see more.

I'm really excited for this to finally see the Light of Internet. Your ability to keep Pinkie her wacky, crazy self while still giving her the depth and maturity to understand where her faults lie is far too rare in writing, even in the show.
I could go on, but I think I'll just leave it at -
Congratulations for being probably my favorite Pinkie writer ever.

also, there was an eensie little typo in the story description:

Upon reuniting, a innocent


“Thanks! I hope you find the answer to the universe!”

The answer is 42, Pinkie.



I agree. Had a blast reading it! It's great to be able to share it now that the editing process is over.

All while she was talking, her breathing had gotten faster. A lot faster. Beads of sweat went down her face. Then it all ended in a frustrated scream, which was pretty loud, even for me. She smacked the cloud, causing a big dent in it. “It’s too much, Pinkie! It’s all too much! Bad things are happening left and right and I can’t do a single thing about it! All my friends are getting hurt and there’s nothing I can do to stop that!” She growled and smacked the cloud again. “I feel useless!”

I put my hoof over hers so she’d stop hitting the cloud. “Dashie, you’re not—”

“I know, I know. I’m not useless!” she shouted. “But I just want all of it to stop. All the pain, the hurt—the everything! It’s not fair, but it keeps happening! Again and again something bad will happen to one of my friends and I’ll be standing there, unable to do anything!” She shook, sobbing angrily, tears streaming from her cheeks. Her body had completely tensed up and her speech was getting more scratchy. “It keeps happening. And I just want it all to stop. P-Please… make it stop…”

As I said in the pre-reading, admirably executed. No matter how many times I read this, it always comes out strong. It's refreshing to see the vulnerable side of Dash from time to time to balance out that ginormous, cocky ego of hers.

It's rare to see a story told from Pinkie's PoW and done really well. You know, like this one. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome story bro. It really captures Pinkie's mindset and how her mind works. I like seeing how she views Rainbow Dash, life, the universe, and everything.


Gotta say, this is a side of Pinkie we should see more of. She's not just parties and making others feel better; she needs to recharge, too, and that makes her more real. And she's probably the only one who can get through Dash's tough exterior without doing the usual stuff that makes Dash dig her hooves in.
It's all good.

Why are there so many dislikes on this story? Everything everybody has said about Pinkie was true. Your other character writing was spot on too. And, to my eyes at least, character writing is the most important part of doing a story well.


Honestly, it might just because it's part of the Wingverse universe. I've noticed some people just tend to hate on these stories just for their existence, which is just dumb. :facehoof:



It's not quite as bad as the story forumla of "[Pronoun] [Action] [Conjunction] [Noun]", but a LOT of folks are getting really fucking annoyed of seeing "The Incredibly [Adjective] [Noun] of [Pronoun]"

Like me. I don't automatically downvote them, but I do love to hate them. Mainly because the existence of a universe that started off with the premise of a sex addict character who wants 'To bang' everything with a pulse is fucking annoying. I've tried reading a few others, but the large majority of folks besides Chengar are fucking horrible and only add to the fuel as to why the Winningverse needs to go die in an alleyway with a needle stuck in its arm.

Least, that's the general impression.

3215411 as somebody with a lot of experience with arbitrary downvotes, I can safely say I am not impressed by that reasoning.


/shrug. Just stating why. I personally dislike it because beyond the original author and a few select others, they're all crap and the characterization is shit. This fellow here knows his stuff, I'll give him that, but it doesn't make me dislike Winningverse any less.


Beyond the original author and a select few they're shit

We call this phenomena Sturgeon's Law. Don't expect anything different from, well, anything.


It's where Nyx hate comes from, it's where hate for any character, universe, etc comes from. Just because it's not logical to downvote simply on what something is associated with, doesn't mean it won't happen.

Read any TCB stories lately?

3215818 I think the premise of TCB in general is bad, not fics associated with it. And even then I don't downvote on principal. Even on Grimdarks or Mary-Sue fics. In fact, the only time I did anything by principal was favouriting "General Grievous in Equestria" by principal alone.

I don't think I've ever read a story that captures Pinkie Pie quite so perfectly. Honestly, I think this captures her better than The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash.

all things considered rainbow was the one in the wronge. the choice if pinky was allowed to come or not was cloudkickers not hers and frankly if rarity came who has no formal connection to clan kicker, then pinkey who is cloudkickers friend seems like she'd be welcome.

this story needs a chapter with cloukicker's reaction to what RD did.


I would have loved to see Pinkie and Cloud Kicker interact especially in Pinkies POV.


RariPie huh? Hm... consider me intrigued. Although that's best left for my own, personal projects. Plus, I haven't even read a RariPie fic before.


I love long, detailed comments like this, so thank you for taking the time to write it out! I'll be writing a lot more Pinkie in the future when I get the chance!

This story really "gets" Pinkie. Winningverse or otherwise. Incredible job of showing how her thought process works. Or, well, whatever it is that Pinkie's mind does. :pinkiehappy:
One thing got nestled in my brain though, as a potential plot hole. I am almost certain Nimbus lived in Ponyville. Alula lived with her mom, and when Nimbus had to leave for any reason, CK would take care of Alula. If Nimbus lived in Ponyville, then shouldn't Pinkie have known her at least a little bit? Not personally or anything, but she would at least know the standard Pinkie info: name, birthdate, favorite food, favorite color, pie or cake, etc.
I Love to See You Smile
Single handedly made me fall in love with RariPie. Warning though, is cloppy.

I must admit, I think you did a very good job with writing Pinkie. There were a few places where I think that a different word or phrase might have fit better, but, overall, I liked it.

This story took me 2 days to read! :pinkiesmile:

As a kid, I always hoped that when I turned ten, Celestia would turn up at my house and say that I was really a wizard.

Great job in capturing Pinkie's persona and mental dialogue. I also liked you Lyra stuff too.

3215149 -Because the author made Pinkie apologise when it was completely Rainbow Dash's fault. Element of loyalty, everyone. Even the element of loyalty isn't loyal to one of her friends. :facehoof: I for one believe that Rainbow Dash is a bit OOC in this story, which means out of character, because she would not have been so harsh as she would. Pinkie isn't stupid, and she knows that, so why the uncertainty and distrust? No reason, just there for the sake of the plot.

3232433 that's just Dash being the massive asshat she always is. She openly tells Pinkie to her face she finds her annoying and didn't like her much when she first met her in Griffon The Brush Off.

As to Pinkie apologizing, both sides of a couple have to recognize their flaws to make it work. Pinkie did explode over something Dash didn't mean to be insulting more than protective, but Dash was certainly more in the wrong here.

3232442 Well, I have to admit that you do have a point there. Pinkie would have been worried so much about her friendship that she wouldn't have even thought about Rainbow Dash's side of the story, and Rainbow Dash... well, you get the idea. Still, though. I can't really go against my beliefs, because I'm being serious. Rainbow Dash used the wrong words, and saw how her friends was getting distressed, therefore she would have used better words in her situation and tried comforting Pinkie before she left in some way.

Maybe she could have chased her down... but that would be unlike her, too... hmm. :duck: Yeah, I've got nothing. :eeyup:

3232488 Dash is often poor at using the right words. See Hurricane Fluttershy, Dragonshy and, of course, Mysterious Mare Do Well for some specific examples. She even chews out Gilda without mincing her words at all despite her having many of the same behaviours and them being childhood friends. She's just generally not a very nice pony, despite her high sense of loyalty and honor. I can understand why it upsets you, that said. I can't stand her portrayal as a protagonist simply because she never gets called out on this. And the one time she does, it's in a vicious and cruel way that makes the other characters OOC for doing so.


Both of you make good points. Pinkie did explode a bit too much at what Dash, but at the same time, Dash isn't great with her wording.

Her confession at the end of the fic, where she feels powerless to stop the hurt happening to her friends, really does frustrate her and make her feel awful. And when Dashie feels that way, she does have a tendency to explode unintentionally.

3232759 Yeah! I feel smart, now. :twistnerd: Well, it was a good story to read, anyway. I enjoyed it, at least. Good luck on your future stories! :twilightsmile:


WP canon has Nimbus live in Ponyville at least long enough to enroll Alula at the local school. Pinkie also is known for ambushing even visitors.

At times Ponyville in fanfics seems "bigger" with a more realistic population than impled in the show, and Winningverse seems to follow that. Realistically it would be impossible for one pony to really keep tabs on that many ponies (estimating a couple to a few thousand).

Then again, between "Study" and "Parents" stories, reality is given the finger by Pinkie still.

I have to wonder if WP Pinkie is friends with Sticks and Stones? If so, how does she feel about them being total assholes?


Then again, between "Study" and "Parents" stories, reality is given the finger by Pinkie still.

Yeah, reality is something that happens to other ponies, Pinkie has only a casual relationship with it. Add that to her apparently photographic memory, and I bet Pinkie could probably manage at least knowing the name of every pony in a town whose population was around 1000 or so.
And I can't imagine Pinkie cares much for Sticks and Stones, but she almost certainly knows of them. They likely have shunned and mocked her repeatedly. Pinkie just puts up with it, because that seems to make them happy, but they don't get many invites, since they only seem to make other ponies sad.

3239436Pinkie x Reality fic needs to be written.

I fear it would be a clopfic though, since clearly it is a "friends with benefits" relationship.

If ever there was a story that merited running commentary, this is it:

You don’t seperate family. Never ever ever ever ever.

There's a story there...

The walls had a granite texture to them and were red ‘cause of their high feldspar content.

Excellent character bit here. We need to see more of Casual Geologist Pinkie.

So I keep smiling. I have to.

And this. This is just Pinkie in a nutshell. I Have No Joy and I Must Grin.

But ponies question me all the time.

This is funnier than any line in this scene has any right to be.

I am more curious as to what the Element of Laughter was doing hiding in the shadows.

I like how there's an additional layer of meaning here when one remembers the Kicker motto.

So I got really paranoid and that led to upset, which led to anger, and that led to madness.

Not quite the path to the Dark Side. It may actually be worse...

And that last part... I rarely see shipfics where the pair experiences something beyond eternal happy fluffy times. Seeing a couple being supportive – especially this couple, two of the most fiercely optimistic characters in the setting – was a rare work of artistry. Exquisitely done.
I especially like how you handled Pinkie's Pinkieness; it's normal for her, so she sees no reason to comment on it, much less explain it. It'd be like explaining the process behind walking or breathing.

In all, a magnificent story. I'm sorry I waited this long to read it.

I really love the way Pinkie was portrayed in this. It really shows that Pinkie Pie isn't just a fun zombie, she puts on a mask to make everyone else happy, even when she isn't. It's easy to play Pinkie straight as a crazy spaz, but her being an intelligent, if eccentric, pony who acts crazy for the benefit of others, regardless of how she feels makes her so much more deep and interesting. But how strange Pinkie acted in this keeps her in character, and the silly meta tidbits where very enjoyable. I swear I spotted an Equestria Girls dig. :raritywink:
I really loved how you made ponies thinking she is a mindless party animal a sore spot with Pinkie. She jumps down Rainbow's throat when she assumes Pinkie would be disrespectful at a funeral, and is really insulted that Dash doesn't know she can curb her energy. Seeing a more somber Pinkie is interesting, and how she acts (over rather, over reacts) to the whole thing seems to imply some previous mental scarring. I love to see dynamics like this on Pinkie. But being a phycology major, I do tend to get a bit over excited at such tidbits. :trollestia:
More than anything what I love about this piece is how it really plays up Pinkie's insecurities. We get a deep look into her mind, and yes, she is kind of a nut job, but she is also an intelligent, sympathetic pony who just wants to make others happy. Even at the cost of her own happiness. We get a glimpse into the twisted world that is the psychy of Pinkie Pie, and watching the ups, downs, silliness, and paranoia that she seems to cycle through on a regular basis is an amazing thrill ride.
TLDR: I freaking love this piece.

I love how Pinkie is totally reasonable yet completely oingo boingo at the same time.

Excellent work, very well done!

Ah, been extremely busy lately and could only have finished reading this story now.

Seldom do I read a Pinkie story that manages to give Pinkie Pie so much depth, yet still include her usual wackiness.
You, sir, have manage to capture the quintessence of Pinkie's character.

Well done. Very well done.

I hope this story gets referenced in some of the other stories. My favorite thing about the winningverse is that all the stories interconnect. I wish there were more verses that did this, especially if they did it well.

Pinkie was excellently written. I have never seen anyone able to believable write from her perspective before.

3232433 I see it more as conflicting sets of Loyalty for Dash - between Cloud and Pinkie, one of them needs her more, and (as usual) she's about as erudite and well-spoken as a drunken monkey.

Not much escapes The Pink.

My inner sixth grader is still snickering at this.

Buckler and Pierce

Buckler Kicker? That sounds ... awkward.

“Erm… reasons.”

Considering Celestia is very very single, I'm not sure how good her advice would be.

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