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Misty Meadow

Hey I'm Misty Meadow! Welcome to my page and I hope you all Like my stories to come! AdagioXAria forever!


Rarity and Pinkie’s whirlwind relationship was thought long dead and buried. But on the fifteenth anniversary of the spark that brought them together, the opportunity is handed to them once again

But can scarred hearts work together, and can they help to heal each others?

Coverart made for me by Jeanify on DA
Edited by Echo-off
Co-written with RC2101_Copey

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What I liked most about this story is that it was incumbent upon Rarity to make amends. It is nice to see Rarity take responsibility.

This story is quite the odd one to me. In concept, this story wouldn't seem very good. The idea of Pinkie and Rarity starting a company together is so freaking good that I'd like to have seen more of it. Instead, we get a few small windows into it. There's a bit of Chekov's gun in that we don't get to the actual party. The actual moment that breaks them apart is too short and not dramatic enough to end what we're told is a romantic relationship. Heck, we're not even given a big glimpse into their relationship.

In the end, through descriptive writing, well timed drama, and a makeup that feels as natural as a sunrise, it easily becomes much better than the sum of its parts. I'm so disappointed this story didn't find a wide audience, that I've thrown it on my profile page in my "under appreciated stories" box. I hope you continue to write as you clearly have a knack for it. Oh, and always write out okay instead of ok.

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