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Headcanon Questions · 7:00am Apr 16th, 2014

While I doubt anyone will read this I wanted to write it down for myself if nobody else. I read this on Visiden Visidane's blog and I didn't agree with his on everything he said so I thought I should answer it myself. I did draw my original perception of Equestria from the show but as I read some of the better stories I have grown to like and incorporate some of those ideas into my own headcanon.

The Princesses

1. How old are Princess Celestia and Luna?

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And I really appreciate that and the quality of the story. Keep it up!

Thanks for the favourite on Fallout Girls, I try to update every week!

You're very welcome. It's a fun story. the emotional moments seem a little flat compared to some of my favorite, and yes I read why that is, but the story itself is very good. I am really enjoying getting to know your take on these characters.

Thanks for the fav.:twilightsmile:

Thanks. Just trying to find the time to type out the latest chapter. I never appropriated how hard it was for my favorite authors till I tried doing it myself.

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