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Following a series of stressful events that have consumed their lives, Rainbow Dash has become worried that her friends are going to snap under the pressure. Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna come up with a plan that is sure to help.

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Oh dear... jealous pinkie!

So, now we're dealing with why Pinkie Pie is the way she is; given how messed up she got the last time, I don't see this ending well.

Not only is Pinkie jealous, it seems that Vinyl is using Surprise as a replacement for Ditzy. Like I said, even if nothing bad happens in this one, something horrible will happen down the road.


Well, His Majesty's South Island Ship Dash, could sink...


That, or we could end up referencing Bridge over the River Kwai.

Nononononononono.... Pinkie Pie and Surprise syncing up?!! :facehoof::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp:

lol at the "this is best pony i have ever seen"

Fluttershy best pony for you huh, i though it was Vinyl :P

Great....just what we did not need: Surprise and Pinkie Pie comparing notes. Also, interesting to know that not every culture on their planet calls 'Equestrian' 'Equestrian'.

oh dear.....pairing suprise and pinkie....THE WORLD IS NOT READY!

yknow... Suprise and Pinkie would be perfect!


Wallish is to Equestrian as what British English is to American English. More proper and less stupid. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash turned her head to eye the white Pegasus mare who grinned widely. “A SURPRISE!”
“Exactly,” Rainbow Dash said, ruffling her fellow pegasi’s mane. - HNNG

Surprise and Vinyl Scratch had taken to more mischievous activities - Vinyl Scratch and Surprise friends?!! HNNNNGG!

Diabeetus coma for real.

“Why are you so sad?” Surprise asked.
Pinkie Pie and Surprise were skipping merrily down the street, in perfect synch with each other.

- That's it, full on cardiac arrest...

Seriously bro, you're making Surprise the most adawwable pony ever created. How in the hell you are managing it, only your skills in building characters is to explain.

Hmmm.....Vinyl might be receptive to the concept of learning a foreign language but she'd be about it. Equestria might not be as isolated as it was but the ponies of Ponyville seem to be as cut off from the wider world as they were before the wibble wobble bomb went off. Thing is that I'd say that the ponies of New Maneaan would follow Willoughby's advice in a heart beat...if only for missionary purposes.

AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

It was Vinyl wasn't it?

Gods, Surprise is becoming saccharin sweet... Tooth rotting, diabetic coma inducing sweet... I love it, I am amazed at all of the characters you have taken and made your own. This story is bordering on three novels or more in length and still you keep going strong.

Hmmmm.....it would appear that no one on the planet has discovered the semiconductor yet. Ah, well; given that the Suez Canal-analogue crisis is going on it the background, this seems fitting....as well as being an off-putting sort of backdrop to watching Surprise revert to type and Fluttershy not hold her liquor.


Indeed, the thermionic valve (or simply a Vacuum tube to the yanks) is considered the pinnacle of electronics technology. The transistor has yet to have been developed.

Fluttershy changing into something else, while Surprise is changing into a sort of Fluttershy lol ,will be interesting.

We will probably see "YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE ME" very soon huh

oh please please pleeeeease no, not again :pinkiesad2:

“You know, Twilight, I happen to know of a seasickness remedy!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

“What is it?” Twilight asked between fits of vomiting.

“Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol,” Pinkie Pie said with a bright smile.


Haha, you would say that wheller :derpytongue2:

...seriously, i keep reading Katrijns name as my own.

and wow, did not expect fluttershy to be making out like.....fuck.

also, it was totally vinyl who said halleujah.

1.Hmm, Surprise friend with Pinkie pie? Not sure how to feel about... 2.Surprise gets interested in what troubles Pinkie pie... oooh shi- 3.Surprise decide to ''help'' Pinkie pie?

Fluttershy first (and maybe last?) to get sexytime on their vacation,really didnt see that one cumming (:trollestia: )

also, our shy yellow pony is a mare now!:yay:

It's a good thing AJ is back home; not only would the television set totally freak her the hell out, having to realize that the world is larger than a few hectares of apple trees would break her tiny, math-fearing brain.

:derpytongue2: Love it!
Always nice to get away from the doom and gloom grimdark of this series, if only for a chapter or two. Helps me appreciate the rest of the story even more.

Surprise was about to smother Rainbow for Pinkie...

I'm caught between D'aww and :rainbowderp:

Gee, I wonder what show they could have been watching, heh.
Wow, and here I thought surprise may have been slowly recovering her sanity.

Well, she's still got the rip-roaring crazies; she's just freelancing who she's insane for.

I KNEW IT! I knew Surprise was going to try and help her new friend!


It made sense to her.

'if Rainbow Dash stops breathing, then Twilight will be single. Then Pinkie Pie can date Twilight'. :pinkiecrazy:

well, a tory where nothing bad happens....i likey.

wait.....shit. i just set us up for murphies.


bastard! you've doomed us all! :pinkiegasp:


Please, you were all doomed from the start. :pinkiehappy:

That's for sure; I mean, even if the epilogue is peaceful enough, they've still got a lot of things on their plate: Legion, the Nephites, whatever Applejack is dealing with back home.......




Well we had our pleasant enough chapter with Surprise only ALMOST killing someone. I don't trust the Katrijn character considering her name is practically in the title and that movie practically can be summed up with destruction.

I still got a fix of sweet Surprise for a chapter though, so I think I'm all good. Back to the disaster :pinkiehappy:


Katrijn is a dutch name, a lot of them have -rijn in them.

Did not know that.

Not sure what happened to the order of the stories but they seem to have shifted as you updated them. Added up the rough word count from the site and broke it down to 230 words per page. That's about the standard word count for a printed book and you are currently at about 1202 pages as of the end of this chapter. :pinkiegasp::yay:

I only say this to point out that you have cranked out a damn impressive body of work. If I ever had the money to do so I would have two sets of this printed and bound, one for me and one to send to you.

For some reason I decided to add up the word count for everything you have on here (Up to this point obviously.) and found that you have written 260,075 words.

I was shocked when i didnt see a tragedy or dark tag on this story at first, then waited for you to drop the bomb(literally or not lol ) and just add the tag :pinkiecrazy:

Damn you, I have a lesson right now! You are affecting my studies...

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