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Trapped in Apple Bloom's wardrobe in order to cover her, Scootaloo is forced to entertain herself as quietly as possible.

It goes about as well as you can expect.

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Poor, bored Scootaloo. Too bad she doesn't have any games to play.

Lil good read :twilightsheepish:

Scootaloo, I feel for you! The same thing happened to me.


It ruins even the greatest of plans.

I was cracking up at the part about the symptoms of death by boredom. I get that feeling about every ten seconds that I'm not doing something.:pinkiecrazy:

Boredom, the bane of existence. :rainbowlaugh:

Aw, Scoot. You're so adorable sometimes. :scootangel:

This was a nice little peek into Scootaloo's mind during the whole charade with Applejack. You really managed to capture her voice and mannerisms here. Part of me did feel kinda bad for laughing at her expense, but the way her mind wandered just made it too easy. Scoot deserves a hug, and you deserve a mustache. Nice work. :moustache:

Oh Scootaloo, you just weren't meant for long stakeouts.

Pretty nice little fluff story.

Very nice :twilightsmile:
personally I can't watch a show and not wonder what characters think about the situations their in or what they do when they're off screen so it's nice to find stories that explore what could be going on inside the head of said characters.
I hope you'll do more of these kind of stories :raritywink:

Comment posted by goaway deleted Mar 11th, 2014

:raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry: That's... what I would do if I'm bored...

Of course Apple Bloom is the strongest crusader, she's an earth pony!
Seriously, though, some fanfics portray her as the strongest earth pony in the schoolhouse, too. Which kinda makes you wonder why DT and SS, though they're earth ponies too, would want to bully a filly who is at least 20% stronger and more solidly built than they are...

You'd be amazed what some people will put up with. It helps that AB would get in a lot of trouble if she did beat the shit out of them; the only time they ever came near that line was mocking Scootaloo for being crippled (which was Scoots' fight more than Bloom's).

I mean, did you ever see that video of Casey Heynes, that Australian kid? He apparently put up with that shit for like three years before realizing that he was about twice the size of the kid picking on him. Upon having this revelation, he immediately picked the little rat up and threw him at the floor.

Quick Scoots! Come up with a decent excuse! I can do it, I know I can. If I don’t, then I just ruined my whole plan and waited in this stupid wardrobe all for nothing!
“Er—um, no?” I stutter.

Okay, that one was priceless :rainbowlaugh:
Though for some odd reason, I can relate to Scootaloo's reasoning...
That was well done :yay:

Haha, this was very funny to read! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Why does Apple Bloom have so many bows?! I thought she had just the one she always washed! One, two or even three more spare I can get, but this is just plain creepy.

At least she doesn't wear a new one every day like Double D. Seriously, that guy is such a neat freak.

Gonna second that point. Aside from when they had Babs Seed backing them up, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have stuck exclusively to verbal bullying. Kids are usually told that it's wrong to respond to purely verbal teasing with violence.

But I’m just so bored already! I should’ve taken… I dunno, a coloring book or something. Anything.

Ahh, coloring books. The antidote to boredom...

4067266 maybe she does. Wasn't there an entire closet of bows... and hats... Maybe they should let Applejack in on the intervention...

Yes! Yes! They Di......
Aaaaaaaaand :facehoof:

you see i would've fapped

This is an awesome story. I love the way you seem to have captured Scootaloo's thought processes very well indeed.

Dang. I guess I'll settle for this emoticon instead: :scootangel:

Then she slams the door and I breath out, relieved.

A slam seems too loud. Also, breathe

Granted, if me and Sweetie can… y’know… on the haystacks, maybe we could sneak off for food as well.

Sweetie and I.

Cool story!

Once again, I envy your writing skills. Good li'l Scootafic.

4068791 The improper version fits for Applebloom. She's southern and young, improper grammar is kind of an excelent way of conveying the voice of the entire Apple Family.

Wow' stage two boredom, that's pretty rare these days.

I really like Scootaloo's characterization in this, it is both believable and hilarious.

AJ leaves a couple of moments later, not sure how long it was. It definitely confirms one thing though: I’m not getting to that water. I’m fast, but I still need a lot more training before I’m Rainbow Dash levels of speed. So that’s it then.
I’m going to die here.

That escalated quickly.

4069046 Well, it's Scootaloo talking, I thought. Not Apple Bloom.

AWE...stay calm and professional... exeptional.

YESS!!! A GINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Yup!

4067522 Second your second; verbal/social bullying are common forms of bullying among girls and much more common than girls using physical bullying.

honestly surprised to see a story about "entertaining oneself" in the feature box that wasn't a clopfic


Very good -- you got Scootaloo's "voice" perfectly. And her combination of cocky precociousness and essential innocence. Well done! :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: Poor, poor Scootaloo. I can totally imagine this happening in the episode! Nice one! :pinkiehappy:

Scootaloo is forced to entertain herself as quietly as possible.


Rating: Everyone

Yup, I'm reading it.

Edit:. I've read it. Thumbs up.

I love it, can you not?

:scootangel:Loved it!:scootangel:

so cute but you should write a sequel about what happens next.:scootangel::applecry::unsuresweetie:

This was some gold here, I'm giving it alike and favorite.

This is the second stage of death by boredom: you just think about stupid stuff ‘cause there’s nothing else to do.

This is probably the best line I've ever read from a child's PoV. :scootangel:

Edit: And now I'm hearing it in Morgan Freeman's voice. :rainbowlaugh:

So that’s it then.
I’m going to die here.

There's something incredibly hilarious about that kind of flat, morbid contemplation coming from Scootaloo. Not just the situation, but also her fanon.

In any case, a magnificent little look into Scoot's mind. Thank you for it. :scootangel:

That was, without a question in my mind, some of the best structuring I've ever seen in an M.L.P. one-shot. Congratulations! I applaud you for that!

Just a few minor notes, though:

"Then she slams the door and I breath out, relieved" should be "Then she slams the door and I breathe out, relieved."

"Granted, if me and Sweetie can… y’know… on the haystacks, maybe we could sneak off for food as well" should be "Granted, if Sweetie and I can… y’know… on the haystacks, maybe we could sneak off for food as well."

You might wan'na change "I’ll keep on the alert and the moment she wakes up, I’m switching places" to "I’ll keep on the alert and the moment she wakes up, we're switching places." Or maybe "I keep alert because the moment she wakes up, we're switching places." Although what you currently have makes sense, there are a couple'a ways this sentence could be stronger.

. . . Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. The situation was hilarious, the characterization was right on target, and the story structure was practically publishable. . . . Would've loved to have found out what Apple Bloom was delivering to drive Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle into the situation they were in, but I can forgive you for that. Everything else in this piece was so perfect, how could I not overlook something as small as that? . . . Again, great job! Have a like and a favorite on me!

The best one their ever is. No matter how old you are :rainbowlaugh:

I loved it! Reminds me (and I'm assuming everyone else's) of the good ol' childhood days. :rainbowkiss:

Excluding the SNES. :unsuresweetie:

4072343 DON'T DIS THE SNES!!!. It was a great invention and ushered in a new generation of gaming....:rainbowdetermined2:

...also, yes this was an excellent story for any age...:twilightblush:

Let's pay Morgan Freeman to voice all the fanfiction.

4073513 We'll start with the Spiderses.

4076036 I might listen to that story then

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