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Where have you been, young man? · 5:50pm Aug 6th, 2016

So it has been... quite a while since I posted anything here. I have the month free, after college assignments and system upgrades, might as well post this, to let you guys know I'm still alive.

I know what you all want me to update (and in fact, that is why I'm tagging it), and I assure you I want to finish it. I haven't touched it in a few months now, so I need to review what I do already have and try to get that thing out ASAP.

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3632416 No... I honestly don't know who that person is, sorry. I really did not want to actually bring attention to the user in question. That person did not choose for this to happen, hence why I have chosen not to name names. What needed to be addressed was the mods. Wanderer D has actually been very helpful in looking into this, and seems to have found out a bit of info on what happened, and even apologized to the person this happened to...

As a positive note... Thanks to the magic of cache files, the individual in question that I was referring to was able to actually recover the entirety of their lost text! A lot of people tried to find solutions, and in the end, one user finally found an intact cache file with the original post, and not the replacement "post not found" page! :twilightsmile:

Olá Rcmero, what's up?

1544722 Yes, I'm still open. Let me know when you feel you are ready.

Hey, just wanted to know if you're still interested in that "Crisis War Across Dimensions" idea?

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