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Dinky Doo asks her mother a question.

Derpy Hooves finally reveals a truth.

Story collaboration with Rootbeer Dew, who helped to write up the ending.

Picture by some guy on Deviantart. Doomcakes, I think it was? XD

Popular Section! 5th July, 2014, Saturday! Thank you everyone!

UPDATE - There is a sequel to this story! To read the sequel, look up TheMyth, and his story 'Where Is The Love?'. This is the official sequel that I gave him permission to write up. Thank you everypony for your views and support! You guys and gals helped to make this a special story!

Link to the sequel! Where Is My Love?

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That twist... Amazing.

Excellent job.

Oh.... my.... god..... I.... I actually feel sorry for the father.... just this once though but any other story he's in I doubt it will be a sympathetic. Also you went overboard with the bold text.

Why is half the story in bold? Just curious.

Well played:eeyup:

Can you please remove that bold text? It's kinda distracting and it might make people downvote just because of that. Otherwise touching story.

:fluttercry: Such a beautiful story Unique. Just as good as Unwanted! :fluttercry:

I love this story so much!

Surprisingly, I didn't hate Blue Blood in this story. If only because he had like 3 lines of dialogue, but it takes a skilled author to do so. Good story, could be a little longer.

Wow that was a twist I'm impressed

Yup. Very nice work, both of you.

I literally no idea that would happen but it did and I am so happy wow this needs a squeal

So you made Blue Blood Dinky's father? That has to be one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard. So, that would make Dinky royalty, right?

Won't lie, I was actually expecting this to be a "one night stand, slipped out window, and never seen again" scenario.
I am so glad that you proved me wrong. :heart:

You need to make a sequel where they Ditzy and Dinky are in Canterlot for something and happen to run into Blueblood...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Well, that went in a completely different direction than mine did. I'm genuinely surprised that someone did. :rainbowderp: I thought everyone and their cousin hated Blueblood.

-sniff-:ajsleepy: that..was...so...sad!:fluttercry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair: :pinkiesad2:No wonder Blue Blood was rude to Rarity at the Gala. He just didn't want to meet anypony else in the fear that he would lose the love for Derpy. (Or something on those notes) Also, I love how you did this with BlueBlood. I never really hated the guy so much, and thought that there had t be a eason why he was rude to Rarity at the Gala.

dw #22 · Jul 5th, 2014 · · ·

Blue blood as dinky's father I expected
Dr whooves or something

That is the greatest gif I've ever seen. :rainbowlaugh:


Nahhh, you're thinking of Diamond Tiara.

A very interesting :twistnerd:! Does this make Dinky a princess as Blueballs is a prince somehow?


And I agree! We require a sequel!

That was...was so beautiful. Well done :pinkiesad2:

4643614 I am sorry, but I cannot take all of the credit for BlueBlood's involvement.

You see, I struggled to write up the ending to the story, so I turned to my loyal followers for help, offering them a chance to collaborate with me on the story if they did. Rootbeer came up with a great way to end the story, so I asked him to help me. Basically we both wrote a half piece each.

Please do go and show Rootbeer Dew some love too, will you? He deserves as much credit for this as I am getting.

4643014 Because I wanted Rootbeer Dew's part of the story to stand out so people didn't think I wrote the whole thing by myself. We collaborated together on the story, so I wanted to show what he added to the writing.

But yes, I guess I can remove that bold text, sure.

You two need to make a sequel. I never expected that... it was great!:pinkiehappy: But seriously, you two need to make a sequel.

4645131 Well, I don't know. I mean, I don't really know if there needs to be a sequel. Is Dinky better off not knowing who her father is? Is Derpy happier with her life the way it is? And would BlueBlood give up his lifestyle to become a commoner?

I mean, if there is a way it can be done, then it could be done I suppose. Rootbeer Dew's help here was extraordinary, and if he was willing to offer his help again, it would be gladly accepted in a heartbeat. His help has made me realize that sometimes, a good story needs more than one person to help tell it.

Thanks to Rootbeer Dew, I know now that I don't have to work alone to write a good story. That just asking for a little help can make such a difference.

Whatever the next story might be, I will be sure to ask all my Followers for their help, no matter what their writing ability or skill. Even the smallest spark can become the brightest in the dark.

Thank you for viewing the story, and a thousand more thanks for being one of the many to help get it into the Popular Section. To you and the other who viewed this story, I express my absolute gratitude. Be safe and healthy wherever you are, wherever you go.

Who the hell keeps cutting those damn onions?

4645275 Could be Finn. XD Get it? Cause' you're called Jake the dog, and...and he's...from that...Adventure Time...

Never mind. XD

Thank you for the view, sir/madam. Much appreciated. Here, let me cheer up your mood now with one of my videos.

Are you feeling better now?

I must say, this is a wonderful story. Too bad it's a one-shot...

4645280 Nah, it's not Finn. It's because onions make you cry, uno? Get it? No?

4645710 Sorry for that, sir/madam. I hope you enjoyed it though, and your view is most appreciated. Please spare a little time to check out Rootbeer Dew's page as well. After the help he gave in this writing, he deserves as much credit as I am getting.

4645781 'Titanic' made me cry.


Am I a manly man? (check pants)


4645850 Titanic made you cry cause someone was cutting onions.

4646124 Who left this bowl of onions here?

4646155 I hate onions as much as the Doctor hates pears.

4646158 Good. You said the Doctor and not Doctor Who.
Also, you're funny.
For that, I'll kill you last.


Spare me! I love making my animations!

4646164 As do I.
You will be spared.

4646168 YAY! I shall perform the dance of Thank-you-for-sparing-my-pitiful-life-gratitudeness!

First EVER video, that one. Still think I was high when I made it. Thing is, I don't even do drugs, so what and how? XD

4646187 The really funny thing here is that you've commented more times than ANYONE else, so wow! Record breaker here, ladies and gentlemen!

(applauding audience appears out of nowhere. Flowers are thrown at you, and a Nobel prize. Cause' why the hell not?)

No, but nice dancing.
And I think you're my new favourite person.

4646201 Aww, that's nice.

He meant me, Unique. He said 'person', not 'pony'.

Oh shit, sorry! God! I mean, Celestia!

Sorry about that. Don't you hate it when OC's interrupt your comments? LOL

Anyway, hope I will continue to amuse you, good sir/madam, and I hope your choice to follow me will not be in vain. I will do my best to entertain you, that is the UniqueSKD promise. Stories, animations, artwork, we will do our best to make you laugh and smile, and remember that you can always do worse in life.

You could be me. XD

4646217 have a nobel prize k?

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