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Almost everypony in Ponyville knows about Scootaloo. She lives with her Aunt Ditzy and her Cousin Dinky and is one third of the trio of terrors that are the Cutie Mark Crusaders. However, almost nopony knows who Scootaloo's mom is. When her mother finally comes home to Ponyville, Scootaloo doesn't want anypony to find out and her friends are determined to learn why. They discover something they never suspected...

Scootaloo's mom is awesome!

And that is exactly the problem.

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Won't get a chance to read this till tomorrow (since you always insist on uploading at 2am for some reason :ajbemused: ), but have a favorite and an up vote since I know what your writing is like. :pinkiehappy:

4625104 Sorry...it's only just past midnight where I am. Time zones...:pinkiesick:

Something about the view counter is seriously wonky. It said 2 (with 4 upvotes) before I started reading it, and it still says 2 after I finished and navigated back to the story page!

Oh well, have a thumb. :moustache:

hmmmm.. seemed a little fast paced for me, and i loved the twist you put in with the sisters. No i cannot stand it, you must write more, becouse this has too good of a plot and it can be expanded upon with chapters visiting the main six, then maybe the struggles of trying to blend in.


Scootaloo having an awesome mom? Very interesting indeed. I am going to assume that Rainbow Dash wants Scoot's mom to be her honorary mom?

Oh, well. At least Ditzy hasn't turned Daring into Daniel Jackson.....:rainbowlaugh:

You seem to have forgotten that the ponies of the show are confirmed vegetarians (Pinkie Pie mentioned it in 'Over a Barrel'), so fish would not be on the normal menu. I suggest changing the fish to mushrooms.
Other then that little slip-up an enjoyable story.

4625478 That wasn't a slip-up, that was deliberate. I'm aware it doesn't conform to canon for the show (even though ponies are shown not to be complete vegetarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians at the most). The idea of pegasi liking fish originally came from Xenophillia and I adopted it into my headcanon because...well...I like fish and the recipe Ditzy's using is one of my personal favorites.

I must say, I was half expecting Spitfire to be Scoot's awesome mom, but Daring Doo is still a great choice! Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel of this!:pinkiehappy:


Well.....click on link to check out story, inevitability see top comment, spolierbound.
Might want to hide name drops behind a spoiler tag in the future

Before I get yelled at by anyone..no im not sure how much of a spoiler that was and it was meant in courtesy, not anger/annoyance..just seems like a smart thing to do IMO :twilightoops:

Regardless, putting on read later list, will still read. :rainbowdetermined2:

Ditzy is diabolical. :rainbowlaugh:

I like this story. It's a good start, I would love to see Scootaloo's other friends meet her mom. Daring and Twilight could probably talk Egghead stuff, Rarity might be interested in ancient fashions, Applejack in various plants and recipes Daring has come across, Fluttershy in exotic animals... and Rainbow would be in total fangirl mode:rainbowlaugh:

*Out loud* ...well, Daring, you are in for a heck of a time. *In my mind* Nyahahahahahahaha! *Out loud again* Um, yeah.

And yet.... and yet it makes so much sense....

It's an interesting idea, it really is. Frankly, having a real Daring Doo as both Ditzy's sister and Scoot's mother would have made Daring Don't a much more interesting episode than the acid trip we actually got. Meet the real Dr Calerberon (who is just as sleazy as his fictional counterpart) and be involved in a real treasure-hunting (and protecting, for it belongs in a museum) adventure. It all goes to show Rainbow Dash that real life can be both more mundane and more awesome than anything Ditzy 'Derpy Hooves' Doo has ever written in her books. Daring Do also finds out that some athletic jocks can have hidden depths that are only ever seen in a flash of cyan-coloured light.

Rainbow frowned. "So, real-life Daring Do?"

Daring couldn't help but grin. "Yep. So, real-life superhero?"

Before long, both pegasi mares were rolling on the floor, laughing their heads off. Scootaloo turned to the other Crusaders, wearing a long-suffering expression. "Adults are weird." Sweetie and Applebloom nodded fiercely in agreement.

This is a great story and a thought-provoking one too. It's just a shame that the writing team didn't come up with an idea like this when they decided that they wanted to make Daring a real-life character in FiM!

Considering how much time Daring seems to end up flightless, it really makes sense.

This was quite nice... Nothing too epic or engaged, I liked it!

I actually remember that there was another story that had Daring (although her name was never mentioned) as Scootaloo's mom, though I can't recall which one.

I... believe it was a SilverBelle fic. I remember having read it too some time ago. I dunno why, but that ship was cute at the time :unsuresweetie:

Loo, Muffin,

Ew.. bathroom muffins. :c

No but seriously that's the one typo I caught. xP An enjoyable short and bite sized. Fun sized!

I seem to recall some archaeologist say that 70% of all archaeology was done in the library..... :rainbowdetermined2:

Sequel?.....for an interesting story. :moustache:

One awesome mum, one awesome fan-fic.

Sequel? :unsuresweetie:

So... when comes the Sequel? I want to read the reaction from Rainbow Dash! Maybe something like that: :rainbowhuh:

:rainbowderp: "Ohmigosh, omigosh, omigosh...!"

To Daring: "You're in for surprise, You're in for a shock!" Ahahaha!

To moguera: This had me in stitches. Nice concept, too.

Daring Do, did not see that one coming! Heh, I love it

:applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2: I want more of this but I dont want you to take time away from Savage Skies :raritydespair: Why must you be so talented!?

Funny and sweet. Scootalove truly is best love. :heart::scootangel:

Diabolical Grin on Ditzy.... that actually unsettled me some when I tried to imagine it.:rainbowderp:

That was, until I started to share it though.:pinkiecrazy:

Yes Yes a million times Yes.

Featured and deservedly so!:pinkiehappy:

Darien Do, Daring Doo
That was actually pretty ingenious of you, you know with the name.

I wanted to know, so I read the comments before reading the story. Why must I spoil things?

PiMan #35 · Jul 1st, 2014 · · 1 ·

Vegetarian, not vegan. Vegetarians only steer clear of animal products that involve killing the animal. You don't need to add that "ovo-lacto" qualifier.

Have to say I definitely enjoyed it. Kind of want to see Scootaloo introduce Daring to Rainbow now, and Daring trying to explain to her that the books are fictional and not really what she does...

If you haven't, you should read The Sisters Doo. It's what I immediately thought of when you introduced Daring as Ditsy's sister.

Prak #37 · Jul 1st, 2014 · · 4 ·

I guess the basic concept behind this was interesting, but the story didn't live up to that promise. There's no conflict, which basically makes it a long piece of exposition, and I just found it boring.

Stylistically speaking, it has a moderate-to-severe case of saidism abuse and a moderate case of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome, but those can be swept away in a single revision if you so choose.

On the mechanical front, there are some consistent comma errors, which are demonstrated here:

"Soon muffin," replied Ditzy, smiling over her shoulder at her young daughter, "Why don't you and 'Loo wash up so that we have everything ready when she comes in."

The first error is a lack of commas before direct address. The second error is the use of a commas at the end of dialogue tags when the continuation begins a new sentence. This excerpt would be properly written as:

"Soon, muffin," replied Ditzy, smiling over her shoulder at her young daughter. "Why don't you and 'Loo wash up so that we have everything ready when she comes in?"

While I may not have enjoyed the story—and to be perfectly blunt, felt that my time was wasted—enough effort went into its creation that I don't feel it warrants a downvote from me, even though I won't be giving it an upvote either.

I hope my feedback proves helpful. If you have any questions about the issues I mentioned, please feel free to ask.

Poor, poor Daring Doo. I give her... maybe five seconds before she regrets agreeing to meet Rainbow Dash.

I enjoyed this! I'd like a sequel where she meets Rainbow! :rainbowdetermined2:

If it helps, I think about 99% of the fandom pretty much ignores Daring Don't. Write away! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I gotta admit your formatting is really nice. The only grammatical thingy I'd complain about is not using a space after an ellipsis, but even that's becoming, well, acceptable.

Loved it.
head-cannon accepted

Little does Daring Know, she is going to get the possibly largest amount of fangirling she ever had:facehoof::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:


While I figured who Scoot's mother would be fairly early on, having Scoots living with Ditzy was an idea I'd never thought of before - bouns points for novelty. (It also made me wonder why, with SO MANY Scootaloo orphan stories and Derpy's near-ever present fanon family, why no-one has ever thought about doing on where Scoots is adopted by somepony that isn't RD... Seeing Derpy take her in would make for quite an interesting story I think.)

Nice work.

This is what "Daring Don't" should have been. I very much enjoyed it.
And you are right; archeology is boring. Really boring, and it pays crap. That's why most, hopefully not all archeologists steal items from their own digs and sell them to collectors for extra cash. It's really sad.

I'd love to be a real archaeologist, but unfortunately you don't make much money, it's hard to be employed, and you need a lot of schooling to become one:fluttercry:

4627281 That's a horribly dishonest thing to do. If they can't become an archaeologist without selling the artifacts, they shouldn't be one in the first place:twilightangry2:

I wonder who disliked the post by 4626850. It's got some very Prak-tical points.

4627290 It is, it's a real shame too. Many of them do it, not all.
4627345 Sit in the Bad Pun Corner and think about what you just said!:twilightangry2:

By my usual standards, this is pretty tame.

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