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This story is a sequel to Shadow of the Sun

Story 5 of the Savage Skies series:
Autumn has arrived in Ponyville. The harvest is in full swing and all is as it should be. After enduring the trials of the past few months, Dawn Lightwing is looking forward to what promises, hopefully, to be a peaceful season before a tumultuous winter. However, the coming season has the unwelcome effect of bringing his enemies closer than he feared. However, he is fortunate to have a loving family, good friends, and somepony who is maybe more than just a friend.
The series begins in Foal of the Forest.
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YAY ITS FINALLY OUT!:heart::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm really hoping this will be one a day like your other stories. They're to addicting to not have my fix :pinkiegasp:

Looking awesome so year man, can't wait to see where this goes :pinkiehappy:

Reading the last line in the notes I got the feeling RD is going to do something stupid. :facehoof:

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: and so it begins looking forward to the next few chapters also good work on this one as well. i still want to know what the G&PT and her brother are up to but i have a feeling that will be revealed in the winter season at the soonest and tomorrow at the latest :trixieshiftright:... what :trixieshiftleft: i can dream cant i?

Well, less than an hour and you're in the popular stories list. If i don't see then in the feature box by tomorrow morning I am going to be very disappointed in the readers! :pinkiehappy:

When doesn't Dash get in trouble?

Will this be a once a week update like #4 or a once a day update?

You haven't explained anything about the doctor's master. I wanna know soooo baad. You kept giving brief hints but nothing concrete. Well enough of the doctor, can't wait for the next chapter regardless

"What is it?" asked Fluttershy, her heart-rate already increasing. She had the nagging suspicion that Twilight was about to suggest something that she wouldn't like at all.
"Well...you see..." Twilight was obviously of a similar mind, given that she had become rather nervous as well. "I think I figured out a way to make progress with all our problems at once."

Let me guess...

Yeah, that sounds about right. Now how will this story play out, I wonder...?

I can't help but notice something you keep bringing up about the Eyes of Nightmare. Supposedly the trait vanishes when the bearer no longer feels threatened. Right? Well as I recall the only time,Dawn has ever really let his guard completely down. Was when he was staying at the hospital. His eyes we're closed at that point. But I just have this guy feeling that if you don't actually kill Dawn. That at the end of this,story he'll finally truly relax and we'll see what colour his eyes really are.

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ITS UP YESSSSSSSs. Nice start. Hope Perlin gets to have a nice discussion with dawn during his visit

Can't express how much I am looking forward to reading this one. No need to tell you that you do great work. Thanks for sharing!

Why do I get the feeling that Caramel belongs to the Cult Solar?

I made a very un-manly noise when I saw you posted this.

Ah, so the metal winged little shit has returned? Good, finally time to see him die!

4117097 I had that feeling a couple of stories ago. But, I think he'd turn on them now he knows more about Dawn, let alone how happy the colt makes Fluttershy.

I don't have time to read this now, but as soon as I have a spare moment it will be read.

Also, have a yay badge for making me yay out loud.

I could be wrong or he was a member but after realizing how wrong he was etc, he just keeps his mouth shut hoping they didn't find out and he doesn't tell his superiors about Dawn etc...

I get the feeling we are going to see Perlin fall to Scootaloo's Gale King Swan Style...

4117405 That... that would be amazing! Or even...think about how hard it was just fighting Dawn.

Having to deal with her and Dawn, as well as the other two (can't remember their names) at the same time.

That little shit hasn't got a chance!

(BTW, you still over in mine? I haven't seen a comment from you for a while.)

I'm guessing the reason why some ponies would want to be in a group like the Cult Solar is to belong...

Wow, it's finally here, it's reding TIME :pinkiehappy::yay::raritystarry:

Sweet maple syrup it's here!

So, do you have the fic completed, and are sitting on the chapters to make us wait, or are you going to be putting out weekly chapters or what? We have been waiting for a while now...

Oh man oh man oh man oh man! :rainbowkiss: I am so excited for this! Any estimation on how long it'll take to get the entire story uploaded?

I hope we get another Knight in this story...

It's here!

IT BEGINS!!!:pinkiehappy:

4118136 The story is technically complete. I'm just editing each chapter as I post it and I plan on my usual practice of a once-per-day release schedule.

4118457 Well, there are about twenty-one chapters, so about that many days or so.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

4120047 You sir, are my hero

plot armor

So many ways that could be taken...


Where did the whole Pegasi eating fish come from?

I sense Spitfire playing Celestia here...
As for the old friend, apples anyone?
I remember how Perlin was inspired by Kurono Akabane from Get Backers... so why do I get the feeling he is going to Ponyville NOT to kill Dawn?

Whoops... Soarin, you are in trouble. And so what if that was Fleetfoot's. She got what she deserved.

I sense a conspiracy here... Methinks Soarin and Spitfire be trollin'.


From Xenophilia by AnonponyDASHIE. It's a mature HiE with a lot of world building. Very, very popular story with many sidestories.

So we still don't know why Soarin showed up at Twilight's door for help. Gosh, you work the anticipation on these stories better than anyone I know. It's great! :pinkiecrazy: The once a day release schedule is perfect, just long enough to keep me on edge about it.

Here's hoping that Spitfire shows Rainbow just what she currently lacks to be a Wonderbolt, or is mad because Soarin knew she was going to offer Rainbow the spot and jumped the gun, or gives them a chance to see each other while Soarin's on duty. So many great options, and she definitely won't just send her home crying.

Um... is there any reason, why this chapter is 68th and not 2nd?

im calling this now on the other side of that door all the wonderbolts are waiting to induct rainbow dash surprise party style :pinkiehappy: down pinkie i said its party style not a party that will come later think about it one the Mithril suit fits her perfectly now im no expert but i do know most ponies dont share the exact same body shape and size and im assuming each wonderbolt suit is custom tailored to each member two soarin is played as a jokester and spitfire would probably be more than willing to go along with the plan and she would also probably have a camera ready to capture the moment to add to one of the best kept secrets of the group the wonderbolts wall of shame other notable pictures include soarin and the pie the twenty four hour hangover of rapid fire and who could ever forget spitfires poison joke bouquet

4122237 He keeps the whole series in one big document I think he said once. This is the 68th chapter when taking all four previous stories into account.

4122078 I know that story, I read it AGES ago lol

Cool chapter...
So we get the revelation of Granny being Arkenstone's teacher... I hope Apple Bloom goes the Way.
As for Rainbow Dash, finally a Wonerbolt... but just a question, do the Wonderbolts work like any other military faction (like 30 days holiday* if you serve a year etc)? Cause during that time, I'm sure RD can visit her friends :rainbowdetermined2:
*I know that Soarin got leave... but is that normal for Wonderbolts?

I'm starting to see how Morning Star is manipulating every group to attain his goals... to him; this is just one big experiment that he wants to finish (along with getting back at Celestia)

I thought that's where we were going with Dash.

Huh... expected Granny Smith to have been a Knight, but not Arkenstone's teacher. Or Mac's, for that matter.

So there's a hint that bloom could take the path of the knight. Scoots is already learning the a Gale King, no we just need an excuse for Sweetie to learn the Still Way. If you continue the xenophilia ganking, then we get grandmaster Lyra.

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