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This story is a sequel to Dark Matter

The final story of the Savage Skies series.

The world has been saved and the years have passed. But for Dawn Lightwing, not every challenge is behind him. He finds himself faced with something possibly even more difficult than a murderous cult or a mad scientist performing a world-ending experiment, finding what it is that he truly wishes to do with his life. Both Dawn and Scootaloo will go through experiences that challenge their desires for the future and their relationship with each other as they navigate along the final stretch of the convoluted path to adulthood.

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Wow the last story of Savage Skies man I like to thank you for such a wonderful time reading these stories. You're one of those authors that made me glad to find this site and congratulations on finishing the final arc of this story. :pinkiesad2::twilightsheepish:

This is probably the only series on here that gets me this exited for an update 10/10 bravo good sir

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I am beyond ecstatic to see this upload, but on the other, this is the beginning of the end...the final chapter. Been following the series for so long I honestly never thought it'd happen. In any case, I eagerly look forward to where this goes...and I don't.



~Crystalline Electrostatic~

How many years have passed now for them and how old are they?

Also... I'm curious about the Knights current status (I can think Firefly is retired from her post and Spitfire is retired as Captain of the Wonderbolts)...

3 years we have read this series blossom into something awesome...

It's here! Oh, this makes me happy.

I can see the story ending with Dawn and Scootaloo having their first child

Story is already as amazing as I had hoped it would be! Can't wait for more!

7288975 This, or learning she's pregnant. The two things I most want to see are Twilight having a talk, or anything really, with Celestia about Swift Stride, and her confronting Swift and telling him, in no uncertain terms, to never fuck with her again. And then perhaps walk away with a smile on her face.

After Savage Skies are you done with FIMFiction? I'd love to read more of anything you write. You are honestly my favourite author out of every single piece of literature I've ever read. I don't want to finish this story in fear of it being the last thing i read from you. Please dont go :pinkiesad2:

they have grown so much.....
i'm sad that this is the last book in the series...

I have been waiting for this......I cannot express how wonderful it is to see Dawn and everyone get their happy endings. How they have grown, their dreams and aspirations being realized truly gives me the feels.


My biggest question right now is who this him is that Melon is apparently dating.

I'm so excited! I just can't... Contain...

I am struggling to find the necessary vocabulary to describe and vent the frustration I am currently feeling at how inefficient my body is at expressing the complete and utter thrill I hold that this now exists.

I usually don't like stories early on, but I trust you man.

now to weight till there are a few chapters before I start reading.

That second place feature though.

Sadly I need to go to work right now.

Still, fav star and thumb up.. Before I've read a single word. Your talent, skill and inspiration are beyond doubt.

1. ..............she had TWO kids?!?!
2. .......in what way an X-Files episode. We talking monster of the week thing, aliens, or drama when Mulder tried to find his sister?

Whoa. Final story, eh?

I started reading Savage Skies a good while back, and by the time I finished Storm on the Horizon, I was overwhelmed, and had to shelve it for a bit. Now I see a 'final' story, and I hope I can pick it up again and catch up. I wanna be here when it actually finishes. I haven't had that end-of-an-era-feeling, where a really gripping story is laid to rest, for ages, and I wanna be there if it's gonna get a proper ending, rather than crumbling up and dying unsatisfactory and undignified. How long do you think this will take to write?

It's already done.

Thus authors style is that he doesn't start posting until he's done writing. That's how he keep his ironclad update schedule.

7289280 Then I guess the question is how long this is gonna be. Looking at the other stories, it should be possible for me to catch up.

This makes me unbelievably happy and a little sad at the same time.

Also, the fact that Scootaloo is now at the level Dawn was at at the end of the last story is a scary concept. The two of them as a lightning-and-plasma-juggling fighting team would be truly formidable.

The wide open windows afforded Scootaloo a wonderful view of Ponyville. The day was almost perfect.

Life couldn't get much better than this.

*cringes* Oh god, here comes the pain and horror known as Murphy's Law.

7289177 Given that Scoots said she'd never call him a coltfriend, I bet he's not a pony. Maybe that guy griffon?

It's a slice of life chapter and that slice is the sweetest cake of diabetus inducing sugary goodness I ever did feast my eyes upon. I can't stop smiling. :pinkiehappy:

Life couldn't get much better than this.

Murphy what are you doing? Murphy?
Murphy stop! STOP! STOP!

Dawn, prepare your pubescent balls, because that last statement is gonna come back and bite you in the ass, and life is going to figuratively and possibly literally smack you where it hurts.

7289667 Whoot! Definitely deserves it.

7289668 wouldn't say he's prepubescent now, him and scootaloo are of age so there well into if not done with 'that' stage if life.

Oh my god, the feels! *Hnnnnnnng!*

I said pubescent, not prepubescent.

I wonder what amazing story will pop out of moguera's mind after Dawn's story is over.

If you binge-read like I did when I initially discovered this series, you should be able to make it here in about a week, give or take a few days.

7289789 You're probably right, but I gotta be careful with adventures. If they're as gripping as Savage Skies, they tend to overwhelm me. That's what you get for getting used to video games I suppose, where a proper story can take up to 100+ hours. Gotta pace it properly this time :pinkiecrazy:

I don't think that could be it, I was certain Skan and Zhan (the Griffon mercenaries) were mates. Actually, my first thought was that it might be Arcana, since he's very effeminate and most ponies don't immediately register him as male, but that guess is even more out there.

This story has sex tag! :derpyderp1: Prepare yourselves!

I don't think Moguera will do clop for Scootlaoo and Dawn... maybe just 'imply' and then a baby comes

I agree with TheMyth on this one. Most likely it'll be implied just as it was in Cold Days and Warm Hearts.

7289492 While that is an interesting theory, he was already married when the two were introduced. My guess is that Scootaloo doesn't approve of him for some reason, either that or he's not a Pony.

You glorious bastard. I've only read a single chapter, AND I'M ADDICTED TO IT ALREADY!!!:pinkiecrazy:

I have to know ASAP, are you going to start on another awesome saga of literary cocaine or are you going to write a few stories in their own universes?

Also, would you care if other people used the OC's from this saga? Of course we'd credit you if we did, and I won't personally do it... yet.

And yes, we love the foals that you gave Fluttershy and Caramel. I'm calling it now, Larksong makes new friends at school and they form a new band of CMC that terrorizes the town for years too come. I'm also going to guess that Dawn's Cutie Mark has something to do with parenthood, especially since you put the 'Sex' tag in.

When I saw the new story, I had to hold in my scream of excitement so I didn't wake my family up.

My squee's are endless :yay:


Yeah. It also has Drama tag. Something that the previous stories never had.

if no one has already called it, i am sad to say i think the young 'uns are going to be the main plot point for this...

I went into my exam yesterday and this was not there. I come out and I get a reward for finishing my last exam :D

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