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This story is a sequel to Rescue on Diamond Mountain

Story seven of the Savage Skies series. The first months of Dawn's stay in Ponyville have been tumultuous, to say the least. Fortunately, winter is coming, not only offering the colt respite from his enemies, but also giving Dawn the opportunity to enjoy the season with his new friends and family. Little does he know that this is to be a season of many firsts for him.

Meanwhile, a new pony has come to Ponyville in response to Twilight Sparkle's call for research subjects. Unfortunately, this stallion's past experiences have left him bitter and paranoid. It will be up to Rarity, of all ponies, to make this unexpected guest feel welcome in Ponyville and heal the wounds in his heart.

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Ummm. What's up with that Sex tag? :fluttershysad: I've greatly enjoyed the series so far and I'd be quite upset if it takes a nosedive into "mature" plotlines.


Relax, it's T rated. No naughty stuff allowed on camera.



woot teh hell with sleep :pinkiehappy:

Flaxseed snapped his eyes shut and shook his head vigorously. Getting anxious would only make things worse now. They came out too easily these days when he got anxious.

What came out? I assume you mean violent tendencies, considering he tried to hit Rarity with a tree branch. But , I can't blame him. He's just doing what he's had to do to survive up until now.


A new pairing
I approve fully
Let's continue with this

Interesting start so far. No Scoots yet, but it's only the first chapter. I'm looking forward to Rarity's shining moments. There seems to be something of a deficit of good Rarity fics, at least compared to other main characters. I can only assume that the sex tag is for insinuations of off-screen activities between Fluttershy and Caramel and maybe even Rarity and Flaxseed.


:rainbowderp: Well... that happened.


Booya! So much for the rest of my night and week. And a new character too. It's about time you saddled Rarity with some baggage. Let 'er at 'im!

Hang on... You really like using cliffhangers. Crap. Maybe I should wait a week and then do a marathon once it's all posted. Save myself some sleepless nights.

Heck no. :pinkiehappy: I'm reading this.


Teen/Sex means that there's references to sex and mature things, but no actual mature content.

For example, someone giving a kid the talk about the birds and the bees.

Finally!!! I was so waiting for the next part! Now Ican't wait to see the main focus of this book! Will it be the Cult? Or more machinations by nobles of Canterlot? Maybe a little more insight into Fluttershy's love life with Caramel (not the very intimate part, the mushy stuff of course)?

To quote Pinkie, I'm nervouscited!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

One question: could someone remind me, what Applebloom's cutie mark is here? I remember that Scoot's is a swan, but not Bloom's... I don't really fancy the idea of going through the last two stories again to find that little fact (the time I do that will be to again enjoy the story, not something trivial like that), so I'll appreciate help here.

Eh, if anything it will be some before- and after-act scenes. I mean, Dawn and Fluttershy will move in to Caramel's place for winter (a fact known from the previous stories), so it wouldn't be surprising if one cold night they had a romantic event, with a fireplace in the background, cozy blankets beneath, maybe a warm cup of cocoa - with that setting a simple kiss can become a make-out session, and that could lead to more mature stuff. Still, like Pickleless said, this is a T-rate fic, so nothing above innuedos and scenes I already mentioned won't be seen here.

Woah, wait wait wait wait WAIT. I spy with my little eye... a "Sex" tag!

It can't be Scootaloo and Dawn. They are simply too young. Could it be Fluttershy and Caramel? Maybe it's Twilight and Arkenstone? I guess I'll just have to wait to see which characters will be getting it on with each other.

That last sentence sounds much worse than it did in my head.

You have made my month, sir. Looking forward to this book in the series.

well im off to re read the last book again while i wait for the next chapter

Just read the fist chapter...
His name is kind of ironic; since Flax Seeds are supposedly used to combat stress and hypertension among other things...

If Sweetie Belle's tag was in this story, I'd imagine her singing to this new stallion to help cheer him up (earning her cutie mark too)

I'm not a psychologist, so I can't claim any accuracy regarding his behavior, but I did try to imagine how somebody in his situation might react.

I think you did a great job there.

Next chapter: Flaxseed moves in...

I'm sure Flaxseed will like it by Rarity's place. And will maybe find more then just a home...
I like the idea about this story being a bit more about Rarity.

Dawn and Fluttershy move out.

Wait, what? Fluttershy and Dawn moves out? Are they moving over to Caramel?

The day we all waited for is here. Ladies and gentlemen, Savage Skies has returned! And at such an early hour too. Hooray for sleep deprivation! That one scene from Aladdin where Genie turns himself into a drum would be appropriate right now (barring the deflation near the end.)
We are now introduced to the mysterious stallion we heard about so long ago. At first glance, Flaxseed is a rude, trigger happy brute who most would want to stay a good ten feet away from. At second glance, he's that way for a very good reason. His experience is different from Dawn's. Dawn was trained in the Gale King under the tutelage of a master who found him presumably shortly after he began being pursued. Martial arts of any sort are known to give their user a good outlet for pent up stress and calm the nerves, not to mention being able to throw a tornado would give anyone a bit more confidence dealing with a foe.
Flaxseed, however, doesn't have that kind of support. He's just an everyday guy who suddenly started getting chased for his so-called 'demonic nature.' I'm sure that before the Eyes started appearing he was a good enough person, but years of being hunted seem to have blasted most of his positive character traits to oblivion. He's still a cynical jerk, but it's understandable for him to be that way, and it seems Rarity agrees.
The reason for his delay is also believable. If memory serves, he got the letter from Twilight two books ago. It seems you took into account just how long it's been since then and included a reason for it to compensate. I would feel far more comfortable following a request like that if it meant I could stand behind the kid who helped knock an army out of the sky.
In short, this was worth the wait. It's more of the storyline we love mixed with the characters we enjoy just as much. It looks like next chapter is when Dawn and Fluttershy move in with Caramel. Alright Moguera, bring on the feels. Brace for impact fellow readers, the tidal wave is approaching! I look forward to the next update.

What I want to see in this series is one of Morning Star's Cardinals coming to Ponyville to try and either sway public opinion against Dawn and Flaxseed and if they are unsuccessful, try and kill them with not much success...

5130147 that update could very well be tomorrow! :scootangel:


I'm glad that this story has finally been updated. Flax Seed's characterization I'd interesting and it would be great to see more development on Rarity and Sweetie Belle's part.


I assume in this case, it refers to his Eyes of Nightmare condition.

:twilightblush: If I recall, in this tale, Dawn is the outlier with his eyes in the 'always on' state. Flaxseed's condition is the normal one where the eyes come out during periods of emotional agitation and stress.

:twilightsmile: At least, I hope this is correct...

:twilightoops: I'll be really embarrassed if I have something mixed up.

Comment posted by jdhog77 deleted Oct 12th, 2014

5130475 Nope, you're correct, In the story, that's how the condition works, pretty spot on actually:twilightsmile:

He should have just got a winter cap and a desert mask, the nothing would see his face and he would be able to show he does not wish to be seen or talked to.

5130475 No, you've got the gist of it.


Celebrations about this god-tier story finally being out aside, this new ship could not be more baited if I tied some sardine to it.

Anyway, glad to see you posting the new story, morgue!

at least, that's what my research has shown so far.

needs end " marks.

I'm stoked! I can't wait to see this fic, and more importantly Dawn's first Nightmare Night!

Out, out?! They had batter be going to Caramel's!

5130621 He did describe that.

One moment, the stallion's eyes were a pleasant, almond color. The next, they were a deep, blood-red. His pupils shrank and elongated vertically, becoming catlike slits.

So his eyes are a different color from Dawns, and different from his normal eye color.

They are red only diffrance


Can't believe I missed that:facehoof:. I'm going to redact that part of my comment. Thank you for pointing that out :twilightsmile:.

"I actually knew about that already," said Twilight Sparkle as she walked in the teahouse door. Arkenstone had sent Apple Bloom along to the library to let her know the moment he arrived. The filly had complied with commendable alacrity. "The Eyes of Nightmare are actually known to come in a variety of colors and almost never a pony's original eye color," she continued, barely aware of the fact that Flaxseed had transferred his attention to her and was now sidling away, slowly working himself over to one of the walls, "The author of the Cult Solar text that first described the condition actually went so far as to fabricate a wide variety of demons that could be classified according to the color of the manifested Eyes.

Twilight just used "actually" in every single sentence here. And then again in the next paragraph.

I'm sorry. My dad does this all the time and it makes me want to slam my face through a wall. :twilightangry2:

YE YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Rarity gets paired off! No longer will she have to play the matchmaker.

I must own up to this:

That is a fake account that I made.
Now before you get mad at me; I'll tell you my reasoning.

I wanted to see how long it takes to get banned.
It takes about 5-10 Minutes depending on how much violations you make.

Also faggot means a bundle of sticks.

Please no hard feelings :fluttercry:

Ugh, I would not be inviting a guy like that into my house if I were Rarity. Not because she is putting herself in danger, but Sweetie Belle. She harasses the crap out of every pony about their cutie mark, imagine his reaction to her!

5129910 I'm sure it's just Caramel and Fluttershy bumping nasties. (They haven't done that yet, right?) I'd doubt we get the explicit description of the act, but just the fact that it is taking place.

I don't think that is an appropriate use of the tag though...implied sex I thought didn't count.

Well, it's back. Can't wait for more to come. I figured this would be the story that Sweetie Belle would get her cutie mark, expecially after it was mentioned in this chapter, but the lack of a SB tag makes me think differently. Also this:

Still, it wouldn't be until the spring Parliament sessions that the requirements for eligibility and the means of issuing the warrants themselves would be hammered out. So they would have to remain cautious a little longer. But Rarity found herself feeling hopeful.

Curious if this will a major plot point in the next story or if they will just get them.

5132755 I hope dawn don't walk in, he's got enough mental trauma in the past already. And trying to get fluttershy to explain that?

There is no way to explain my current feeling of this new chapter for our great adventure other than Read, Like, Fave, and Wait.:moustache:

It's out! *flails around the room for a moment before sitting down to read it*

Has a Royal Warrant been explained before because I dot recall when it has ever been mentioned in this series or what it does

Commence the reads!

Edit: You've done a good job at giving Flaxseed a believable case of PTSD (or whatever it is they are calling it these days). Looking forward to the next chapter.

Wow this is all the cults fault

Kill them with fire

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