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What's so great about being sane? The colors are much more vibrant on the psychotic side!

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Alright thanks! You don't need to if you don't want to. But its much appreciated

The whole story (up until the end) was mostly supposed to be a fun little romp though Manehattan with a somewhat mentally questionable protagonist, kind of like Tom and Jerry. Barring what happened to Geo and that one extra crispy guy at the start, the fight scenes were meant to be taken as silly fun. Maybe I should go back and give the door guy a goofy expression or some birds circling his head.
Good to hear you enjoyed yourself. I'm cooking up something a bit bigger with Psi in a main role, and I can't exactly pull it off if he's not likable. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. I'll get to that new story of yours either tonight or in the morning.

Nothing too bad whatsoever, the pacing is good and the characters likeable. Only thing i have to point out is the part when the door flew off the hinges, i honestly wasn't sure whether to worry for the character or laugh, considering the way youput it. Not a single grammatical error that i could see, Its all good.

Yeah, sorry about that. Things have been kind of hectic on my end this year. The old thinker's been dragged through the mud one too many times. I'll be back to my old song and dance once I get these last few annoying stains out of the grey matter. Might be pretty soon, too, considering the new story you just dropped. One way or another, I'm still paying attention, just at a slower pace.
While I'm here, anything you want to point out about my story? Growth through feedback and all that.

Its cool lol you read my stories i figured i may as well read yours bro. Kinda do miss your reviews though, they were somewhat a driving force.

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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