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Nerd, Dungeon Master, Aspiring Author, Brony.

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DeathBattle - Pinkie vs Deadpool · 8:00pm Dec 3rd, 2016

So for anyone who hasn’t heard, the next deathbattle will feature the Merc with a Mouth going up against a certain Party Pony. As a massive nerd and fan of both characters, I decided to dig into this fight a bit and make a prediction about who will most likely win. I’m a bit behind the Deadpool comics at the moment, so please tell me if I left out any important feats or items that might help him.

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Greetings Vedues.
I've heard of you.
And you know who i am don't you?

Chrono, from the anime Chrono Crusade. It's a he, btw.

Who is the guy (Girl?) in your avatar, and where is he (She?) from?

I'm working on getting a book published, actually. I'll definitely announce on my user page if/when I ever succeed.

So what do you plan to do next now that the sequel to A new Dragon in Ponyville is complete?

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