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This story is a sequel to A New Dragon in Ponyville

Didn't read the first story? Catch the summary over here.

Everfree Village, the first place in Equestria where dragons and ponies live together in peace. Fluttershy never thought she’d live in a community full of dragons, let alone get married to one. Married life carries its own set of amusing, awkward, and sometimes frustrating challenges, but Fluttershy doesn’t mind. It’s the little surprises and joys that make each day worth living.

Talon Wind has never heard of Everfree Village, or Equestria, or even ponies. She’s a wyvern, one of only six thousand still alive after the Endless War, well, ended. Refugees from their homeland, they’ve entered into an alliance with a species of dragons called drakes. The drakes are having a hard time of life as well. Some other species went and built a city on the land where they get their food. So now the continued survival of the Dragon Alliance depends on them getting that land back. What was the city called again? Oh right, the Crystal Empire.

Sex tag for discussions about the topic and some innuendo.

Featured 10/10/16!

Expect updates about three times a week, more if I can manage it.

Special thanks:
rcmgamer218, for his help with the story and permission to use his character, Yol Toor.
-Singleton-, for help with the story.
km, for help with the story.
DrWingbeats, for the cover art.
Kudamon, for help with the story.

Now with a Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Un-nuevo-dragon-6-11-923168964

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It's okay to talk, you know. I don't bite.

Welp it'll be interesting to see what this leads to

7632363 Agreed. About 48 hours to approve.

7632385 Good stuff, hopefully.

It might be interesting to see Ember in this world, especially if a clan of drakes wages war against the Crystal Empire

A troubling start.

7632735 Funny that you should mention that ...

7632779 Troubling in a good way, or troubling in a bad way?

Great start loving the story keep it up.

random info about dragon culture and customs sounds good

7632932 Thanks, I'll do my best to live up to your expectations!

I, Silver Tail, swear upon the honor of the Ice Spire Clan that I will care for each wyvern, whether they are able to fight or not, as though they were members of my own brood, 

Something about the way he worded that makes me feel very uneasy. It occurs to me, if drakes are supposedly so honorable then why to Wyrms not get along with them. Something tells me the Drakes are full of it.

7633110 Drakes and wyrms are both honorable in their own eyes, but definitions of 'honor' differ from one culture to the next.

Wow, featured already. Can't say I'm not jealous, though you certainly deserve it.

Also, this is the first time I've seen your cover art. All I can say is... wow.

Now the comments are coming in...the flood gates....have opened

7633177 You deserve a lot of the credit too. Your comments and feedback really inspired me to keep working and get this story finished.

7633183 Yeah, I'm really impressed by it too. This isn't even the finished version. A friend of mine is coloring it all in, but he said something about the file format slowing him down.

7633231 For which I'm grateful. I love to see a good discussion in the comments, as long as it's friendly, of course.

a few of the tags on the story has me quite curious such the dark and thriller tags

7633326 I actually struggled a lot with which tags to include in this story. Some sections are dark/adventure/thrillers, and others are comedic/slice of life/romance. It's not even that I'm trying to be random, the story just covers a lot of ground.

So basically, if there's a tag for it, expect about a third of the overall story to include elements of it.

The various uses for the Stare are a neat spin that I do not believe I have seen before. I'm liking this so far.

7632886 It makes me feel very uneasy. From the sound of it, the new characters were the aggressors and they got their behinds handed to them. Not sure how I feel about such a warlike species binding themselves to the service of a bunch of violent, thieving brutes. That goes double if they're planning what it seems like they're planning (from the description anyway).

7633407 Thanks. I always wondered about the mechanics of the Stare. It usually frightens or freezes the target, but it just seems wrong to give Fluttershy a power that can only be used to harm or frighten someone. So I cooked up the idea that she can inspire other emotions as well.

Good 3rd chapter keep it up

7633136 That is even less encouraging. Makes the drakes sound very self-righteous, like the Seanchen from the Wheel Of Time. They were honorable in their own way, even though it meant enslaving and murdering everybody who did not abide by their 'moral codes' or anybody they just didn't like. Also reminds me of nazis (who should all have been lined up and executed). In their own minds, the nazis were honorable.

So far, we have seen that wyrms actually are honorable. I have significant doubts about any sort of genuine honor amongst the aggressors. Historically, invading groups who think themselves as 'honorable' tend to perform the most horrible crimes against civilians and captured enemy. I will say right now, that my judgements against any aggressors who attack peaceful groups unprovoked, will be rather harsh.

7633411 Nice analysis, I'm impressed. Anyway, the wyverns and the lions were at war for thousands of years. Neither side remembers how it started anymore, but it's the only way of life that they know. The sad part is that either side could've ended it long ago if they'd just been willing to forgive and move forward. Drakes are actually in a similar position with ponies, but you'll learn more about that next chapter.

7633422 Thanks, I'll do my best.

And I cannot help but be extremely curious as to why there is a Kitsune on the far left side of the main picture for the story. If you are going to include Kitsune, best of luck. The lore behind them is complex at the best of times. Just be sure to include their spirit balls.

7633437 Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head right there.

7633466 There's a long story behind that guy, but yeah, he'll be in the story. His lore is kind of crazy, but he does have energy balls.

7633473 Sense of impending heartbreak, rising. :fluttershysad:

7633480 Sorry! Have a happy Fluttershy to cheer you up. :yay:

7633479 I sure hope nobody gets a hold of those hoshi no tama, or star balls. Kitsune balls were manifestations of their spirits and souls. If you captured one, you could controll everything about the Kitsune, making it your slave. If separated from their star balls, Kitsune would die after a little while.

7633481 Thanks. Some aspects of this story kind of remind me of my own work on the site. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to it so intensely.

7633488 Things are a little different with this kitsune. It's more based on the ancient Chinese and Korean variant, the kumiho, as opposed to the more modern version. The mythology was then mixed around a bit so that it better fits the MLP universe.

7633528 I'd love to read some of your work. Which story would you recommend I dive into first?

7633532 Oh, neat. I admit I know next to nothing about the Chinese or Korean variants of the Kitsune. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

7633536 The Unity Pact is that one I would recommend starting from. Take note, there WILL be things which upset you. Rest assured ALL wrongs will eventually be righted... eventually. Also the writing style is completely 'true to life'. There are no details spared... at all. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave constructive criticisms and as many comments as you want.

7633566 Thanks. Your description of your writing style has me really curious. I'm looking forward to reading this story, and thanks for recommending it!

7633562 I don't know a ton either. A friend did a lot of the research a just presented me with his findings.

7633587 I see it as a fair exchange. You provided me with your work and it has entertained and pleased me greatly so I am showing you mine in hope that it will have the same effect on you. One more thing: my portrayal of Celestia and Luna are more of old monarchs set in their ways, so be patient until you actually understand their numerous blunders.

7633617 Understood. I just finished the first chapter of your story, by the way. There were a few typos, but nothing major, and your voice was shining through quite wonderfully. I'm starting on chapter 2 now.

7633645 Enjoy, brother. Leave comments any time you want.

The fact that you won't update daily upsets me greatly. Fim has been severely lacking in long, well written spike stories for several months, If not years now, and I know from your previous story that this one is sure to fit that criteria....

I'm just impatient.

7634577 My goal is actually to update daily, but I didn't want to promise something that I wasn't sure I'd be able to deliver consistently (college has been rough this semester).

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