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This story is a sequel to Deserts and Dragons

Twilight Sparkle has given Spike the week off, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. He and Big Macintosh have just been invited out to Appleoosa to take part in a sacred buffalo tradition known as the Dragon Dance Festival. True, Spike hasn't had the best track record interacting with other dragons, but he simply can't say no to a week full of pampering, respect, and all the topaz he can eat.

Alas, poor Spike can't seem to get a break; not even on his vacation. A band of nefarious dragon poachers crash the party and make off with some of the more prestigious guests. Bound by his Noble Dragon Code, Spike coerces himself into mounting a rescue along with the Apple Family. But they won't be going it alone. A ragtag gang of semi-virtuous dragon bandits want in on the action, as they've been tracking these poachers for a while now. What's more, Little Strongheart was hoping that Spike could educate these ne'er-do-wells about how to be proper, noble dragons. It doesn't help that their leader is a cute young female about Spike's age, nor does the fact that she already has another guy fawning over her.

So, to recap. Spike must help kin that he doesn't identify with and show them how to be noble like he is, all while taking care not to create a love triangle in the process. Um, yeah. No pressure or anything.

Part II of the Ballad of Needles.

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Wow that description has a lot of information

Ah, what a wonderful subtext for your story. I like how Spike fighting the poachers symbolizes the very real struggles of wildlife preserves in Africa against poachers. The way you made Spike a victim of the circumstances perfectly displays the underlying struggles many face in reality, where their entire life can be flipped around without a moment's notice.

I give this story an A-, as you perfectly show many struggles and hardships that people around the globe face on a daily business.

Well, this should be interesting.

I'm enjoying this story so far, and I must say that it deserves more love. The dialogue flows smoothly, the prose is well-written, and the premise is quite interesting, so I'm curious to see where it goes from here. :pinkiesmile:

Sorry Spike but by Murphy's Law you just doomed yourself.

great story so far, but I can't help wonderin what kind of dragon you're gonna have Spike be...

5464708 I'm gonna have him be the same dragon he's always been to the best of my knowledge. What're you talking about? :rainbowhuh:

5464755 unless I'm mistaken, you did say something about some dragons having the ability to use magic like unicorns... unless all dragons can to limited extents...

5465338 Um, Spike's not one of the Dragon Magi, if that's what you're getting at. The only magic he can use is sending letters with his fire breath. :unsuresweetie:

I'm trying to pictured Needles' voice for whom.

So... why is it that Needles, a child, is the one in charge of the Dragoons? I mean, Spike is clearly not old enough to be a leader of some gang like that, so it just seems like a very improbable age for her to be the one in charge.

5476288 Two reasons. For one, it's part of her Dragon Mage training. The Dragon Magi are supposed to guide others down the right path through their wisdom, and that's what she's trying to do by leading the Dragoons. The other reason is that she's kinda the smartest member of the bunch. Well, Toro and Trigger are smart, but Toro's not much of a leader, and Trigger doesn't use his brain nearly as much as he should. :eeyup:

... But he's not a kidnapper if he just captured dragons? They're literally talking to you.

*sigh* Villains.

Spike saved the Crystal Empire 2 times and the #1 assistant and little brother to Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Shining Armor, and surrogate son, nephew, and cousin of Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadence.

5496658 Well, this story takes place before the Equestria Games, but otherwise, all of that is true. However, I'm curious as to why you're bringing it up. :rainbowhuh:

5496750 If it becomes too dangerous then it wouldn't hurt for backup to come when the poachers try to make a getaway.

Do they not have paper, or has Spike forgotten he can notify Princess Celestia, or did I miss something?

5497031 Spike tends to take it upon himself to get stuff done, and this time is no exception. Also, he wants to live up to Little Strongheart's expectations and show the Dragoons what being a noble dragon is all about. And on top of all that, he's a dragon. Ergo, he has a personal stake in this. Kinda. Sorta. He'll figure that part out as he goes. :twilightsheepish:

5497089 Fair enough. It just seems weird for them to be all "Princess Celestia wouldn't stand for this!" and have Spike not even think or mention that he can contact her. But yeah, that makes sense.

Ah Trigger, how I loathe thee and yet laugh at thee in equal measures. I do hope Spike and he can eventually get along some day.

I have been wondering, and feel free to ignore this question if this is answered later (I guess or earlier in the previous fic): are dragon mages special by birth? They are the dragons born with the ability to do magic, and the other dragons that are not born mages cannot do any magic?

And... well, Needles is either about to have an emotional breakdown or have a magical outburst, judging by that last line. Or uh... both, at the same time... In a way, having to deal with someone trying to work through her issues of feeling like she should know everything and be responsible for everything might be entirely down Spike's alley, since he's been dealing with Twilight his whole life.

Spike gulped. "I-I don't like picture very much. Wh-why are you brining this up?"

I think you might missing a word there.
Also, Needles is obviously brining because she is just that dedicated a cheesemaker. Could probably give Tiffany Aching a run for her money.

5536718 Whoops! Thanks for catching that, mate. :twilightblush:

5536659 Patience, my friend. You have some good questions, and the answers will come soon enough. :raritywink:

P-patience?! Anything but that! :twilightoops: I want all my answers now! :twilightangry2:

(Alright! If there are answers coming, then I'm looking forward to em!)

You know, for an organization of wisdom and knowledge, conjuring a dangerous elemental into their young and not telling them seems awfully irresponsible of the Dragon Magi. Especially since, so far, it hasn't seemed to do Needles any good... I guess it could have just had an automatic effect, though.

I guess she left before they had a chance to explain it... but you'd think it would be a pretty high priority to ensure she knows.

5556776 Well, Needles's fire elemental isn't going to help her until she learns how to awaken it on her own, and it hasn't done her any harm because she hasn't lost control of herself (despite constant annoyances in her life). I'll do some editing to make that point a bit clearer. :duck:

i love this story...i hope it updates more often but i love it XDD

"Oh, that's just outrageous. I'm not jealous of this runt."
"Um, you kinda are,"

are you kidding me... if trigger's jealousy was any worse, I can honestly see him as the kind of extreme stalker that would do unspeakable acts: like wearing the skin of someone they killed, just because they thought their obsession had a crush on that person

Time for this Noble Dragon to Git-R-Done.

That's better. Now everyone's forgiven each other and learned a valuable lesson about themselves. Perfect time for another crisis to erupt and ruin the day.

Seriously you are doing a masterful job with this series! Please keep going!

Ok, I'm just gonna say it, something like this would surely fall under an unofficial terrorist act under any government with any sense, which equals soldiers, lots of them, with lots of sharp pointy things.

5586688 Terrorism? Really? What makes you think poaching wild dragons qualifies as terrorism? I'm not saying you're wrong, nor am I defending the actions of the poachers (they are supposed to be the villains here). I'm just curious. :rainbowhuh:

5588370 because they are sapient? I mean, these dragons are either civilians or citizens of a militarized culture. If something like this isn't enough to trigger mass mobilization from either dragon nations, or from Equestria, since i can only imagine it sensible to be formal allies with MOTHER FUCKING DRAGONS!!! then I don't know what is

God I wish I had kept up with this better XD Also,

"Hey, Flint?"
Flint sighed. "What?"
"How come it's the prepubescent dragons that are involved in this romantic drama and not us?"
Flint deadpanned. "Because shut up.

This is the best thing ever XD

If I have the time I may try make xome designs for these characters, probably from edited versions of existing characters, (Spike to Needles and Trigger for example)


If I have the time I may try make xome designs for these characters, probably from edited versions of existing characters, (Spike to Needles and Trigger for example)

I certainly would not object to that. Even though I have no idea what xome designs are. :twilightsheepish:


Aka, eradication of all live forms despite the difference between them
So Xome designs are weapons for the extinction of all life

Let's hope Spike doesn't run into Maggie.

Oh dear, and Jacques was so close to getting back into his wife's good graces too. This will be terribly disappointing to him. :rainbowlaugh:

5607180 I'm pretty sure the gentleman was referring to an art style, not a genocidal class of weaponry. :trixieshiftright:

I know :cheekybotaglovesmile::pinkiehappy:

Woo! A good case of successful action. Final boss still remains, though.

Looks like, by the other dragon's reactions to Spike, that Spike's conflict hasn't been resolved. Even though he's already helped Needles and Trigger (and Steel and Flint (indirectly)), looks like there's more to his story and role than that, and I'm pretty excited. :pinkiehappy:

If Maggie doesn't just capture them all and the story ends there.

The universe really loves to screw with Spike.

5633197 To be fair, he made it a bit too easy this time around by enacting Murphy's Law. That and he's certainly not going to take this lying down. :rainbowdetermined2:

5633328 Oh Crap! The minute Maggie sees Spike......make that second she sees him......you got to put that in the next chapter.

Poor, poor Spike. So wise in mind yet still so lacking in common sense.
Ah well, he managed to take everyone this far so he should be able to help them get out of this too!

Spike's... awkward phrasing of his defense of why he can't be owned by Maggie, that he's sorta already owned by Twilight, even though it's a legitimate threat (that if Maggie captures him Twilight's going to come for her) isn't going to win him many allies among the dragons.

I'm looking forward to seeing Spike have a good talk with with Nova, though.

5645194 That, wasn't really the point of Spike's speech, although I understand how you came to that conclusion. Next chapter, things should be a lot clearer. :twilightsheepish:

I bet that Twilight's sisterly senses are a-tingling.

awww i wanted to see twilight's reaction

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