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There's a new stallion in town. A new stallion who won't stop staring at Applejack's rear.

She has some opinions about that.

Sex jokes abound, but no actual sex.

Now with a Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/El-culo-de-Applejack-923171828

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Celestia has never used her full power.


But that might be about to change. Chrysalis has contacted her and requested a meeting out in the middle of nowhere. Celestia expects a trap. In fact, she's hoping for it.

Featured: Because you guys are way too nice to me. Thank you all!

Now with a Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Un-mundo-de-fosforos-923171362

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This story is a sequel to A New Dragon in Ponyville

Didn't read the first story? Catch the summary over here.

Everfree Village, the first place in Equestria where dragons and ponies live together in peace. Fluttershy never thought she’d live in a community full of dragons, let alone get married to one. Married life carries its own set of amusing, awkward, and sometimes frustrating challenges, but Fluttershy doesn’t mind. It’s the little surprises and joys that make each day worth living.

Talon Wind has never heard of Everfree Village, or Equestria, or even ponies. She’s a wyvern, one of only six thousand still alive after the Endless War, well, ended. Refugees from their homeland, they’ve entered into an alliance with a species of dragons called drakes. The drakes are having a hard time of life as well. Some other species went and built a city on the land where they get their food. So now the continued survival of the Dragon Alliance depends on them getting that land back. What was the city called again? Oh right, the Crystal Empire.

Sex tag for discussions about the topic and some innuendo.

Featured 10/10/16!

Expect updates about three times a week, more if I can manage it.

Special thanks:
rcmgamer218, for his help with the story and permission to use his character, Yol Toor.
-Singleton-, for help with the story.
km, for help with the story.
DrWingbeats, for the cover art.
Kudamon, for help with the story.

Now with a Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Un-nuevo-dragon-6-11-923168964

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Ponies are dangerous. At least, that's what everydragon says. They even stole his brother's egg years ago. So why are these ponies being so nice to him?

Expect elements of Comedy, Adventure, and Sad from time to time.
Sex tag added for somewhat blunt discussions about the birds and the bees.

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Don't feel like reading this before jumping to the sequel? No worries, this blog post will catch you up to speed in about 2 minutes.

Now with a Spanish Translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Un-nuevo-dragon-1-11-923167089

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