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Season 7 Episode 17 · 6:37pm Sep 2nd, 2017

I just finish watching the episode, and I like it but I wished that Spike and Ember was in it, because this will be a jumping off point from the last episode to deepen their bond with Thorax. At least Starlight and Trixie was good.

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I like how each characters was their own And how you make your Celestia understand that Twilight is different but not out right let it go crazy for the first story ( Soldier of Magix ). For the second story ( The Princess and The Soldier ) I like how Twilight and the soldier actually play off each other that one event could lead could change her future.

Thank you for adding Soldier of Magix and The Princess and The Soldier to your Favorites. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

May I ask what you enjoy about them?

So I just saw the movie Wonder woman and I think she's a rapist now.
Now let me explain, when she brought her boyfriend back, but not in his own body and still has sex with him, I think that's count as rape. The reason why I came to this conclusion, because the original guy didn't have consent. Did anybody think the same thing as me.

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