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Dragon Sage

Occasionally indulges in a few ships. Loves a well-written story.

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  • EA Good Monster
    Spike grew himself into a fine young dragon. One day, during a storm, he stops into Sugarcube Corner to visit his old friend Pinkie Pie when her foals begin crying in fear of the thunderstorm. Luckily, Spike knows just how to cheer them up.
    Dragon Sage · 3.5k words  ·  49  1 · 1.1k views
  • TFireproof
    Sequel to "The Dragon Sage." Spike and Twilight live and love comfortably in their tree-castle. But a princess in love with a dragon and life-long friend certainly attracts attention. How will everypony else react?
    Dragon Sage · 49k words  ·  254  10 · 4.1k views
  • EThe Dragon Sage
    Spike has remained young while everypony else ages. Is he destined to stay as a baby assistant forever? When Spike receives a letter from Princess Luna, he's faced with a difficult decision that will change his whole world.
    Dragon Sage · 52k words  ·  450  12 · 6.9k views
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Tea or coffee?

Please do keep writing.

Comment posted by Dragon Sage deleted Apr 18th, 2015

I just wanted to leave a quick message on here to say what an AMAZING story you wrote. It is THE best SpikexTwilight story I've ever read. Your pacing was well down, the grammar better than most and was done quite well, with only the minimal of mistakes. The plot was quite interesting, I actually thought Aurora had an affair with Princess Luna, but I was happily surprised and shocked, you did a good job in adding the fact the Night Watchers/Bat Ponies/Thestrals were descendants of Aurora and a Stallion, helping to show Spike that a Dragon/Pony relationship could work.
Reading it has been a complete joy and I will be fervently awaiting any stories you may have of this shipping or any other stories you might cook up! (Though I would SERIOUSLY love any one-shots or short stories/continuations of the Dragon Sage. I would be totally fangirl-ing for it!)

A follow and favorite for you, dear sir! May you continuously grow as a writer and find inspiration for your craft. A tip of the hat for your amazing work, Sir. :moustache:

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Stay in Character

While I'm certainly not perfect by any means, I try my very best to write stories where the characters are believable. How do I do that?

Watch an episode of the show before each and every chapter you write. It doesn't matter if the subject is pertinent to your characters or not. Watching it always reminds me of certain nuances of the characters that help me stay on track. That is why people are here after all. They want to continue reading about their favorite characters from MLP. That is why the top stories on this site tend to feature believable character dynamics. If you'd like to go even deeper into making your characters believable, check out some analysis videos on the tube. Ink Rose and Silver Quill are good sources for understanding how characters act, what's considered out of character, and what parts about them to people respond to. Like many others, it is very hard to like a story when the characters in it are completely different. Do what you can to make them believable, and your readers will thank you for it.

Trust me on this. Watch the show, and you're writing will come much more naturally.

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