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Spike's happy world has always revolved around Twilight. From his hatching to their adventures in Ponyville, he has remained a faithful companion and loyal friend. But why is it that he has remained a baby for all of these years? There is so much about dragons that they do not know. In a rude awakening, Spike receives a letter from Princess Luna who promises to help Spike meet his potential. But how much will he change? Will his friends see him differently? And how will his life with Twilight evolve?

(set after season 4 and rainbow rocks).

Chapters (19)
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Lets go ! Spike the midget dragon ! :raritystarry::twilightoops::moustache: You gals babied me so I stayed a baby.


Run with it.

You're definitely right Spike has way more character then people give him credit for. :moustache: and since this is one of my favorite pairings and a really interesting story you sir get a favorite :twilightsmile:

By the order of the meatball and stick bundle, you are to continue writing this story!

I'm super interested, and the grammar is quite good. It is still to early to give anymore input(if you want me to) but I look forward to reading more.

This should be an interesting take on Spike's journey of self-discovery.

Well, this is an interesting start. Let's see where it goes.

So every dragon sage is subservient to ponies? That's a little sore spot for me.


I imagine it's by choice more than anything.

:raritystarry: Is he doing it fore me?
:moustache: You betcha !

:twilightoops:Spike you're as big as Big Mac

:raritydespair: He's MINE !:moustache:

You have my atention. Do NOT fail me.

5689561 I think it's more Spike has the most potential. With the main 6 we known must everything about them. Their childhoods, what they want to do with their lives, their abilities, where they are from, and (for most) who their parents are.
With Spike everything about him is a mystery. His origin, his future, his heritage, his physical and magical potential. There is far more to work with when it comes to writing Spike then their is with any other main character.

This certainly looks interesting. you have my attention good sir. I do wonder though. Will the story be centered on Spike's training, or will it skip ahead and focus on his adjusting back to normal life after his training? Personally I'm hoping for the later.

Now I'm wondering if you'll just skip to after all his training is over. I'll understand if you do decide to do that.

How ever you decide to proceed I intend to follow your story.

Only a few very minor errors that I noticed and will shoot you a message with them tomorrow when I'm not on my phone.

Other than that I have to say, well done.

I think you should probably devote a chapter or two to his training and interactions with the princesses then do a time skip or add a third chapter showing how the main 6 are doing without him around then time skip:moustache:

Another great story to read. And written well to boot! I'll be watching. ;)

New character, Good.

:raritydespair: I miss my precious scales
:rainbowlaugh: Scaley dude ain't the only 'crusher' in Ponyville
:pinkiehappy: Sneak a peek !
:flutterrage: Angel bunny !
:ajsmug: Apple delivery
:twilightoops: A secret library ?!
:trollestia: Welcome my little ponies, hat brings you here?

:raritydespair::rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::applejackconfused::twilightoops: SPIKE!

but I can’t wait to “accidentally” set his tail on fire during training.


I guessed he was just pushing Spike's buttons from the start. I was right. Yay me.

Now, how long will it take for him to get his wings? I imagine everyone would like a pair someday.

i am liking this story so far keep up the good work. ^_^

Great chapter, although there were several instances where names were not capitalized, like spike, twilight or equestria.
Also, you should try:

“But apparently you already championed your greed,” Knight Wing chimed in.

You've - you have

Those aside, you're doing well. :twilightsmile:


Thanks for the help. That does look a lot better.

Good chapter! Just remember, it's not about, Rarity!
If anything it's about, Spike and Twilight!

:twilightblush: Casanova !
:raritystarry: Case of the jitters !
:derpytongue2: A case of wild craw !
:twilightoops: Not craw ,CLAW !

:moustache: Lookin good Spike ! :heart::heart::raritywink::heart::heart:

I personally think that Spike obsesses over Rarity a bit too much. He's got to accept that she might not love him back in that way.

Will spike still be walking on two legs

Comment posted by Dragon Sage deleted Jun 27th, 2015

:twilightblush: Rarity I just had a talk with Princess Candence and. . . .
:raritystarry: What Moi you don't say?
:twilightsmile: Lucky you !
:pinkiegasp: You don't say!
:rainbowhuh: She didn't say !
:fluttercry: Oh my she didn't say, If you don't mind. I'm I interrupting, I didn't say.
:ajsmug:Ya don't say!
:moustache: Well what is it?
:facehoof: She didn't say:raritystarry:

Since chapter 3 I've been thinking that Aurora is Spike's mother. Just gonna call that now. It's pretty interesting so far.

It has to be asked, why do they not just visit Spike? Other than that like that you time skipped and letter form is a great way to do it. :raritywink:

I think cadence and shinning are nudging the two along in a way, like what are the chances they would both talk about love and friendship

Lol he still has a damn doggy bed :facehoof: but it's cool......now....moaaaaaaaarrrrrrr:moustache:

Cadance and Shining are shippers! And it is glorious!

That’s why I married him. Not because he’s a captain, or because he’s kind to me, or because he’s handsome.

Though it probably helped the choice a bit

This correspondence via letters felt like a good way to run through this. Looking forward to more.

Hold on, isn't Moondancer a Unicorn?

5703531 Cadance is the princess of love, doesn't sound too unlikely, especially since Hearts and Hooves day wasn't too long ago. Shame he didn't hang out with Moondancer more for that, from the first episode of the series, he might've been good friends with her.

5704069 ya, and it would be perfect now since hes taller now

5703531 Well, they are married. It is only natural for them to share similar philosophies about love.

5704795 but at the same time diffrent since its more of a guy talk vs girl talk kind of thing right?

Good chapter! Like the push for Spike and Twilight, anyday!

Hmm.... may want to give this chapter some editing though. At times it sounds a LOT better to have Twilight refers to, Spike, as a friend rather then an assistant and vise - verse. Gives most of their thoughts and words more of a personal touch.

One day and 2 chapters, this is the best... thing... Ever!:rainbowkiss:

Maybe the one finest that luna was talking about is spike, since he did pass the test and it seems that the two kind of have a thing for each other so maybe spike is the night in shinning armor

Well, that was... unexpected.
Also, I'm not sure if it's just me, but that link at the end didn't work.

She did tell them to water the flowers, she thought.

Since it's Twilight's thought, shouldn't it be 'I did tell them', rather than 'she did tell them'

It's cause the url is including the closing bracket as part of the link,for some reason. If you simply delete the closing bracket the link should work.

Once again, no info about non-dangers before hand! Nice job, Princesses!:facehoof:

Quick clean and cut I like the way you drag out her rescue with some long winded fight scene. Yay!

'A Miasma is a virus of the heart. It affects a vice within us, such as jealousy or anger, and feeds off of it.'


Almost seems like we'vegot some deadly sins going on here.

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