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Dragon Sage

Occasionally indulges in a few ships. Loves a well-written story.


Nearly a decade past since Twilight and Spike moved into Ponyville. Since then, Spike grew himself into a fine young dragon. One day, during a storm, he stops into Sugarcube Corner to visit his old friend Pinkie Pie. When her foals begin crying in fear of the thunderstorm. Luckily, Spike knows just how to cheer them up.

This is based on a chapter from Fireproof, which is a sequel to Dragon Sage. The chapter felt so good to write that I felt it deserved to be it's own one-shot. I edited a few elements in the story to keep it from spoiling the others.

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Comments ( 5 )

Where Can I read Fireproof? Friendly word of advice, link to that story.


I added links in the description by clicking on the titles. Thanks for reading!

That was a cute little story :)

so fluffy!!!:heart:
even more so during winter with frozen toes! I'm all warm an fuzzy on the inside now:raritywink: thanks for the story!

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